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  1. I recall print run schedules being around 5-6 months minimum in general based on FFG's historical release pattern. They print everything in China very far ahead of time.
  2. What's funny is that only the L5R events are still sold out. Netrunner still has over 200 seats open for the North American Championships and GoT 2.0 has 80+ left for the Joust. Seems to me like they could flip the Netrunner space for L5R, but I don't know what the rules are for that.
  3. You do realize that the Gen Con print run is most likely done right?
  4. All of FFG's other LCG Tournaments actually still have open slots.
  5. To be honest, I'm more upset with the Gen Con people for not anticipating the server load. It's the 50th Anniversary and FFG is having their biggest LCG launch ever.
  6. I'm not 100% sure of this either. All of it would depending on timing etc. Steward of Law's ability triggers so long as the character is participating in a Conflict. It's unclear if a Conflict is over right after determining a winner or once the Resolution step has been finished.
  7. I think it's entirely reasonable that Banzai is in every deck. The card is insane value. 4 Mil for 1 Honor is not trivial based on the character skill values we've seen. So while it is understandable to think that Conflict events might feel more like "Lion" events based on Old5R, Nu5R seems very much focused on every clan participating in Conflicts quite frequently which makes every Conflict card "live" for every Clan. It's difficult to say what the bulk of the Lion Conflict cards will be like given how few spoilers we have, but what I gathered from the most recent FB video is that pairing Crane directly with Lion was wise because Lion has ways to bolster military presence from the Conflict deck with good splashable effects. I was referring directly to Conflict cards based on the following statement: We'll actually get to see more in the next two weeks thankfully.
  8. We've literally only seen the full text of a single Lion Conflict card. The only other one we've seen is a partial and it's a Conflict Character.
  9. Except you cannot play Way of The Lion as a splash. However, Brad did seem to say that Lion's conflict stuff focused more on defensive things so maybe they have events that help prevent or mitigate certain Conflicts? Also, as a side note, Kat mentioned a Province that lets you switch the Conflict type while playing Crane so I wonder if that is a Neutral similar to Elemental Fury, but for Conflict Type instead of Element.
  10. Does the recently revealed "Pride" keyword match with Courage or Duty or maybe nothing at all?
  11. From the FB Video, Kat and Brad seemed to indicate that Crane splashing Lion was a good way for Crane to fix some of their military problems, which makes me think Lion might actually have a decent number of Conflict Characters.
  12. That is still probably going to be quite a limited number compared to Old5R. I wouldn't expect a huge roster of unique characters for each clan even after the first couple cycles.
  13. We already known one of the Scorpion unique characters is Yugo Hiroue. I also don't see how they cannot include Bayushi Kachiko. Additionally, FFG has mentioned Bayushi Shoju by name. Other people mentioned specifically in previous articles: Doji Hotaru Doji Satsume Akodo Arasou Matsu Tsuko Akodo Toturi Shinjo Altansarnai Utaku Kamoko Shiba Ujimitsu Togashi Yokuni Hida Kisada All of these people are fairly obvious from what I understand, however, I can't see FFG branching too far out from a few "main" characters. We do know they'll add a few, Isawa Masahiro and Yugo Hiroue for example, but I think the total number of unique characters is going to be quite low.
  14. I'm guessing those might be for sale before the tournament, but I could still see that happening. The Gen Con Event listing for the Tournament does say this: I'm sure someone getting into the Tournament without having a Core set is going to happen.
  15. Would this instead of the bidding mechanism we've already seen? From the FB Live video Brad did indicate that cards would be needed to initiate duels. I do agree card play would be preferable to the Honor Bid Skill Check duel, but maybe the thought process there was to make Conflict deck building a bit more straightforward. Having to tune a deck to deal with a potential full duel deck or just standard Conflict cards might be a bit of a nightmare.
  16. Yeah I feel like it's certainly much too early to tell where clans are going to fall given we have only seen 30% of the cards, and know the full text for even less of them. I have my personal inclinations just based on what we know about the Fate system, but that's still basically just random guessing without having all of the information first.
  17. Just for the record, I really hope this is not the case. It would be awesome if all 7 clans had viable archetypes when the Core comes out. However, from prior experience with FFG LCGs, and specifically looking at GoT 2.0 as it shares a number of things in common with Nu5R, it seems very likely that things will be imbalanced once we see all of the cards and actually start playing.
  18. So then you are acutely aware of exactly how disliked Caprice was in the format. I say this a person who played a lot of Classic RP and helped develop Foodcoats.
  19. Really? How much competitive Netrunner did you play? As far as I can remember is was pretty much widely panned as almost being unfair in most situations. Now, it personally never bothered me but I also didn't always find it that engaging.
  20. I think limiting Influence to Conflict decks specifically as well as single Clan splash is both good and bad. This good because I like the idea of diversity and Clan identity. People wont be building "super friends" type decks, so when you look at someone's Stronghold you will have a good sense of the card pool you are facing. Additionally, when you see an out of Clan Conflict card, that further reduces the card pool to reading what could or couldn't be in your opponents deck. I think this could be problematic because Nu5R is a LCG so everyone will have access to all of the cards and I am not fully confident every Clan will be viable out of the gate. 1 or 2 will be top tier, 3 will most likely be mid tier, and 2 of them will probably not be good. This means that no amount of tweaking will make those decks viable in whatever meta evolves out the Core and into the first cycle because those 2 Clans will be very limited by their Dynasty card pool.
  21. This was exactly my thought as well. Nobody is going to initiate a Duel they probably cannot win, so what is likely going to happen is higher skill characters are just going to be used to bully lower value characters for whatever benefits. Mechanically it just seems really weak and uninteresting. It's basically just a Psi-game from ANR which I don't know if anyone actually enjoyed, even those of us who played Caprice a lot. However, without knowing what the specific Duel cards are, it's still hard to fully evaluate the system.
  22. Single clan splash is the biggest rules update outside of "-" value characters going home bowed immediately if they ever participate in a conflict of that type.
  23. Knowing what we already know about the core set, specifically that it only contains 7 Strongholds, I highly doubt if FFG is going to introduce Mantis anytime soon. Maybe with a deluxe expansions down the line, but I wouldn't count on it.
  24. Be sure not to confuse "Keyword" and "Trait". You have listed what FFG calls "Traits" Looking at Ancestral Daisho: Weapon is a trait while Ancestral and Restricted are Keywords. If we look at a character, Togashi Initiate for example, he has the Monk and Tattooed traits.
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