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  1. Right. GoT has it limited to the Military challenge only along with a handful of cards with kill effects based on overwhelming wins.
  2. Seems more like a healthy amalgamation and update to the game to me. They kept Provinces, the dual deck system, Honor, and the theme. The econ switch is a major improvement I think but the Fate/Fading mechanism going to be the thing that makes or breaks the game more than likely.
  3. Handful of similarities based on the fact that Nate French was the lead for the GoT 2.0 reboot and being a longtime GoT player himself. Limited keyword, the multiple conflict types, the Ring resolution effects are all very similar or straight ripped from GoT.
  4. What do you mean "put on hold"? FFG was very clear about doing their own reboot of L5R from the beginning.
  5. That's still within the context of Conflicts though. You're going to need to be able to win a Conflict at some level.
  6. The game already pseduo-encourages aggro decks in my opinion simply based on the Fate/Fading mechanic. It's going to be difficult to impossible to build any board presence and that's sort of the point behind the games Mono No Aware philosophy. The designers were pretty adamant in the interview that they wanted lots of player interaction via conflicts as well so I don't know how well typical "control" style decks are going to work or work at all.
  7. Important to note that the Dynasty deck only holds Characters and Holdings while the Conflict deck has attachments, events, and characters. So unless you plan to drop characters from each Province every turn, having one eaten up by a Holding might not be that bad depending on the benefit. I wasn't a fan initially either, but I'm coming around to the concept.
  8. No, the FFG Press Team is just not good at checking whether or not what they are publishing is correct or makes sense.
  9. It's always this way with FFG articles. GoT, ANR etc all of the fanbases start shooting questions on Twitter, Facebook, wherever and then the article gets fixed or something gets clarified.
  10. Super exciting especially given that the Stronghold gives Mil buff to every character in the Conflict. Lion swarm is real.
  11. Brad Andres, DarbimusPrime, was in the L5R Discord.
  12. Using those 6 buys is going to be hard for sure though. Even 4 is hard at the 7 Fate curve. Can't wait to start deck building.
  13. 5 Potential buys a turn seems quite good. It was confirmed they do prevent.
  14. So Brad Andres (or someone claiming to be Brad) just confirmed that Holdings eat Province slots for Dynasty cards on the L5R Discord. So that's certainly interesting.
  15. I agree, I would like to see some clarification on if Holdings block provinces from getting Dynasty cards though.
  16. Some clarification on this would be nice, but a safe/nice assumption would be that Holdings do not limit future cards being placed on that Province. I just find it hard to believe that FFG would limit your play based on a random draw of cards because you have no control over where the Holdings go. Theoretically you could lock all of your Provinces in the blocking scenario.
  17. Wording is poor, but there is this: So any Holding just get auto attached during the Dynasty phase, and then replaced with a Face down card. But we really won't know until we see the rule book.
  18. Just an FYI, FFG edited the page. Specifically:
  19. Even Stimhack isn't a good measure as most people talk on the Stimhack Slack, Stimslack, than in the Stimhack forums anymore.
  20. I'm coming at it more from a product support perspective in general. FFG can be very slow to respond to the community or with balance changes. The new MWL for Netrunner, for example, should have probably been released shortly after worlds. FFG will sometimes go months without any information coming out. I know they care and they do work on their products, they just generally aren't very timely about it.
  21. @Wintersong mentioned that people were selling their Arkham LCG stuff because of delays in getting the new cycle. I guess I just don't understand why people would do that. Love you on Troll5R btw.
  22. I guess I just don't understand that mentality for a co-op game. It's not like new cards are needed to make the experience fresh because the quests we have currently are plenty difficult and there are options to make those harder. With the most recent packs, there are a few deck building options as well. Now Ashes had terrible early product support, so I could completely understand people dropping out of that.
  23. Why? Arkham isn't competitive so delays don't really hurt anything. LotR sometimes has significant delays as well and I personally don't always play new Adventure packs right when they come out. I find it more fun to save a couple and play them back to back.
  24. I'll give you dedicated releases and high quality but support and longevity are questionable.
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