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  1. 4 hours ago, Mon no Oni said:

    I was somewhat puzzled  that the SKU for this product is L5C27. The Inheritance Cycle should take up to L5C24. That leaves a gap of two products.

    One theory is that 25-27 are meant to be other two clan packs, but they have decided to advance the Lion pack because of their perceived performance in tournaments. Any other theories?

    The Lion pack was initially slated to be last but got moved up. Either way, all of the packs are done it's just a matter of when FFG wants to release them.

  2. 17 hours ago, GM81 Protocol Droid said:

    Probably not a bad idea. If the mechanic skews the game in unexpected ways, it limits the impact only having two characters available per deck that uses it.

    I wonder if the 8th character will be the Grey Crane triggering from the Ronin trait. With a different reason for going Ronin than the original story of course.

    It would probably have been more exciting to have at least 2 Disguise characters per clan, one at 3 and 4 fate respectively.

    The cycle is going to have 120+ cards, roughly half of which are going to be characters, so the new hype keyword is only going to be on about 13% of all of the characters in the entire cycle. While the mechanism definitely seems exciting, it just isn't doesn't seem exposed enough.

    Compare it to MTG where they release new keywords every set on a large number of cards. Ravnica even has 1 for every guild with plenty of representation in that guild's card pool.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Saibot said:

    Well, now there is some karma at least. Dragon is stuck with a mostly useless secondary Role for more than just two tournaments.

    Dragon is basically just going to be on an 8 month cooldown on Seeker of Fire starting January 2019. They'll almost definitely get it back after Elemental Series 1 if they want it. Keeper of Water doesn't really hurt them either because they wanted a Keeper role anyway and all of the Keeper roles are almost the same except for FoF. However, Restoration of Balance is so good right now that most Dragon players would run it over FoF even if Dragon had Keeper of Fire.

  4. 13 minutes ago, twinstarbmc said:

    I dunno,  by the time Lion get their FIFTH conflict he could be a 6/6. There's pretty darn good. 

    So it's a 4 fate character that sits on the board doing nothing until it becomes a 6/6 by which time only the first 6 is relevant because you're initiating a Mil conflict anyway. When you consider that Niten Master is also a 4 fate character that readies itself twice while starting out as a 3/3, a 2/2 for 4 that can become a blank 6/6 seems incredibly mediocre.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Tonbo Karasu said:

    "mentioned on the Discord a few times" is not an official rule of any sort.

    It's fine if you still want to believe the card was designed for multiplayer, but I know pretty much for a fact that it was initially designed before the Enlightenment Rule-set had been finalized.

    Lion just gets another unplayable 4 fate character two cycles in a row, and that's ok I guess.

  6. 1 minute ago, Tonbo Karasu said:

    Unless you have some insider knowledge, it isn't.  The banned list from the updated rules is:

    • Know the World (Core Set, 178) • Display of Power (Core Set, 179) • Ide Tadaji (Imperial Cycle, 29) • Beastmaster Matriarch (Imperial Cycle, 106) • Togashi Tadakatsu (Disciples of the Void, 15)

    It was mentioned on the Discord a few times. If it isn't officially on the list yet it should be for the same reasons Beastmaster Matriarch is, especially considering the Kitsu counts all claimed Rings, not just your opponents.

  7. 9 minutes ago, XCoconutMonkey06X said:

    @Danwarr  You have to take into consideration L5R as a whole. The game was built on the previous premise that the community would have somewhat of a say in how the game progresses. No other CCG or LCG has that. Roles is a way to implement that interaction without it pulling the game way out of whack. As for the "segments of the card pool" you reference being locked out of, that equates to what, less than a handful of cards per clan? I don't think 2-3 cards on the shelf until an applicable role is selected breaks the game. They can be incentive for the hatamotos to choose said role when the time rolls around. There has to be benefits and consequences for being able to impact the game's direction. You get access to some cards and lose access to others. A chunk of the draw of L5R was that you could impact the game. By removing the role locks, there really is no direct impact and boon for achieving hatamoto status. And you can't compare this to other LCGs because it wasn't designed to be like those other LCGs. FFG wanted to keep what made L5R special as best they could and I think they were able to do that, mostly. 

