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  1. http://l5ajce.forumactif.fr/t474-materiel-promotionnel#bottom The one with the Seppun Guardsnman isn't great. Here's a bigger version:
  2. Oddly enough, I actually think Toturi is better than Hotaru because Lion have Spiritcaller. Being able to cheat him out is great. It also means that if you do seem him on a flip, you don't have to worry about over-investing in him or losing him to Void Conflicts which I like.
  3. Imperial Favor counts as a blanket +1 to whatever Conflict you picked. This is relevant because Attacker wins ties and you need to have at least 1 Skill in a conflict to win. FFG also answered the question about attacking with at minimum 1 character. FFG has actually showed us a decent amount of the rules, but none of it is really centralized very well. If you leave up high Glory guys then it can be easy to snag the Favor. FFG has said they will introduce more cards that interact with having the favor. So far, the only card we've seen that requires having the favor is the Otomo Courtier. The most recent images from France seem to indicate there is also a Bushi version of the Courtier. Cards designed around having the favor is an interesting design space to explore, I think.
  4. FFG confirmed this on the most recent FB Live stream they did. The spoiler here is the "Personality" or "Role" cards which is super fascinating.
  5. I think one of the original propositions on the L5R discord for terms to use instead of Voltron was "Frosty" as in Frosty the Snowman. The logic there being that you build a snowman out of assembled parts as well. I personally find that hilarious, but ultimately because MTG is really the granddaddy of them all it wouldn't surprise me if people just stuck with established terminology.
  6. Voltron is a deck archetype that focuses on making one super card. Dragon could go for the Crane splash of Above Question to get around events or Dragon might have reactions to being bowed etc.
  7. The card literally says you can only play it as a reaction after winning a conflict with a single character. Given that we know Mirumoto Prodigy is a card that likes to attack alone and Dragon appear to be the "Voltron" faction, it seems to be very likely that there will be situations where it can be reasonably easy to trigger this reaction. The first couple turns of the game also tend to have single character conflicts. If Sashimono is good, then this card is also good if a bit limited in some areas and better in others.
  8. It's not meaningless because bowed characters still do not contribute their skill to the Conflict. A lot of the game revolves around being able to win Conflicts or preventing your opponent from doing so, so even if characters with Action abilities can still use those while bowed, removing their skill from the Conflict is still quite good and important.
  9. With games being over in 4 or 5 turns, you really don't have the opportunity to scout out provinces most of the time, at least in my limited testing and viewing experience. It is pretty easy to break 1 Province a turn for the most part, especially with a Military conflict .
  10. Your Stronghold Province should count as 1 Province.
  11. It can bow a Glory 4 character on the first attack and Glory 3 on the second assuming that attack is at a different province. Late in the game, it will mostly likely still be able to bow a 1 Glory character unless your opponent took the time to attack all of your Provinces before attacking the Stronghold.
  12. Can Doji Challenger be used to pull in a character with a "null" skill value into a conflict of that type? What are the penalties for not defending a Province?
  13. I don't believe this is true. At least for Netrunner, maybe 35-40% of the card pool is actually playable that's just estimating based on looking at the number of played cards in a few packs.
  14. The term "brilliant" normally used in a military context most often times means that person is a great general or tactician. While I do agree it will be interesting to see how Toturi grows, I still feel like the fiction did a poor job of showing off Toturi's prowess as a general. Additionally, for a clan that is supposed to contain some of the best generals, tacticians, and samurai in Rokugan, the fiction made the Lion seem much more aggressive, hotheaded, and generally more strategically incompetent than one would expect.
  15. Toturi isn't mentioned as a master tactician or strategist in the fiction, but at the very end he is described as "the Brilliant". Additionally, in the original preview article FFG says this: Obviously Toturi is supposed to be some sort of master tactician, but the fiction did a poor job of conveying that it seems.
  16. Most of the time when we are talking about cards, we are evaluating them in the context of the currently revealed cards. Doji Challenger, as of right now, is probably the best 3 drop in the game simply because of her versatility in addition to her fantastic ability. Lion's Pride Brawler would easily take that spot from her if LPB had 3 Political strength. However, because LPD is at 2 Pol it makes her super susceptible to the Crane Stronghold ability. LPB is about on the same level as, if not better than, Doji Challenger if the Lion player is attacking first.
  17. Here is a good google drive link with a majority of the known cards preformatted for printing.
  18. Are you not running Banzai or Admit Defeat?
  19. The biggest thing I noticed from my 3 games last night was more how easy it can be for Crane to make a solid Military challenge even with low or 0 Mil skill characters because they have 0 in that spot instead of a null value. Between Banzai, Honored Blade, and Fine Katana there are just a lot of ways to pump up a 0 Mil skill character fairly easily. This means that it is quite reasonable for Crane to break two Provinces on turn even without the right Dynasty flop of cards, where Lion it becomes a little trickier with the card pool they have right now. Still, the Lion courtiers are pretty good and the Lion Conflict cards are really really good, outside of maybe Master of the Spear. Obviously all of this is subject to change as the actual rules and more neutral cards trickle out etc.
  20. Based on a super blurry image and half image from the fan we guess it might be a 1 Fate 0/1 with the ability: "Whenever 1 or more fate is placed on this character, gain an honor"
  21. Ready for Battle Honored Blade Vengeful Oathkeeper Sashimono For Greater Glory Strength in Numbers Guidance of the Ancestors Stand Your Ground Way of the Lion Master of the Spear Also here is #73
  22. For Greater Glory is 3 Influence so I doubt we see it as a splash. I suppose it's possible. With regards to Reanimator, if you simply don't put extra Fate on guys when you buy them they will leave end of turn regardless. Between Fate phase and Province discard there should be more than enough to trigger the Spiritcaller. Ikoma Eiji also just pulls guys out of Provinces as well.
  23. I think people were just expecting a little more variety to his ability outside of a Military copy of what is on Hotaru.
  24. There are about 11 Lion Bushi characters from the spoilers we've seen so far. Very few of their card do not have it. Breaking a Province is the harder condition to match here. The Swarm and Reanimator stuff they've shown off seem really really strong.
  25. Release tournaments always have strange deck building rules because they are single Core. See Kingslayer when GoT 2.0 came out.
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