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  1. You can change your dial using Maze of Illusion.
  2. I mean, it says you can play characters in adjacent provinces as if they were in your hand. You can play Conflict characters in any action window that is not the Dynasty phase. Playing them isn't restricted by the Action like on Back-Alley.
  3. I'm sort of surprised you think so little of the card. Is the ability to play Dynasty characters post Dynasty phase not exciting?
  4. I mean, the card functionally reads "+1 fate a turn", so you better be excited lol.
  5. More French Spoilers Hidden Moon Dojo Holding +0 PS Limit 1 per deck You may play characters in adjacent provinces as if they were in your hand. Action: During a conflict - turn a card in an adjacent province faceup.
  6. While Scorpion are definitely ahead in group play, if you look at Cup appearances they have been less represented in the Top 8 from Season 4 on. Though, for Discord Cup it might be better to look at Top 16s given they start with a Round of 64, excluding play in games. Discord Cup Top 16s by Clan (Cups 2 - 6; 80 spots) Balanced representation would be ~9 for 11.4% Crab 10 - 12.5% Crane 16 - 20% Dragon 14 - 17.5% Lion 9 - 11.25% Phoenix 10 12.5% Scorpion 21 - 26.25% Unicorn 0 - 0% So here we have Scorpion still very much ahead of curve, but less than Kotei results. Crane makes a huge jump and Dragon sees a slight uptick. Lion, Phoenix, and Crab are all right around where they should be. Essentially, Scorpion is eating most of Unicorn's share.
  7. The problem with Bid 1 is that you pretty much have to follow up Bid 1 T1 with Bid 1 T2 or else that T1 honor transfer didn't really do anything. So you're pretty much down 4 cards the entire game. Combine that with all your opponent having to do is win 1 Air ring and basically the pressure is completely off. As for the control decks being unable to break Provinces each turn, it's much easier than you think given that they can create unopposed or 0 skill situations quite easily. Getting to 3 or 4 skill is trivial when your opponent doesn't have cards in the fight.
  8. The problem is that at this point we are at the end of the Imperial Cycle and Houston will be the first Kotei with the Elemental Cycle so it's going to skew comparisons. While I would agree that Scorpion has done well above average at Kotei's, Crab honestly has been right around expected. It's just that Crab players have managed to do well in the elimination rounds. I think one even came up all the way through the Challenger phase which was somewhat unexpected. Within Discord circles, Dragon/Crab is pretty much considered to be the "best deck" so their lack of Kotei wins has been surprising. However, that is mostly due in part to having a middling Crab match-up, so Crab players actually probably have an easier time once they get to the single elimination rounds compared to Swiss because they can reasonably beat Dragon, Lion, Phoenix, and Unicorn while having a decent Scorpion match up.
  9. Disagreeing about what? I presented that information to support the idea there is current competitive unbalance. However, I don't believe the game is as unbalanced as Kotei results tend to show. Discord league results have been a bit more balanced with respect to clan results: Discord League Spreadsheet.
  10. Crane is definitely going to have much stronger play against both Dishonor and being Dishonored by the end of the Elemental cycle, but other than that I definitely agree that total Dishonor tech outweighs Honor tech which is compounded with a bid 5 meta. If you aren't drawing cards and your opponent is, more likely than not you are not winning games. It's just that simple. I also think a lot of the success of both Crab and Scorpion is that they punish mediocre or poor play very well. While L5R does have semi-decent comeback mechanisms, especially in the form of the Fate system, both of those Clans somewhat subvert it in different ways and it can be difficult for players to play into those clans "correctly". So while Scorpion is definitely over-represented in Top 8s, I don't believe it's as bad as it looks. Finally, I do think there is an issue with second player advantage and passing Fate that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. A second player who passes 1st in T1 and T2 can easily have a four Fate advantage over the first player, and that's not even counting potential Seeker Fate. Fate is extremely valuable and being able to generate more than half a turn's worth of Fate advantage simply by winning a coin flip is a pretty big deal. That isn't to say that 1st player Keepers are DoA, but they are starting pretty far behind when it comes to the game's most important resource. Hopefully they can address some of these things going forward, but it definitely wont be until Cycle 3 at the earliest. Elemental and Underhand have been tested and printed in an incomplete Imperial meta that has seen some dramatic shifts in how people play the game compared to 8 months ago.
  11. Kotei wins matter less than Top 8 Finishes. The Top 8 single elimination bracket can sort of be a bit of a crap-shoot. That being said, Top 8 Finishes since Pax Unplugged by Clan (so every Kotei since Worlds up to 7/10/2018; 14 events and 112 Top 8 Positions) For reference, clan representation in Top 8s should be around 16 appearances or 14% of total Top 8s Scorpion: 34 = 30% Dragon: 20 = 18% Crab: 20 = 18% Crane: 15 = 13% Lion: 11 = 10% Phoenix: 10 = 9% Unicorn: 2 = 2% Ignoring anything that happens in the Discord League or Cups, in paper L5R Scorpion is clearly way above curve having been represented in 30% of Top 8s. Dragon and Crab are slightly above curve, with Crane being about right. Lion and Phoenix are just below and Unicorn is basically non-existent. FFG says they are monitoring things like this, but without more hard data like information from Jigoku etc I think they are going to have a harder time balancing things.