    FFG has included plenty of other ways for players to interact with the game. GenCon had the Meishodo story event. Worlds had the Winter Court Fate of Flames story choice. The entire Kotei season has been about control of Toshi Ranbo. World champions still get to design a card. All of the local organized play stuff is integrated as well.

    Also, the number of locked cards relative to the size of the total card pool is sizable. While there were only 2 Role locked cards in the core set, out of 120 cards in the Imperial cycle, 21 of them are Keeper/Seeker locked or Element Locked. DotV had 2 Role locked cards. The Elemental cycle is going to have another 19 Element locked cards, 14 of which are Clan specific. Just under 10% of the current card pool is Role locked. Some of these cards haven't seen play in a competitive environment since the game was release last October. Why hold people back from doing so?

  8. 1 hour ago, El_Ganso said:

    Back in my day, we used to offer up Bounties and Bribes to get a desired Storyline prize picked.

    We would pool up our rares and such and would make callouts like "The Top Phoenix player that chooses X as a prize will get this Bounty"

    This generation needs to level up their Diplomacy skill IMO :P

    Communities discussing what Roles to pic, and then making sure their Top Dog picks said role, seems more like a Feature not a Bug (at least looking at it from the Old School perspective of an entire clan deciding which Storyline Prizes to pick).

    Given that the Role choice is chosen by the top of Clan at Worlds, a tournament held in Roseville, Minnesota during November which can make it difficult to impossible for any international players to attend, the "Top Dog" isn't actually making the choice. Just the person who happens to go to a special tournament at the right time of the year. Giving that person such a commanding level of control for a clan's deck construction for the whole year is just very strange. At least the second Role post GenCon is based on votes by Hatamotos at Kotei level events.

    While fans of the old game might be ok with bounties and bribes, that sort of thing is also alienating to new players. L5R already has a bit of population problem, especially in the US with groups being extremely separated. Add in the restrictive deck construction requirements to a system were Old5R players are seemingly comfortable with just putting up even more money just to be able to play the deck you want and that's a definitive recipe to remaining niche.

    1 hour ago, XCoconutMonkey06X said:

    I am firmly in the Pro-locked roles camp. It helps retain a little bit of the player involvement from the CCG days without pulling the game into a really weird angle. Players now have a choice in a selective story decision (that may or may NOT develop in a timely manner.....) and a direction on how their clan will play out in the next year. I also think 1 year rotation is the sweet spot. 6 months I feel would be too quick of a turn around but anything beyond a year would be too long. Having it at GC each year kind of gives it a nice annual event that carries serious weight.

    Given that FFG LCGs appear to have a 6 year lifespan, just based on ANR, GoT 1.0, and CoC, to what benefit is it to lock people out of segments of the card pool for 1/6th of the game's life? Having to wait until November of next year for a clan to MAYBE get a useful Role to be able to use strong in Clan cards seems asinine. For example, the is almost no guarantee that Unicorn is ever going to be able to use Unleash the Djinn ever under the current system. Doesn't that strike you as a bit ridiculous?

  9. 8 minutes ago, Hordeoverseer said:

    Forget the roles, could we get 6 in 6 weeks? The 6 being the other 6 Clan packs we're missing.

    Well at this point it's just 5 with the Scorpion pack set to release in October just before Worlds.

    It seems as though the Clan pack release schedule was predetermined based on novel release schedule as well, so I can't imagine FFG just dumping all of those at one time unfortunately.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Foxtrot Four said:

    My main point is, lets say Scorpion get saddled with Seeker of Water. No good deck out of Scorpion needs both Pathfinder Blade and Fight On, so some scorpion players opt to reach for Support of the Phoenix, 3x Display, 3x Clarity. Simple; Effective.

