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  1. Have you been able to play Kazue yet? I haven't seen it happen in the few games I've watched and played in the last couple days. I don't want to discount that her ability is good, stealing Fate is certainly great, it just seems like there might be better opportunities for that 3 Fate during the game.
  2. Brad answered this in today's live stream. The max 1 per round is to prevent Yokuni from copying another Yokuni's ability. Additionally, Way of the Dragon doesn't allow him to trigger his ability twice, only the copied ability. Example: Yokuni has WotD and steals Lion's Pride Brawler's ability. Yokuni can now trigger two bow actions while attacking.
  3. My personal experience with Elemental Fury is that it is typically the first Province attacked for some reason and it can really throw off first turn plans. That being said, Lion having to run Art of War instead of EF isn't that bad. Muri Kuroi is the one Province I actually worry about more.
  4. Here is the relevant section from the Netrunner FAQ. Trashed means discarded. From the Game of Thrones Rules Reference on Sacrifice
  5. Typically in other FFG games, you cannot pay the cost of something through a prevention replacement effect. Clone Chip + Sacrificial Construct in Netrunner comes to mind.
  6. Let Go does discard the attachment. Brad mentions this specifically at around 36:40. Ancestral only triggers if the character leaves play by some means.
  7. I don't think you can trigger the sacrifice if you reprieve the Eager Scout as the sacrifice is part of the cost of the Gunso and Reprieve prevents that cost from executing.
  8. Arkham LCG is itself a reinventing of Lord of the Rings LCG. Where Arkham is stronger from a narrative perspective, LotR LCG has much stronger card play. If FFG did make another co-op LCG, a better hybrid of the two would be nice.
  9. I believe the "attached card" referenced in Ancestral is actually referring to the character the attachment is on. When that character leaves play, you may return the Daisho or Kitsuki's Method to your hand. If the attachment is hit with Let Go, the attachment is still discarded.
  10. 1 Fate for +1/+1 honestly isn't that great. It is nice that it can be played from the discard pile, but in general there are plenty of attachments you could play as well as other cards you would rather pay 1 for. In general, there are so many attachments to play that you don't really need to worry about having to bring one back from the discard as well. Ancestral Daisho (Weapon) Kitsuki's Method Way of the Dragon Daimyo's Favor Fine Katana (Weapon) Ornate Fan Tattooed Wanderer Kazue (though I haven't really seen her played as an attachment yet) Those are all of the attachments Dragon can run natively. Once you have the one Daisho or Kitsuki's Method out you basically have them for the rest of the game barring your opponent playing Let Go or some other effect we haven't seen yet. Guidance just doesn't have enough bang for the buck in my opinion compared to Honored Blade because most often you need a bigger buff to win 1 specific conflict. Additionally, the Honor gain from Honored Blade can allow you to draw extra cards. Honored Blade is also a weapon for the purposes of Niten Master. Obviously at 1 inf each you're free to mix and match, I just know from my experience the best use of Guidance the Ancestors is as a card discarded due to Night Raid.
  11. Guidance is unnecessary. 3x Ready for Battle 3x Honored Blade 2x Sashimono is a really solid packed based on the minimal testing from last night. Even if Daimyo's Favor ends up being 1 cost that's still probably the best attachment Dragon can have oddly enough.
  12. Both are very good cards and you should probably run both them?
  13. No new card spoilers. Just a general overview of the Dragon as a clan.
  14. So far, FFG has only said bowed characters do not contribute skill to a conflict. What do you mean by bowing the Stronghold not contributing force? Strongholds act as strength modifiers to the Province they are sitting on. Do you think there is the potential for Strongholds to NOT add their Strength to the Province they are on while bowed? That would certainly be interesting.
  15. Oddly enough, I got a message in French addressed to you which I thought was funny. I'm sure there was some cultural tone that was lost in translation. Either way, it appears my pictures have been removed anyway so it's not really an issue anymore.
  16. I'm just personally cynically of people claiming things on the internet. He very well could be, and is likely, an Asmodee employee. However, I don't just go around trusting everything people say on the internet, especially when they are making authority claims and attempting to have things removed.
  17. If FFG/Asmodee doesn't want something to be seen on the internet in the year 2017, don't bring it to a public event. In reading the French thread, it appears the guy running the demo had no problem with people taking pictures of things. If they didn't want people to take pictures, don't demo the game.
  18. I did get a message from someone claiming to be from Asmodee. Seeing as they haven't provided information supporting that claim I'm not removing anything. If FFG or ANA don't want those images here they can remove them themselves. EDIT: They seem to have done just that. Hilarious.
  19. A fair amount. The stats:cost ratio isn't great, but Dragon can get attachments fairly easily and there are a decent amount of free ones so this card has some decent potential.
  20. The Political Rival Crane card (the unknown one on the right) probably has Covert.
  21. Brad mentioned in one of the Team Covenant videos that keywords will be spread around Clans and not limited. However, we've seen the entire Lion card pool and the only core set card with a keyword is Gunso with Pride. That's not to say there might not be cards that give keywords though.
  22. Brad stated it was at the end of the Conflict on the most recent FB Live video. This allows you to bring in Conflict characters to defend without having to lose Honor first.
  23. This is basically just a random picture someone took from FFG's L5R booth at game festival in Paris. I agree, it would've been nice to see more of the rule book, but this isn't an official FFG spoiler.
  24. Imperial Favor is the card on the far right under the Honor dial.
  25. I think that's the first player token. The kanji on it are different from the ones on the honor tokens.
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