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  1. I can't remember which thread it was, but someone got an official answer stating that you can use both if one card ability feeds into a discard. If both are discard then you can only use one. For this card, yes you can use it to both guard nearby and discard the same guard ability to Guard 3
  2. If you are guardian class, you start every mission with this card prepared
  3. Great stream! If the default guardian card you start every mission with is up, every guard card has that ability IIRC
  4. It is a little weird, but mechanically it's like moving. Can you move there in two moves? Then you can shoot there with Keen Eyes.
  5. Probably won't matter, but I'd vote Beravor, Aragorn, and Elena
  6. I soloed the campaign twice with a different team each time, losing both times. Still craving more. Have a four player kickoff scheduled in a few weeks so it'll be fun to incorporate other players. Still crave this game, love it. BRING ON THE EXPANSIONS
  7. Pushed through and got everything but Gimli and Bilbo done! Sloppy but fast.
  8. It looks pretty clear to me. This is right before the second mission:
  9. The app asks you what role everyone is taking on right before every mission starts. You keep any cards from your previous roles that you bought with XP
  10. This only comes up during your deck construction. I did definitely get the Bs mixed up when I had Basic, Burglar, and Bilbo cards, but its not really that big a deal.
  11. I have to wonder if it was intended to be free or not. Have you tried asking the Facebook group?
  12. And after rereading, looks like I've been doing that wrong! It does specifically tie interact actions to arrow abilities.
  13. I think interacting with the token is an action and if there is an arrow that costs an additional action. At least that's how I was playing it.
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