    BUT without locks no one would EVER choose Support. Unless there was a clan with 3x Let Go, 3x Mirumotos Fury, 2x Reprieve, and 2x Meek Informant. 

    I just think most competitive decks wont end up picking Support anyway simply due to the value a Seeker or even a Keeper role with the right element provides. I know some Scorpion decks tried Support of the Phoenix at a couple Kotei's, but losing the Province flexibility on top of the fate gain from a Seeker role is just not worth the extra 8 influence.

  11. 5 hours ago, Hinomura said:

    I've championed this for a while, and mentioned it on several occasions :)

    I believe this has definitely been mentioned on various platforms a few times as plenty of people were speculating what FFG was going to do with 3 unclaimed Roles. Initially, FFG said they had a plan for these Roles, but there has literally been no news about them since Worlds.

    It would definitely be an interesting choice, but at that point you're almost halfway to a having unlocked Roles anyway so why not just let people choose what they want so they can build the decks they want without feeling like they are wasting someone else's time.

    I know most of the Phoenix clan on the L5R Discord is extremely divided because of Role lock, with Dishonor players wanting a Keeper Role to maintain access to backhanded compliment, while Conquest players are hoping to get Seeker of Void to shore up their Province row as well as gain access to Seeker fate. The fact that members of a clan who would like to pursue a specific play-style and archetype can simply be marginalized by player choice outside of most of their control is definitely a bit absurd.

  12. 41 minutes ago, Foxtrot Four said:

    An argument in favor of The Lock.

    Why run Support of the Unicorn when you can CHOOSE Keeper of Fire and get access to; Djinn, Feast or Famine AND Talisman of the Sun?

    If the Lock is removed Support of Roles become obsolete

    I'd argue that the Support Roles are already fairly irrelevant due to the cards being both Role and Element locked in addition to Seeker fate and province flexibility being insane. Support Roles are only going to be "better" than a Keeper Role when a Keeper clan's splash happens to line up with a Support Role.

    A good example of the Support Roles being not great is the Phoenix splash in Scorpion currently. Scorpion is Seeker of Void, so they get access to Shameful Display and Pilgrimage as well as Consumed by Five Fires and now Jurojin's Curse. Even though Support of the Phoenix would give them more influence to maybe run Display of Power, it would also mean losing Pilgrimage, Consumed by Five Fires, AND Jurojin's Curse which would make the splash almost irrelevant at what it is trying to accomplish.

  13. 3 hours ago, Ikoma Sencha said:

    But honestly put, the entire design of this surprises me, but I'll have to playtest it.  He seems confident enough in Lion's innate Military skill that a much larger chunk of his deck is devoted to bolstering their political options.  I wouldn't have thought to do that, and instead was more or less leaning into forgoing Political entirely, but it seems like it served him well.

    You're still running 3x Legion of One, 3x Banzai, 3x Way of the Lion, and Charge, which is also really a Mil pump. Plus Spiritcaller and Ujiaki are all increasing the total amount of skill you get in Mil conflict with their abilities. Your opponent still has a Pol conflict themselves and just ignoring half the game because your stats don't always line up enough to break is a mistake. Fans/Methods on Crones/Prodigy/Keepers can get sneaky breaks, and even if you don't have a Pol pump just swinging for Ring value or to scout a Province is perfectly fine.

  14. For those who didn't follow the Houton Kotei this weekend, HMT put up a very strong showing with 2 decks in the Top 8 as well as posting positive winrates against every clan but Scorpion. There were lots of strong Scorpion players at Houston though.

    More information on both Top 8 decks here: https://www.bushibuilder.com/l5r/deck/?deck=1e140069-8913-11e8-9c0e-020c407d2d9d&public=y

  15. 14 minutes ago, Ersatz Nihilist said:

    I just wonder whether there’s going to be enough deck space at 40 cards for people to start including many more politics or military only challenge only cards? Surely you just set yourself up for bad matchups? Or the game just becomes a relatively uninteractive race.

