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  1. I mean it sort of is? We know it's tied to player participation and whatever the Emperor's Sanction list is. Obviously this is open to change, but you could say that about any rule I suppose.
  2. Role cards are mentioned numerous times in the Rule Reference, Learn-to-Player document, and the Rulebook. They seem pretty core the design of the game.
  3. 1. I would hope the Role draft goes in reverse order so Clans that are obviously weaker get the first pick of a potential strong role for their clan. 2. From my own and other's current experience with Kuroi Mori, it really can make a decent difference. Not being required to play a Fire Province is a fairly sizable boost. Giving Phoenix another way to Honor their characters can make the difference between breaking a Province or losing a Conflict entirely. The Role that is personally most interesting to me is Seeker of Earth because it gives access to Ancestral Lands and Entrenched Position. Having to face one of these is somewhat annoying, but the match-up to match-up versatility is what strikes me the most. Typically, a Clan that is weaker in one area, like Lion are with Pol, will typically just pick Ancestral Lands. But, if they also have access to Entrenched Position, they can swap what they put on their Stronghold based on who they are playing. Game against Crane? Ancestral Lands. Unicorn this time? Entrenched Position. Again, these are minor changes, but minor changes can make a big difference over the course of a game or a tournament. As far as the the Dynasty characters for the Roles go, the only one we know any text from is the Seeker Initiate which is something along the lines of: We haven't see the text for the Keeper Initiate for any official spoilers, but I've seen a few rumors. I think this is a fair criticism of the system. There is no flexibility to change in a given year once that choice is made. Additionally, because of the inability to test other roles within a given Clan at official events, the only real way to tell is something is wrong is probably going be lack of results for a given Clan as opposed to winning deck-lists with various Clan/Role combinations.
  4. I mentioned that already. What if there are only 10 or so Crab players there? 10 people competing for the potential to shape deck construction for an entire year doesn't strike you as a somewhat odd choice? I'm certainly willing to give the system a chance and I'm quite eager to see how the whole thing plays out because it is so different, but I think for some people the idea that a person making a choice in November 2017 means you can't use certain cards in a June 2018 event is going to be bit confusing especially to new players who maybe are just getting into a LCG. Additionally, with the Initiate cards they've previewed, FFG has already shown they are going to design cards around having access to the Roles. It doesn't seem unlikely to me that a Clan will get access to a certain Role card that could potentially lead to some imbalance or maybe a Clan will not have access to something that might be really helpful for them. The whole thing is just very experimental, I think, and certainly not without flaws.
  5. It runs counter to the narrative that only top players are making Role decisions. Going to FFG Worlds has more to do with being able to buy a ticket and having time off than anything else. This isn't the MTG Pro Tour or something.
  6. Yes, but that person's overall place at Worlds is irrelevant to if they get to opportunity to choose. If we use the GoT data from Worlds 2016, roughly 178 people attended Worlds. In an ideal world, there would be a top performer from each Clan in the Top 16 or maybe even the Top 8. However, that seems unlikely to happen. What is more likely is maybe the best Crab or Phoenix (not trying to pick on any Clan in-particular, these are just examples) player ends up placing 45th or 38th out of 178. That person now gets to pick a Role for their Clan for the rest of the year.
  7. A few things about the Hatamotos: 1. Hatamoto is just title that is being awarded for doing well with a clan a tournament. Many Hatamoto titles are going to be awarded. It's not just 7 people. 2. For the Role selection specifically, from the OP info : These people may, or may not be a previous clan Hatamotos. It is just the 7 top performers for each clan regardless of how well they actually do in the overall tournament.
  8. It only matters for Organized Play anyway. The importance is, like with the Seeker of Earth example, only one clan will have access to both Entrenched Position and Ancestral Lands in their Province spread. If Phoenix use Seeker of the Void, they can use both their Clan Province and Shameful Display or Pilgrimage. These minor differences can have decently large impact on meta etc. Hardcore deck builders and most of the competitive players I've talked to aren't really a fan of it.
  9. Use of Role cards is indeed optional as indicated in the Rules drop from yesterday, but I can't think of a new person not to use them. That being said, they are, technically speaking, a deck building restriction because you do not have the option to pick and choose.
