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  1. Oh **** I completely forgot you refill faceup. Either way, doing it as a dynasty action isn't great because you can lose your opportunity to pass. All I can say is that FFG has been actively trying to avoid big Honor gains. It's mostly 1 or 2 at a time unless it's something that interacts with your opponent like Way of the Chrysanthemum. Being able to gain up to 5 Honor for 1 fate, especially in Lion, would be absurdly good. Air Ring + Toturi + that card = 9 honor on one swing. They are trying to not have things like that. Honor apparently wasn't even supposed to be a win condition in the early playtesting stages of the new game.
  2. The trade-off for Yurt is you also give your opponent 2 Honor as well as losing a dynasty slot for the turn.
  3. Couple more Crab spoilers from somewhere. These appear to be from the 3rd pack. EDIT: Thank you Jade Throne and FFG!
  4. Page 22 of the Rules Reference under 3.2.3 Compare skill values and determine result
  5. Yes, the ability allows Lion to have a 3rd attacking conflict that can only be Military http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/39804-ruling-hisu-mori-toride/
  6. You could do that, but I can't see somebody running this without some sort of counter back up. Crane natively has VoH and could easily splash for Forged Edict. On top of that, if you run any kind of hand peek effect, like Meek Informant or Pol Debate, they'll know exactly what to copy and when.
  7. Yes, those are definitely things it can copy, but what opponent is really going to run those events out into a Mirror's Gaze? Especially Way of the Crab which essentially 2 for 1s the Crab player. It will act more as a general deterrent than an actual copy effect a majority of the time.
  8. The number of events Mirror's Gaze can actually copy is actually fairly limited based on conversations between some of the rules people on the Discord and Tyler Parrot. Additionally, Crane doesn't have a ton of native Shugenja to run it with, though I suppose Scorpion or Phoenix could play the card fairly easily. That being said, I do think the card is a bit more annoying than people are giving it credit for.
  9. L5Rs bigger problems are the game is pretty obtuse as well as long. This makes it even more frustrating when certain strategies don't get addressed for awhile. However, this is pretty much par for the course for FFG games. Netrunner has basically died and been resurrected twice. GoT was actually completely rebooted and seems to be doing well now a few years out after flopping very hard in the first 18 months or so. My only advice is to keep playing the game if you enjoy it and stop if you aren't because FFG really isn't going to change any time soon. These lulls and stumbles with their games are pretty common.
  10. The Scorpion pack doesn't come out until October, so who knows what is coming in Elements cycle that might end up being powerful for one clan or another. Kotei attendance has been pretty good for the most part and there has been a pretty decent clan spread, so at least some people are enjoying the game.
  11. I didn't say it was good design, just that that's been FFG's approach for years. Plenty of the other LCGs have crazy "1x limit" cards. They like the variance these cards introduce. If FFG really wanted to have a competitive card game, they wouldn't have Roles restrictions, splash would be unlimited, and you could actually play the game in a best of 3 in a reasonable amount of time. This is how FFG does things, for better or worse. There is always this tension with FFG gamers where people want X game to be hyper competitive, but FFG never designs to accommodate or really have a good handle on OP. They have the resources available if they wanted to, but it is abundantly clear from following the company for the last 6 years that they really have no intentions of doing that. They just want to make fun games and have people enjoy themselves.
  12. This is because FFG isn't WotC and doesn't want to be WotC. FFG's competitive space is more meant to be fun than anything else. They don't design games around Spikes.
  13. Played a couple three player games yesterday. Overall impression was generally positive, better than the current game for one, and there is definitely desire to play this variant more. The changes to Ring claiming as well as the Enlightenment victory condition make the game simultaneously more strategic, but oddly faster. Both games were done in under and hour. A few things to note: First player seems to be a very large disadvantage to the point where passing the first conflict opportunity seems like the best option a majority of the time. This can obviously change a bit by constructing more multiplayer focused decks, but generally opening up to have other players easily grab rings off of the first player seems like something that maybe can be designed around. Ring fate is a bit complicated. Enlightenment win condition is great and creates for interesting choices about various attacks as well as defending certain provinces Treaties don't seem fully fleshed out. I like the inclusion, but the fact that Honor is simply lost and not traded makes them generally not worth it. Honor victory seems even more impossible. Dishonor less so, but definitely not as simple as with two players. These were just some quick impression after a few plays. There is definitely room for more exploration, especially when it comes to deck construction and lines of play, but those were the thoughts that jumped out initially.
  14. Lots of the new holdings have the Imperial trait.
  15. Biggest rumor is that Altansarnai's ability was supposedly Breakthrough, but it was too strong as a character ability.
  16. Oh oops! Can't read this morning apparently. But yeah some packs might be heavier towards some clans than others.
  17. The only Phoenix card in Tears was Isawa Kaede, and the only Scorpion card in For Honor was Bayushi Yojiro. That's what I'm saying. So it's possible that a clan doesn't get a bunch of stuff in one pack, but will in another.
  18. I don't think the packs are all going to have an equal distribution of cards per clan. In the last 2 packs, there has always been one clan that only gets 1 card.
  19. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/8/24/tears-of-amaterasu/
  20. From the article: So yes, this cycle will have Seeker and Keeper cards for each card for each clan. Hopefully FFG will preview all of these cards before the Winter Court World Championship so players can make a more informed decision about the card pool.
  21. FFG typically does these preview announcements anywhere between 3-6 months in advance. I wouldn't really expect the first pack until at or after Worlds. The Core Set doesn't officially release until October anyway so the earliest one could expect the first Dynasty pack to drop would be November.
  22. If you look at the standard Rules channel, it should tell you how to join lcg_player and unlock all of the lcg channels.
  23. Are you talking about card #205? It's referenced in the learn to play as Contingency Plan and it appears to change the value of the dial on your honor bid. Also, I personally find this google doc a bit better as it is easier to navigate for me at least.
  24. We've known about Roles for awhile since the French leak at least. The specific text is new, but we've known the existence has at least been related to deck building.
  25. Having potential concerns about something is "raging" now? Please. Like I said, I'm interested to see how all of this plays out, but to say that the system doesn't restrict player choice is simply incorrect. I do like that it is one way to prevent people from simply playing the best Role available, everyone playing Seeker of Earth or whatever, but I don't like that it does so at the cost of deck flexibility. But you cannot, on the one hand, claim that the Roles change so little that it doesn't matter and on the other hand claim that the locked in Role selection is a way to shake up the meta over time.
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