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  1. FFG all but confirmed this to be the case in the r/boardgames AMA. Provinces are flipped up when a conflict occurs at them. Given the text on the cards we've seen so far, they are meant to be a little like traps from Android: Netrunner. That being said, it's unclear why the Enlightenment win condition from Old5R has been removed given that there seems to be a nice way to determine Ring "claim". However, it's unclear if Rings remain claimed between turns. Given the wording on Mori Kuroi it could honestly go either way.
  2. That's true, the "tittle" on the "i"'s and "j"'s in this script are very pronounced so his name really is "Nerishma". I wonder if that's the final print. We know FFG has multiple copies of the cards as they changed the name on the Lion Stronghold from the Announcement article.
  3. If you open the picture in a separate tab, it's spelled with no "i" in the URL title. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/a9/36/a936b233-c266-4fcc-b5d7-10dfd032aaf3/l5c01_daidoji-nerishma.png Now, I don't know if this is because the person naming the png file couldn't read the name, because that is actually how it's spelled because I'm not sure if that's "in" or a "m", personally.
  4. It's not entirely clear right now, again next week's Conflict article is going to drop a lot of important information here, but right now part of the benefit of going first seems to be that because once a Ring conflict is declared it is off the table for the rest of the turn, meaning calling a Ring that might not be great for you can be used to prevent your opponent from doing certain things.
  5. As far as the Conflict Draw vs Dynasty Draw goes it's unclear if a Conflict Card = Dynasty Card given everything we know right now. However, Tricks don't really matter unless you have targets for them so it leans a bit towards Dynasty Cards, unless there are lots of Conflict Characters in which case Conflict draw might be slightly better.
  6. I'm aware. I was just reinforcing that idea. Someone wrote this: I said (tried to say), "probably not, because ANR doesn't work this way". Having Influence being a deckbuilding restriction is great and works very well in Netrunner. I wish more games had systems like that.
  7. Nothing, I think the system works quite well. I was replying to this comment: That just seems too fiddly, but who knows.
  8. I guess anything is possible as we just don't know, but it seems highly likely FFG is just going to port ANR's Influence system over to Nu5R.
  9. There seems to be a mechanical difference between claiming a Ring and claiming a Ring Benefit. Though FFG articles are prone to errors so who knows.
  10. I found it! So claiming Rings must have a in-game implication on some level, but I don't know if we've seen any cards that reference that game-state yet.
  11. I don't believe the Defender gets to claim the Ring, if that even means anything yet, but we'll see in the conflict article next week.
  12. I agree with all of this. Holding evaluation is going to be really important in deck construction. Right now without knowing much else about the game, all of these seem mildly playable with the Lion one maybe being slightly better simply because it gives extra Dynasty card advantage. The Crab holding acting as a moving +2 in the a Conflict scenario also seems quite good, but you still fundamentally need characters to defend with so we'll see how that plays out. +2 Strength probably doesn't matter if you don't have enough guys to defend with. The Scorpion one is cost value, but as events seems rather cheap outside of Blackmail, Fate gained there might not be better than bringing in another 1 cost guy or getting the Duplicate Fate bonus. The Phoenix one from the Announcement article is hard to gauge as well given that we're not entirely sure how Honor draws will play out in actual games. It's just not clear if 1 Dynasty card = 1 Conflict card as of yet. Anyway, it's going to be an interesting conversation going forward for sure.
  13. If Netrunner and GoT are any indication, FFG does tend to reuse old cards sometimes as straight copies or sometimes with mild tweaks.
  14. That's certainly a fair point. I just don't think that it's completely new because you can see the bones and soul of Old5R still in the design thought process. FFG really did overhaul a ton of things though. I would peg it as similar to Netrunner to ANR shift based on what I've read and seen of Old5R. As for Honor, it is mildly different in that it's a number that isn't impacted by direct player conflict like say life in MTG.
  15. This is simply not true. Traces were not the only thing reworked. Richard Garfield practically admits A:NR is a major improvement to his original game in a number of areas. From a solid list I found. Again, we'll see how Fate eventually works. I'm personally 50/50 on it.
  16. 1. Because Old5R was broken and long time players stopped playing? Most people admit it needed a reboot. Netrunner to ANR wasn't a straight port either. They tweaked a lot of things to make the game modern and appealing to people. 2. Fate isn't just a gimmick in this game. Nate was very clear that it was core to the entire design philosophy in the interview. It didn't stick in MTG because it wasn't well done in MTG. In this game you control exactly how much time you would like to for a character to spend on the board as opposed to in MTG where it was predetermined. This is a player choice and given that the Fate resources are limited it is probably going to be an important one. I don't know if it is going to work, but I do think it's certainly interesting because basically no other xCG has evolving board state like that as far as I know.
  17. Do you just not like the water color events? The card is a clear reference to the Scorpion and the Frog fable.
  18. Why do you keep ignoring the Fate system though? That is the wholly unique aspect of the game. All of the residual mechanisms are just things that work well in other LCGs or existed in Old5R. Nu5R is not just pasted on theme. FFG carried over some things that made the original game unique, the two decks, mixed in some things they learned from other LCGs, and added the Fate system. If that isn't new enough for you I don't know what to say. There is no reason for designers to reinvent the wheel on mechanisms that work simply to be different. 40k Conquest had some other issues for me, namely not being able to choose the First Planet, but I never felt like the mechanism were bad because they were similar.
  19. Card draw is much easier in Nu5R with the Honor bid system so I can see where that might be a concern. Conflict cards still have a cost though so it's not like they are all free.
  20. Just because he has negative things to say doesn't mean that all of those things are wrong or don't need to be said.
  21. Why is any of that bad though? Old5R by lots of people's estimation was in shambles by the time Ivory rolled around. I don't see anything wrong with FFG, namely Nate and Brad, taking what they learned working on other games and transferring it over to this new game.
  22. They are referring to some Faust/Bagbiter/Hyperdriver combos that existed for awhile.
  23. It certainly won't work for a conflict victory as you can only make two Conflict challenges a turn and you need to break 4 provinces one of which is the Stonghold. Additionally, it's not like they can summon a ton of characters in one turn if they save up.
  24. Brad said there was going to be an article just about how Holdings work, so we'll know eventually. My guess is after this next article about the last 3 phases of the game, FFG will do Clan articles alternated with card type articles all the way up to Gen Con. However, they could also work the Holding information into the Crab article as we know that is a key element of the Crab Clan theme.
  25. I don't know if this is a bad thing though. They've taken things that work well in their other games, updated them, and wrapped them in the Fate system which is what makes Nu5R unique. Like I said before, Fate/Fading is going to make or break the game because that is the only system that makes the game truly unique based on what we've seen so far.
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