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  1. It was just "Exhaust: Draw 2 cards" with no limit so you could just voltron or ready her like crazy and draw a ton of cards. Even in her errata'd form, her ability helps smooth out larger player games. As for Webbed Up, being able to stop 2 Villain attacks with 1 card is incredibly strong and the benefit of it over Mockingbird is that the unique rule on allies. That being said, I see no reason to not run both in every Spider-Man deck for the foreseeable future just because of how useful having extra stuns are.
  2. Because stuff like War-Dog Master is really knocking it out of the park...
  3. The Lion pack was initially slated to be last but got moved up. Either way, all of the packs are done it's just a matter of when FFG wants to release them.
  4. Most discussion happens on the L5R Discord.
  5. It would probably have been more exciting to have at least 2 Disguise characters per clan, one at 3 and 4 fate respectively. The cycle is going to have 120+ cards, roughly half of which are going to be characters, so the new hype keyword is only going to be on about 13% of all of the characters in the entire cycle. While the mechanism definitely seems exciting, it just isn't doesn't seem exposed enough. Compare it to MTG where they release new keywords every set on a large number of cards. Ravnica even has 1 for every guild with plenty of representation in that guild's card pool.
  6. More like Emerge than Ninjutsu, but still Very interesting space. Unfortunate that there are only 8 Disguise characters in the the entire cycle.
  7. Dragon is basically just going to be on an 8 month cooldown on Seeker of Fire starting January 2019. They'll almost definitely get it back after Elemental Series 1 if they want it. Keeper of Water doesn't really hurt them either because they wanted a Keeper role anyway and all of the Keeper roles are almost the same except for FoF. However, Restoration of Balance is so good right now that most Dragon players would run it over FoF even if Dragon had Keeper of Fire.
  8. So it's a 4 fate character that sits on the board doing nothing until it becomes a 6/6 by which time only the first 6 is relevant because you're initiating a Mil conflict anyway. When you consider that Niten Master is also a 4 fate character that readies itself twice while starting out as a 3/3, a 2/2 for 4 that can become a blank 6/6 seems incredibly mediocre.
  9. It's fine if you still want to believe the card was designed for multiplayer, but I know pretty much for a fact that it was initially designed before the Enlightenment Rule-set had been finalized. Lion just gets another unplayable 4 fate character two cycles in a row, and that's ok I guess.
  10. It was mentioned on the Discord a few times. If it isn't officially on the list yet it should be for the same reasons Beastmaster Matriarch is, especially considering the Kitsu counts all claimed Rings, not just your opponents.
  11. Already banned in multiplayer just like Beastmaster Matriarch. Probably the most uninspired card from the set, which is a shame because the art is terrific.
  12. FFG has included plenty of other ways for players to interact with the game. GenCon had the Meishodo story event. Worlds had the Winter Court Fate of Flames story choice. The entire Kotei season has been about control of Toshi Ranbo. World champions still get to design a card. All of the local organized play stuff is integrated as well. Also, the number of locked cards relative to the size of the total card pool is sizable. While there were only 2 Role locked cards in the core set, out of 120 cards in the Imperial cycle, 21 of them are Keeper/Seeker locked or Element Locked. DotV had 2 Role locked cards. The Elemental cycle is going to have another 19 Element locked cards, 14 of which are Clan specific. Just under 10% of the current card pool is Role locked. Some of these cards haven't seen play in a competitive environment since the game was release last October. Why hold people back from doing so?
  13. Given that the Role choice is chosen by the top of Clan at Worlds, a tournament held in Roseville, Minnesota during November which can make it difficult to impossible for any international players to attend, the "Top Dog" isn't actually making the choice. Just the person who happens to go to a special tournament at the right time of the year. Giving that person such a commanding level of control for a clan's deck construction for the whole year is just very strange. At least the second Role post GenCon is based on votes by Hatamotos at Kotei level events. While fans of the old game might be ok with bounties and bribes, that sort of thing is also alienating to new players. L5R already has a bit of population problem, especially in the US with groups being extremely separated. Add in the restrictive deck construction requirements to a system were Old5R players are seemingly comfortable with just putting up even more money just to be able to play the deck you want and that's a definitive recipe to remaining niche. Given that FFG LCGs appear to have a 6 year lifespan, just based on ANR, GoT 1.0, and CoC, to what benefit is it to lock people out of segments of the card pool for 1/6th of the game's life? Having to wait until November of next year for a clan to MAYBE get a useful Role to be able to use strong in Clan cards seems asinine. For example, the is almost no guarantee that Unicorn is ever going to be able to use Unleash the Djinn ever under the current system. Doesn't that strike you as a bit ridiculous?
  14. Well at this point it's just 5 with the Scorpion pack set to release in October just before Worlds. It seems as though the Clan pack release schedule was predetermined based on novel release schedule as well, so I can't imagine FFG just dumping all of those at one time unfortunately.
  15. I just think most competitive decks wont end up picking Support anyway simply due to the value a Seeker or even a Keeper role with the right element provides. I know some Scorpion decks tried Support of the Phoenix at a couple Kotei's, but losing the Province flexibility on top of the fate gain from a Seeker role is just not worth the extra 8 influence.
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