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  1. Chicagoland. Western Suburbs specifically.
  2. I believe Nate is probably the lead designer on L5R given his history at FFG designing a number of LCGs, my favorite being LotR:LCG, but especially given his experience with the GoT reboot. Brad was the co-designer on 40k Conquest, and it looks like he learned a lot from that experience based on the AMA. Erik is the only one with explicit experience with L5R, and I believe he did some work on Android Netrunner. I'm actually interested to see how this goes with the LCG given that the format kind of eliminates some of the reason for clan cohesion I've read and heard about from Old5R. Additionally, I wouldn't put a lot of faith in FFG to maintain the in-game story from tournament results etc with any level of confidence based on how they manage their other products.
  3. The current econ system works perfectly well for MTG. Wizards is constantly coming up with ways to fix later draws and "mana screw". The most recent set has a large focus cycling as well as the introduction of the "Embalm" mechanism which is essentially "Flashback" for creature spells. The problem I've personally found with games like Force of Will that "fix" Magic's econ is that these games still miss what makes Magic good which is a simple play system with fairly easy lines of play to read. Most of the art choices for those games are pretty sub-par for me as well.
  4. Netrunner is not thematically weaker than any of those games. It is constantly considered one of the strongest thematic games in the tabletop gaming community for really emphasizing the hacker vs corporation feeling. Granted, it has a less recognizable IP compared to ASoIaF, 40k, and Star Wars, but Android: Netrunner is a very strong game thematically. Many people cite this as a reason they go into the game in the first place. It's also been known for awhile that Netrunner was FFG's strongest LCG following the demise of GoT 1.0 a couple years ago. Netrunner had a highly engaged international competitive community. However, veterans of the game have been leaving in droves following this past Worlds. Many are unhappy with FFG's product management and are waiting on rotation to "fix" the game. If you are just going to compare sheer numbers, X-Wing is FFG's strongest product and had more players at Worlds than Netrunner this past year. As for GoT 2.0 and 40k Conquest, I personally feel like both of those games have some design issues as well as feeling too much like a standard "MTG dude-basher". Additionally, I never fully bought into those games as I was personally quite invested in Netrunner and just found that game much more intriguing and interesting to play and construct decks for. Bringing this back to L5R, the FFG reboot at least deserves a chance before fully writing it off I think. Yes, it's very different from Old L5R based on everything I've read. However, Nate, Brad, and Erik's goal was to bring an L5R product into 2017 without all of the baggage of a 90s xCG. Based on what we know right now, it looks like they did that. GenCon is 115 days so we'll all get a better sense of everything in the next 3 months plus all of the information from GenCon.
  5. FFG avoiding this question during the AMA on r/boardgames seems a bit more definitive to me because FFG's communication teams have routinely had errors in other product announcements. That being said, I wouldn't completely preclude it either because it exists in GoT 2.0 and Nate was the lead designer for that game.
  6. The Mana system in Magic is easily the worst part game. However, the various design teams know this and new sets are designed accordingly. Magic is going strong because Wizards has smart designers, the game has a strong secondary market, and the growth of casual formats like Commander keep people wanting to play. Not to mention the whole psychology of booster packs.
  7. Lmao. The game might not end up being good, but in no way is it an "abomination".
  8. Based on what we know about the combat system right now, I wonder if this is going to be a keyword at all. It could be something like "bow a character with less military power" or something, but I'm almost more inclined to think it might not be anything as the combat system is just a straight number check.
  9. There is an off chance that the design team ported over the attachment system from GoT where when a character leaves play with an attachment, the attachment returns to your hand unless it had a specific keyword on it.
  10. FFG doesn't really seem interested in fixing any of the meta problems with Netrunner either. The new MWL is barely a bandaid for a game hemorrhaging players waiting for rotation to start. The partial conspiracy theory is that FFG purposefully designs unbalanced LCGs so that they get people to jump onto the next LCG train every couple of years or so and soak them for a cycle or two of packs. However, from FFG's internal data they know that a majority of their core set LCG sales are to people who never buy a second core or extra packs so FFG's focus is on delivering a solid core set "board game" experience. I think they do this to the detriment of the competitive space, but that's just my opinion.
  11. This is true. Current assumption is that Influence (Bamboo) is limited to Conflict cards as those are the ones referenced in the Product Page article. Both of the previewed Strongholds have 10 Bamboo/Influence and the Conflict cards range from 1-3 Bamboo pips meaning that an average of 5 out of clan cards per Conflict deck is to be expected as of now.
  12. One thing that kind of throws a whole wrench in the calculations is this statement: Which seems to contradict Steve's announcement at GAMA needing 2 core of competitive play. Though, that was already thrown out the window the the 3 cores for full playset announcement. It could be they are counting on the Conflict deck being a mix and match of various clans assuming they completely ported over the influence system from Netrunner for that deck.
  13. FFG has historically butchered Japanese names and words if the Jinteki cards from Netrunner are an indicator.
  14. From the AMA and Preview info it looks like Honored and Dishonored states last until that character leaves play or is targeted by another Honored/Dishonored effect.
  15. All of it sort of depends on how FFG is going to integrate those clans. In the AMA they made it clear they would play a vital role in the story, but it's unclear if they will integrates those into the game itself. If they are going to introduce Mantis and Spider back into play, it would seem wise to do so as quickly as possible to piggyback off of the launch hype.
  16. Faction distribution is almost certain to be similar to GoT 2.0 I feel. However, it could be like 40k Conquest and they introduce new factions with the deluxe sets. I would personally prefer "dual" deluxe sets similar to Netrunner from a theme/story perspective, but who knows at this point.
  17. $15 MSRP, so if you have a nice FLGS they tend to be a bit cheaper. Also, given that there are going to be so many factions it might not be necessary to buy every pack if FFG's card powerlevel trend is taken into consideration.
  18. If they ported over the attachment system from GoT, then attachments pop back to hand when a character leaves play unless that attachment has a specific keyword which we did not see in any of the previews. I have mixed feelings about that system.
  19. I think there are a number of problems with doing nothing on turn 1. 1. You are limited to two attacks per turn meaning that you can only really break two Provinces a turn. 2. You can only muster 4 Dynasty cards per turn. Obviously this doesn't mean you are limited to 4 characters per turn as some can come out of your Conflict deck, but that requires digging in your Conflict deck which is sure to be a mix of attachments, events, as well as characters. 3. From the Province cards we've seen, some of the break values are rather large and they have some pretty back-breaking effects. Because those aren't flipped up until invaded, going all in on an unknown Province could just wreck you or end up being not the result you were looking for. Additionally, because some of the break values are so high your opponent simply has to "not lose" by committing minimal resources as there is no character loss. In any case I'm interested to see how all of this plays out.
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