  12. That deck is also on Dragon splash for MF which makes it much better at defending than the Phoenix splash. I'm very positive that the Crane Honor deck will be a thing by the end of the Elemental cycle, but it's going to bit more gas to help it get going especially against Dragon/Crab, which is probably still the best deck in the format, because that can just roll you over. Honor decks also have an inherent disadvantage against Scorpion due to the SH ability.
  13. 2 Fate characters are bad unless their ability is busted. Crane have plenty of better 2 fate characters as well and don't really need the Pol boost in the form of a character you have to "turn on" to be worth that 2 fate investment. Maybe in the honor deck it's a decent defensive card, but it's competing in the same space as Brash Samurai, Cautious Scout, Nerishma, and Savy Politician.
  14. Both of those decks are extremely Fate greedy especially on the Conflict side. Combine that with no real way to cheat characters into play with Crane I think you're going to have a hard time actually winning conflicts, which is what you still need to do to claim Air and not just get rolled over.
  15. Most of these cards really aren't going anywhere soon unless in Clan options become either strictly better or provide a similar effect with slightly different benefits. To this point, FFG really hasn't designed any cards that can compete in terms of raw efficiency and flexibility. Clan cards with similar effects tend to be overcosted or too restrictive which is the exact opposite of what should be happening. Just compare Ornate Fan with other +Pol attachments. Height of Fashion - 2 fate alone makes it almost unplayable given how important attachment control is and not being able to play it as an in-conflict trick leaves it in the binder. It could have easily been aggressively costed at 1 fate and been balanced. Kitsuki's Method - comparable to Fan only because of the Ancestral keyword, but you're not running Method INSTEAD of Fans, you're running them in addition. Fair and balanced, but not strictly an upgrade because 1 Fate is still a significant cost. Writ of Authority - So many knocks against this card: Role locked to Earth, 1 fate for +1 skill over the fan, AND it can simply blow itself up unless you are managing Honor which can restrict your playstyle. You can play it during a conflict, which is a clear plus, and it's basically CiF proof which is nice, but I wouldn't be happy to run this over Ornate Fans. This could've costed 0, given +4 Pol or something else to make it competitive against choosing Fans. Magnificent Kimono - Pride is bad keyword. At least this is free for half a fan. Court Mask - Actually decent with a fair recursion cost. Full fan + half a katana + recursion is at least worth consideration against just taking a Fan. Again 1 fate is a significant cost though. Going forward with Cycle 3 I hope FFG is more aggressive in pushing in Clan options so decks feel more distinct.
  16. 2 fate characters absolutely need to be busted to be playable simply because Assassination is so ubiquitous and useful. You barely get any stats benefit from them over playing most 1 drops and if you actually want the 2 drop to stay around you are looking at 3+ fate investment which makes Assassination even more of a blowout against you that turn. Most times your better off just playing a 1 drop with a fate and then maybe an attachment which gives you basically the same amount of stats as the 2 drop. Roundabout way of saying the Dragon monk is aggressively mediocre.
  17. I just know most of the Crane players I've talked too, even ones that are playing Spies for hand destruction don't run her because she doesn't do much. If she was 0 Mil she would be much stronger.
  18. Asami is much better than Shigeru, especially if you are pushing an Honor victory.
  19. One of the key fundamentals of card games is that card advantage is king. Card draw effects are somewhat weaker in L5R compared to say MTG where you are limited to 1 draw a turn outside of spending resources, but the basic concept is the same. If you have more cards than your opponent, it's easier to dictate the outcomes you want. Bidding 5 T1 is almost always the "correct" choice right now outside of a handful of niche situations due to how critical T1 of the game can be. Additionally, some higher level games just have both players bidding 5 for almost the entirety of the game because the honor gain/loss can be fairly irrelevant without a way to close the door. Players can also just swing Air maybe once in a game and pretty much shut down a dishonor strategy almost entirely. There need to be stronger effects for not only attempting to draw fewer cards than your opponent, but more ways to supplement low bid card draw, as well as maybe more cards along the lines of Steadfast Samurai which help maintain board presence.
  20. The Dragon one definitely seems more like filler for the inevitable Dragon Monk deck that should more fully coalesce at the end of the cycle, but 2 fate for a 2/2 or potential 3/3 is still mediocre compared to just having a 1 fate 3/3.
  21. The problem with cards that play off the dial is they do nothing if you don't meet the trigger conditions. The only card like with those restrictions that has seen any kind of play has been I can Swim because Scorpion's SH gives them more flexibility to play it at later points in the game. Good Omen and Test of Courage are almost never used. There need to be more cards that punish Bid 5 that aren't Way of the Chrysanthemum.
  22. I believe Tyler said something more along the line of "bids will matter" which is clearly a response to the current Bid 5 meta.
  23. Oh **** I completely forgot you refill faceup. Either way, doing it as a dynasty action isn't great because you can lose your opportunity to pass. All I can say is that FFG has been actively trying to avoid big Honor gains. It's mostly 1 or 2 at a time unless it's something that interacts with your opponent like Way of the Chrysanthemum. Being able to gain up to 5 Honor for 1 fate, especially in Lion, would be absurdly good. Air Ring + Toturi + that card = 9 honor on one swing. They are trying to not have things like that. Honor apparently wasn't even supposed to be a win condition in the early playtesting stages of the new game.
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