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  1. The speculation around that is FFG didn't want to detract from the Live Q&A Friday. "Are there going to be more articles" is certainly a question to ask Katrina, Nate, and Brad on Friday though. However, given that they haven't done any clan previews, reviewed dueling, or given any insight into deck building I would expect many more articles between now and Gen Con.
  2. It is. Also, all attachments are Conflict cards so there would be no mistaking them as Dynasty cards. EDIT: Here is a link with all of the known spoilers sorted. I do not think the cards from today have been added yet though: http://imgur.com/a/UbOx2
  3. Are you referring to the Clan Mon? I don't believe this is the case. The first card is a Dynasty Card, the second card is a Conflict Card. Only real difference appears to be the D/C notation and the Bamboo Influence pips on Seeker of Knowledge.
  4. Actions can only be triggered once per turn. https://drafts.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/5/3/the-conflicts-of-rokugan/
  5. Faction Conflict cards should also have Bamboo pips on them (outside of some of the Way of X cards we seen). Also, it is probably a good idea to sleeve the decks using different colors to prevent confusion.
  6. A fair number of the top decks from 2015, so core set year, and 2016 ran Milk of the Poppy. I agree, Cloud the Mind is more conditional with the shugenja requirement, but it remains to be seen if that is truly a hindrance or not. FFG has printed similar effects like Nightmares, which is also fairly popular, or these cards from 40k Conquest. It's a fairly popular mechanism for FFG to use and is generally pretty powerful considering some characters have very potent effects.
  7. Blanking effects are really common for FFG and quite frequently used in the competitive space. Milk of the Poppy is still a very powerful card in GoT 2.0 and that was from the core set as well.
  8. The Restricted keyword is used Lord of the Rings LCG to limit the number of attachments a character may have. It's not limited to Weapons or Armor exclusively. It's seems as though Nate, Brad, and Erik may have ported over that system.
  9. We know the Bamboo symbol on Stronghold cards is called the Influence number and Conflict cards have Bamboo pips ranging from 1 to 3. It seems likely that FFG ported over the Netrunner influence system to Nu5R.
  10. Then you are behind on card advantage and that is a very different situation. Also, if that WotU really is the only card you drew that turn, it means that your Conflict draw actually did nothing to help you in that Conflict phase specifically.
  11. It is not. Look at the situation I proposed where you are the second player and you draw into Way of the Unicorn T1. That card cost 1 Honor and is effectively a dead draw until the start of turn 3. Is paying 1 Honor for that card better than something that might help you win a conflict or remove a character? I'm not sure, but I'd leaning towards probably not.
  12. I think it's more of a conditional fate swing. Being first play could mean you pass first which is +1 Fate, but it also means you've passed your turn first and given up the play to your opponent. You could also take the unclaimed Ring Fate, but it could be on a Ring that doesn't necessarily help your board/game position and it means you give your opponent their free choice of Ring, assuming you were trying to deny them in the first place. Situational, WotU could be quite good. I just think comparing it to WotL and WotC, both of the other cards we either know or feel pretty confident about in terms of their text, WotU is not nearly as strong.
  13. I think all of this is true as well. Card evaluation is hard. However, imagine drawing into Way of the Unicorn on T1: Draw Phase while you are the second player. That's effectively a dead card for a whole turn that could've been something to help you win a conflict that turn and you paid Honor for it.
  14. Exactly. Costs a card and a deck slot. Also, because a Card effectively equals 1 Honor, would you pay 1 Honor to simply keep being the First Player? I think it depends, but the power level of Way of the Unicorn compared to Way of the Lion and Way of the Crab seems much lower to me at least.