  10. It all sort of depends on how the value of the cards associated with the Roles pans out. For example, Seeker of Earth will have the option to run Ancestral Lands AND Entrenched Position. If Phoenix get Seeker of Void, they can run Kuroi Mori and Shameful Display or Pilgrimage. Additionally, Seeker Roles will have access to the Seeker Initiate which probably reads: When you claim your Role [Element], search the top 5 cards of your deck and add one to your hand. Shuffle. Keeper Roles will have access to the Keeper Initiate, though we don't know what the text on that card is yet. Finally, Seeker also allows you to gain 1 Fate whenever you flip over the Province of the Element type so inherent potential for an extra 2 Fate per game compared to Keeper which only gains Fate when claiming the Ring on defense. Post Worlds, some clans will have 3 extra influence to play with while others will still be restricted to whatever their Stronghold says. Now, these are all relatively minor differences, but minor differences can be what swings games sometimes. Additionally, the lack of flexibility in choosing a Role you want for the deck you want is a deck building restraint, even if it is a minor one.
  11. 1. Let Go does discard Ancestral Attachments. Brad mentioned this specifically in one of the L5R Live videos. Ancestral cards only go back to hand if the character they are attached to leaves play. 2. Correct. 3. The timing on Ring resolution should be that you can trigger Fire before Spiritcaller's effect requires bottom decking of that character. 4. This depends on how FFG will define the term Friendly etc. I believe it should block you from targeting that character however. 5. Yes. Conflict cards may be played in the Dynasty phase so long as the rules text on the card doesn't preclude it. ex. Banzai! 6. Yes. 7. Can you clarify? 8. No. It will stipulate on the card. Example: See Cloud the Mind vs Display of Power. 9. They are bowed and sent home.
  12. It makes more sense to me that the Clan that did the worst would get the first pick at Role cards, sort like how they do the draft for professional sports, but who knows how they are going to do it.
  13. I've seen a few Crab decks beat Phoenix, but to be honest I think in game play is a much bigger factor to winning games in L5R over deck construction at least given how slim the card pool is at the moment.
  14. After watching a few Crane vs Crab match-ups last night I can say that Crab are very good at any kind of defending. Their Stronghold means that defending political attacks with 2 Pol guys bumps them out of Shizuka Toshi range so Crane doesn't normally have good targets for that bow effect. Borderlands Defender is also a pita as is Kisada's universal conflict aura.
  15. It is. I was just getting a bit more specific for those curious.
  16. FFG has said Q4 or October a number of times now. There is a rumor floating around that some places might have it sooner, but the official line from FFG is October.
  17. I'm sure it's a decent amount. It happened a bit when GoT 2.0 launched. The bigger hit is going to be when stores run out of Core Sets in the first 2 weeks and FFG doesn't have the next print run lined up until after Christmas.
  18. All Conflict cards, except for the "Way of the X" cards and Neutrals, have an "Influence Value" which is indicated by the number of Bamboo pips on the bottom right of the card.
  19. These are the Sacrifice rules from Got 2.0 These are the Sacrifice rules from Warhammer 40k Conquest I feel pretty confident that FFG is going to use similar rules for L5R given that Nate was the lead on the GoT reboot and both Brad and Nate worked on 40k Conquest.
  20. FFG pretty much never does official online implementations of their games. There are a number of people working on OCTGN plugins, TableTop Simulator mods, and a Jinteki.net type client for L5R though.
  21. The ability itself is limited to Political conflicts only and does cost 1 Fate so it's not like it's a free action. The Investigator himself is a little weak for a 3 Fate guy as well.
  22. Brad literally answered this question in the most recent FB Live video. Kitsuki Investigator's ability is limited to once per Conflict regardless of if you multiple copies in that Conflict. FFG felt like having multiple card destruction effects during a Conflict was too powerful.
  23. Have you been able to play Kazue yet? I haven't seen it happen in the few games I've watched and played in the last couple days. I don't want to discount that her ability is good, stealing Fate is certainly great, it just seems like there might be better opportunities for that 3 Fate during the game.
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