    I think that is definitely a problem you run into at this point, especially with neutral cards like Court Games and Ornate Fan just being generically good, but extremely bland. Even Banzai can technically be used in a Political conflict assuming you need the Mil strength for some reason like LPB or Rout. Conflict specific cards basically need to be extremely powerful in their niche, but if they are too strong then it becomes oppressive. It's a really difficult design space FFG is sort of boxed into at this point, but I definitely think they have the talent to think of something.

  16. 13 hours ago, Hordeoverseer said:

    When the game was released it seemed that the game mechanically was vaguely in line with the theme of the two different conflicts, like you couldn't charge into a political conflict and you couldn't do courtier stuff on the battlefield. A few packs later, do people feel there's a thematic distinction between the two? I suppose I ask as we see trolls with high political stats, tetsubos that give a political bonus and other peculiar stats. I understand, it's all for game balance and it's for the best as we don't want to end up with characters with a lot of dash stats because it might make more sense thematically (an intimidating Hida has as much political clout as an Otomo!).


    Does it still feel like political/military conflict or just blue and red conflicts?

    At this point in the game, there is very little distinction between the two conflict types outside of a handful of card restrictions and Military being easier to buff. I suspect FFG tried to differentiate between the two types more in testing, but that proved to be too cumbersome or confusing.

    Hopefully we'll see more conflict specific cards down the road, like they tried to do with Breach of Etiquette, but even then given how the Core set through Elemental cycle has been pretty vanilla and winning a conflict ultimately being about stats, it's going to be hard for them to turn it around without some sort of explosive card. I could see FFG adopting some sort of "Shadows" mechanism like they are using in GoT 2.0 and limiting it to only Political conflicts for example to make the two more unique, but who knows.

  17. 7 hours ago, Ishi Tonu said:

    Let's say the roles were unlocked.  This now means the meta game is completely solved for the entire existing card pool.....not just how the current card pool interacts with the chosen roles.  Innovation runs out and the speed at which we are getting new cards seems to put us in a rotation of new meta game for worlds then solved for most of the next year until next worlds.

    If all the roles are unlocked,  what's left until the next set?  Nothing.  Each new set that comes out gets solved and then we wait til the next set.  At least with rotating roles we have the potential to see more dynamic shifts in the meta game as people re-explore the existing cards within a new meta game.

    I'm all for faster role rotations like twice a year or better yet, have a list of roles that changes for each kotei.  But unlocking all the roles is not as good for the game as people think.  


    The meta is barely solved right now. Opening up the Roles would make solving it even more difficult. Right now a lot of people think a Fire role is the best if only for FoF, but if everyone got to test maybe it turns out that wouldn't be the case. Sabotage is a good enough card that some people will consider the Earth role. Crane probably never wants to give up Air because of Soul Beyond Reproach. Scorpion might even want Keeper of Air for Backhanded Compliment. There are a ton of archetypes that could be explored if players had more self-determination with regards to Role selection.

  18. On 7/14/2018 at 11:55 PM, Radix2309 said:

    How the heck does having 1 role locked for a year make the meta less solved? If anything it makes it easier to solve the nest deck because you only have 1 option. I play Dragon deck and always splash Crab because Pathfinder is awesome. If I could play Keeper I might try and innovate. More options for roles means more possibilities for deckbuilding and less chance of it being solved since there are more options to try out 

    1. Arkham horror is the best LCG left :P

    2. I think L5R is more fun to play, But GOT is much more fun to build. The Banners mean there are so many ways to build decks. Tyrell with Stark is so different from Tyrell with Lannisters. It gave so much more diversity out of the box.