  15. Part of me feels like the text on the card is too short for that, but I agree that makes sense.
  16. Of the seven Potential "Way of X" cards, we have the full text for two of them, Lion and Unicorn, and a significant amount of the text for Way of the Crab. For reference, I believe Way of the Crab might have the following text: Of these three, Way of the Lion and Way of the Crab seem like instant auto-include 3-ofs. Doubling base military skill, especially when we've seen cheap high Mil power characters like Matsu Beserker, is pretty fantastic and can probably be used to break a province with a single character not to mention trigger cards like Fallen in Battle. Way of the Crab as removal seems quite strong as well, though you probably have to engineer a situation into which your opponent losing a character hurts much more than your sacrifice. This shouldn't be too difficult especially given that you can just sacrifice a character with no Fate that would be leaving end of turn anyway. Way of the Unicorn is the only one that strikes me as distinctly "meh" given that play passes back and forth during a turn. However, being able to dictate the first Conflict of each turn as well as having the first buy, and potentially the first opportunity to pass to gain that bonus Fate, could end up being quite strong. Combined with cards like Breakthrough, Way of the Unicorn could just be used to win before your opponent can ever do anything which seems to work with the aggressive Unicorn cards we've seen so far. I like that I Can Swim has influence because it means that it can be splashed out of Scorpion which simply makes the game more interesting. I could see aggro Unicorn decks splash it to help with early removal or low Honor Crab decks use to keep the game at their pace. I'm excited to see more of the Philosophy cards and how they can be utilized.
  17. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/5/3/the-conflicts-of-rokugan/ EDIT: Oh you mean other than the free point. Outside of that we do have this quote: with the example being Otomo Courtier. I imagine there are going to be some cards that work similar to what the Old5R Imperial Favor did or certain characters get bonuses or even honored/dishonored etc.
  18. This is an interesting question. I'm sure FFG will release Dynasty Pack previews after GenCon, but I'm not sure about doing it before. With about 14 weeks worth of previews to go until GenCon, I guess I just sort of assumed FFG would use all of those L5R info dump days to talk about the core set. However, it's certainly possible they start dipping into the first expansion cycle towards the end.
  19. Mechanically, the two skills and the way their Conflicts are going to be resolved are the same and that's good. There is no reason to add a whole other system simply to make those things different. The point in doing this was to clearly make the Conflict phase and the Ring Challenges the focus of the game. Now, from what has already been shown and everything we know about GoT 2.0, we can strongly assume that there are going to be more cards that directly mention specific conflicts by: winning or losing, winning by a certain amount, losing by a certain amount, when a conflict of a specific type is initiated etc. Here is a list of Events from the GoT 2.0 Core Set. Given that Nate was the lead design for that game, it's probably safe to assume a few similar type effects will be printed into L5R. Compare Fallen in Battle to Put to the Sword for example (the sword symbol is the Military challenge in GoT for those who do not know)
  20. This sort of happened with GoT 2.0. Lots of hype going into Gen Con and a very limited number of cores coming out. The game wasn't officially released until after FFG Worlds that year and by that time I know a number of people fell back into Netrunner or their other games. FFG has said L5R is going to be their biggest release ever, but I too am concerned about the release schedule not being quick enough to keep the hype going. Although, if the Gen Con release is incredible and gets people to the point where they will play with proxies for awhile until official release then the delay might not be a problem at all.
  21. I think most FFG LCG expansion packs have story or lore bits inside. I know there were a handful of Netrunner ones that did not, but from my recollection those were fairly rare. The last few cycles especially had a strong story focus even if most people didn't really care that much about it.
  22. Province card examples currently known: As for Staging Ground: During the Dynasty phase, all Dynasty cards in Provinces are flipped face up. When they are purchased, they are replaced immediately with another card from the Dynasty deck face down therefore being unavailable for purchase. Staging Ground lets you flip these cards up allowing them to be purchased that turn, giving you a potential 5 buys with one Staging Ground in play or 6 with 2. Additionally, Staging Ground could also give you information as to what your future purchases could be.
  23. If you've seen the Team Covenant interview, the designers pretty much stated their goal was to create a game full of fun fights not just one big swingy one like in the CCG. From everything we've seen, participating in the Conflict phase and being able to win Rings is absolutely critical to any strategy. I'm sort of confused as to how you seem think otherwise.
  24. I'm not sure about this given that it's rolling back on one of the primary established win conditions, though I suppose anything is possible.
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