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  1. Release tournaments always have strange deck building rules because they are single Core. See Kingslayer when GoT 2.0 came out.
  2. FFG's definition of competitive effectively means "can make a legal deck" . You need 2 Cores to make a legal deck and 3 if you want a playset and actually have all of the deck construction options.
  3. How is this different from any other card game?
  4. I think something like 40-50% of the Android Netrunner cardpool is actually playable. I'm not sure about other the other LCGs, I think GoT 2.0 is a little bit more flexible and 40k Conquest was mixed, but in general FFG still prints a decent number of "coaster" cards.
  5. Personal random speculation based on no real idea of the lore, just what FFG has shown us: Crane are reeling from the tsunami and death of Satsume, who was killed by the Scorpion. Lion are working with the Scorpion to undermine Crane and specifically the Lion are paying Yoritomo to harass Crane shipping. Scorpion are also encouraging the Utaku Kamoko faction of the Unicorn to attack the Lion for killing her mother, who the Scorpion also killed. Phoenix are really worried about Unicorn aggression and them messing with meishōdō, so the Scorpion are encouraging them defend against the Unicorn. Dragon have internal problems from the declined birthrate and are just trying to stay afloat. Crab are preparing for a huge battle with the Shadowlands while Scorpion assure them they will get support from the rest of the Empire. All of this to say, I think there might be Clan War, with Lion and Phoenix on one side against Crane and Unicorn on the other, with Scorpion fanning the flames, the Crab freaking out about the Shadowlands army, and Dragon just trying to survive. The storyline prize will be what factions gain the advantage in the Clan war.
  6. Ah ok. I see what you're say. I actually think we're on the same page here. Apologies.
  7. I mean, you talking about a sexiest man alive contest for a magazine, what is anyone else expecting? Big and strong has been the male ideal for most cultures going back to ancient civilizations.
  8. Average height in the US is 5'9", average height for white non-Hispanic males in the US is 5'10". My apologies for the previous incorrect figure. Either way, I don't understand why this is an issue at all.
  9. Google lied to me? Though apparently his height is a bit of a mystery because one director thought he was 5'7".
  10. Matt Damon and Johnny Depp are both 5'10" I guess, but yes, generally the Sexist Man Alive is around a 6' average height which is the average height for white males in the US.
  11. I think FFG is certain to have more than 1000 units at Gen Con. If I remember correctly, they kept bringing in more GoT 2.0 Cores every day over the whole 4 days.
  12. I mean, you saw the announcement about ANA going exclusive with Alliance Game Distributors right? ANA/FFG really isn't in the business of doing things for "good will".
  13. Fire or Air seem to be good guesses as the Crane Province The Art of Peace has the Air element.
  14. I think I would be perfectly happy to see Deathseeker Assassinated if I'm Lion. Paying 3 Honor for a guy that wants to get itself killed is a good trade.
  15. Makes sense given that the Lion Clan was designed by Caleb Grace, who does a ton of work on Lord of the Rings: LCG.
  16. I think LCGs started with the intention to make full playsets available cheaply in a space where paying big bucks for singles is standard practice, but LCGs have since morphed into more of a "board game" type experience over a "card game" one. It seems fairly clear from FFG's handling of their various product lines.
  17. FFG has said repeatedly that a majority of their LCG sales are to people that buy only one Core. Few people buy more than one and even fewer buy packs with any consistency.
  18. I'm saying a new Core for any game. I know a lot of people who played Netrunner jumped on GoT 2.0 train. They've since fallen off of both and moved on to Arkham. They are now planning on doing L5R. FFG is more interested in people buying new Core sets over and over than setting up long term competitive environments.
  19. To be clear, the stuff with Gen Con has everything to do with Gen Con, not FFG. If scalpers are taking event tickets that's something the Gen Con people have to figure out and it's not really FFG's fault. I'm simply pointing on that that only real "Living" card game FFG seems to have is one that isn't even out yet, and I think that is because it's what they are setting their business model up for. Basically releasing a new Core game every year or so means FFG never really has to commit a ton of resources to keeping an older game balanced and fun. They know everyone is going to buy whatever they print next because the Core and first couple cycle experiences were fun. Rinse repeat.
  20. GoT was their biggest and had around 300 from what I've heard. Everything relating to that game sold out at Gen Con. FFG kept shipping in more copies of the core to sell there it was so popular. I don't think Arkham was as large, but I do know they sold every core set they brought to Gen Con. I believe Netrunner sold out last year as well, but now has less than 100 entries as of today.
  21. We'll see. This will be a the fourth year in a row that FFG releases a new LCG at Gen Con. Two years ago was GoT 2.0 and that sold out instantly. That has less than 100 people signed up for North American Nationals so far. Last year was Arkham Horror, but that is a co-op game and only had two events slots this year. Four years ago was Warhammer 40k Conquest. Nu5R certainly looks like it is fixing some problems from some of FFG's previous LCGs, but that doesn't really say anything about the LCG business model and how they handle games going forward. If FFG announces Netrunner Core 2.0 for Gen Con 2018 we'll know for sure what their intentions are.
  22. What's funny is that it seems like FFG is only really cannibalizing their own current market share. Both GoT and ANR are down while L5R is up. It sort of fits with the theory that FFG is more in the business to sell Core sets over and over again to the same people instead effectively curating a competitive space for a decent amount of time.
  23. Oh for sure. It was just an idea that popped up. Who knows if Netrunner fills by August as well. It's still awhile away and maybe something happens in the Netrunner meta game that brings people back. Still, to have over 200+ seats still available looks pretty bad imo.
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