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  1. All, apologies for my piss poor participation there in the end. I couldn't yank myself from work and other commitments enough to adequately post. These last six or so games have been so much fun, but I think I need to step back for a bit, mostly due to holidays and other commitments. I'll def be back, but gonna sit the next few out. Ebon, this was one for the books.
  2. It could be that, or it could be scum using that interaction as an easy way to cast suspicion on Matt. Could go either way.
  3. I could see Pod as scum. He's usually hard for me to read, but he's been more or less aloof. Weirdly town Pod mostly votes all over the place before landing on someone who is usually a good read. Has he done that this game? Some, but not as much as usual. That said, this game has been a basket full of cats in a dryer (in a good way) so I don't have really solid reads on anyone outside Ovi due to the failed kill. I could also see Matt. He was pretty aggro as others have said. But we also have plenty of time. If Matt or Pod flips town then we might want to look harder at LP.
  4. Hey once again, sorry about the slowness. Are you asking why I didn't vote you during emojigate with Jabba? If so, it's because I a) thought you read town (WHOOPS) and b) wasn't sure about if you proclaiming my faction wouldn't just auto-return a lie anyway, as even though stating me as town was true, it doesn't mean you're not lying as you wouldn't have a way of knowing it. I hope that makes sense. Finally the weekend. I'll catch up and be more present. Also, Ebon, why does Day 4 end in August?
  5. H3y 3v3ry0n3, s0rry 1 w@sn't th3r3 t0 h3lp v0t3 b3f0r3 h@mm3r. L00ks l1ke w3 g0t @ g00d r3sult th0ugh, @nd @ c0nf1rm3d t0wn. N0w th@t GN1P 1s dr1v1ng H3r0, 1 gu3ss w3 st@rt 0v3r w1th h1m. Th3 und3c1d3ds: M@tt P0d B3rt1e LTD LP C@ld1@s GN1P S@fe t0 s@y 0v1 1s c0nf1rm3d, r1ght? N0 ch@nc3 th3 fru1t 3xpl0d3s 0r s0m3 0th3r b@n@n@ pudd1ng cr@zy bullsh1t 3bon m1ght h@v3 pull3d?
  6. R3r3@d but n0th1ng r3@lly l3@pt 0ut @s susp1c10us. F0r wh@t 1ts w0rth 1 w0uld l1k3 cl@r1f1c@t10n 1f s@y1ng s0m3th1ng 0n3 c0uld n0t kn0w w0uld = @ l13 f0r d3t3ct0r purp0s3s @s LTD p01nt3d 0ut. 1 sh0uld h@v3 @ b3tt3r 1d3@ 0f wh3r3 t0 l00k/wh0 t0 v0t3 0nce th@t 1s cl@r1f13d. 1 sh0uld b3 much m0r3 @v@1l@bl3 t0m0rr0w dur1ng th3 d@y @s w3ll.
  7. Just d1v1ng b@ck 1n. GN1P m@d3 th3 st@t3m3nt. G00d p01nt @b0ut wh@t th3 l13 br3@kd0wn c0uld b3. W1ll g0 0v3r th1s m0r3 @nd g1v3 my th0ughts t0n1ght. N33d t0 c@tch up.
  8. 0h w0w, 1 t0t@lly m1ss3d th@t th0s3 @r3 t1m3 st@mp3d. Th@nks f0r p01nt1ng th@t 0ut. Y0ur l0g1c m@k3s s3ns3, b3rt13. T0 @nsw3r y0ur pr3v10us qu3st10n, 1 w@s @ls0 0nline dur1ng th3 r3v3@l. 1 w1ll b3 @t w0rk s00n, but w1ll try and d0 m0r3 @n@lys1s dur1ng br3@ks.
  9. 1 h@t3 y0u, 3b0n. 1 th1nk 0v1's r3@d 1s f@1r g1v3n th3 1nf0rm@t10n. H1s pr0p0s@l 0f n0 lynch 1 @m unsure 0f, but s33ms t0 m@k3 s3ns3. @ny 0th3r th0ughts? C@n w3 @ct@lly v3r1fy th3 t1m3s, 0r 1s th1s just th3 w0rd 0f s0m30n3 wh0 w1tn3ss3d? 1mp0rt@nt b3c@us3 1f v3r1f1@bl3 w3 @t l3@st g0t g00d 1nf0 fr0m 0ur b@d luck 1n J@bb@'s d3@th.
  10. 1 w1ll m0v3 t0 GN1P 1f w3 th1nk th3 r3@ct10ns c@m3 @ft3r th3 n1ght. But f0r n0w I w@nt t0 h3@r fr0m h3r0
  11. ****. D1d w3 g3t c0nf1rm@t10n th@t J@bb@'s r3@cti10ns c@m3 b3f0r3 th3 n1ght? GN1P r3@d f@1rly t0wn t0 m3. ##v0t3 H3r0w@nn@b3 Wh3r3 h@v3 y0u b33n?
  12. At work during flop, won't have time to respond meaningfully until later. After skimming, from the flavor post, am I to understand actions are not simultaneous? Woulda thought for sure doc would have protected Jabba, and at the very least he would've been roleblocked.
  13. I think the case against you is more that your post haven't really done much in way of investigating or analyzing rather than you being a scummarine
  14. I will ##vote @Herowannabe to coax him into giving some thoughts