    I think it is also a larger issue, in that we are limited in strongholds. At world's it will be 1 year and have only 4 more strongholds than last year. 

    meanwhile in the other games, each faction got at least 1 new identity in the first cycle. Then some in the 2nd cycle plus the deluxe. Strongholds would allow different deck builds and priorities. 

    1. I would personally argue that LotR LCG is the best remaining both from a deck construction and play perspective, but I'm biased in owning every piece of content that game has put out. I was simply stating it more from the competitive LCG side, which has lost 2 games in 2 years now.

    2. That was the point made on the Focus, Focus, Strike podcast.

    Even with different Strongholds, the Role lock still limits what types of cards can be put in that deck, so you basically end up with relatively similar decks. Role unlock would ultimately be better for deck diversity on the whole. GoT has it, why not L5R?

  19. 2 hours ago, AradonTemplar said:

    I still think it's too early to 'admit a mistake.' Half the posts in here are people saying, "I think it'd be better if we had two roles." I'm not sure if they mean all the time, or are just unaware that there will be a second role choice (coming up soon? Thought it was supposed to be halfways through the year.) So, maybe people will warm up to the roles once the Elemental roles roll out.

    Not to say the system couldn't use some iteration, but I wouldn't call it a mistake. The best and easiest compromise is probably to just keep the Elemental Role choice for the full year until the next Elemental Role tournament, so there are always two roles available. (I think it's supposed to expire with the Winter Court role choice.)

    I used to think giving each clan access to a Keeper and a Seeker role was a fair compromise, but the more I thought about it, the more it just seems better to open up everything and just remove any confusion or barriers to entry. Explaining the Roles to new players is genuinely more of a turn off to the game than it is a positive.

  20. 15 hours ago, PMAvers said:

    Maybe more of a carrot solution instead of a stick?

    Anyone can use any role, but the text past the keeper/seeker/elemental traits is only active if it's your clan's role. So you don't get the extra province, fate generation, extra influence, etc if you want to use a off-role for your clan, but if you stick to roles you get a bonus? 

    That frees up some design space as well, where you could do strongholds that... say... can't be used with specific roles. (No Air roles, for instance.) 

    While well-intentioned, that is still a bit needlessly complicated. The simplest solution is to just let players pick whatever Roles they want, but it's going to take a decent amount of humility on the part of FFG to admit that the original system was a mistake, especially given that criticism of the Role system basically started before the game was even officially released at Gen Con. The Sunk Cost fallacy is real and will definitely be at play in FFG's future decision-making for better or worse.

  21. On 7/12/2018 at 2:49 PM, Saibot said:

    Fair, but ideally that problem would be solved as the card pool increases and all roles are roughly equally good, even if they are different and support different deck types and counters.

    The problem being solved by a larger card pool isn't really a solution because it does nothing to ease the frustration of players in the current environment. If people become frustrated enough they leave and it doesn't matter how "balanced" the Roles are at that point because there has already been an exodus.

    The Role locked cards are actually great and encourage difficult deck construction choices, but Role lock clans ignore one of the fundamental reasons people play CCGs which is individual deck construction.

    There is a definite feeling among FFG LCG players that GoT is the best of the remaining LCGs because of how open it is with deck construction in addition to play being slightly more streamlined for play. I think one L5R podcaster said that playing GoT was simply more "fun". That's not to say that L5R isn't good, on the contrary it is very good. But so much of the game relies on piloting skills because there is almost no room to experiment with deck construction due to role lock. This really hurts the game for new players because they feel railroaded into certain decks in addition to L5R having a steep learning curve. So not only can they not feel like they can build a deck for the clan they want to play that is "fun", they have to play a game where there is sometimes there very little to point towards correcting and being a better player to eventually win games. They end up getting frustrated and just playing something else.

    FFG should strongly consider #FreeTheRoles, especially as a tie in to the last Elemental Cycle pack "Elements Unbound". The move would really revitalize the game for players whose clans are struggling in addition to really unlocking players' ability to brew and mess around with deck construction.

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