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  1. anandus

    Excel based Character Sheet

    Curious, are there any plans to update the sheet? Eg Navis Primer?
  2. anandus

    Excel based Character Sheet

    Ah, thank you for your (quick) reply!
  3. anandus

    Excel based Character Sheet

    First off: Great work on the Excel sheet, it's awesome! Me and my party, we're new to 40K / RT and this sheet helps us a lot with setting up our characters, really great! A little question, but I don't know if it's a problem with the sheet or if it's because I'm not properly understanding mechanics (maybe sanctioned vs unsanctioned) If I choose mutation: Wyrdling and the Witch Born Lineage (Perilous Choice), the first makes for a psy rating of 2 and the second gains a psy rating, right? But the psy rating is 2. In the talent summary there are two entries for psy rating (one of 1 and one of 2). It's correct this doesn't add up?