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  1. Man, part of me is like we should probably just kill Biggs, he hasn't replied at all to my request about why my voting record makes me the likeliest suspect. Claim just in case. I'm a level 3 intel analyst, I get other people's intel as an intel request action.
  2. So, if Forty's intel is to be trusted and I trust Mads, then I think I'm comfortable to do this: ##vote @EbonHawk Bertie is definitely up there though, and if Ebon flips scum I think bertie is where we look next
  3. Just curious what your rationale is here. We still have this to go off of: Day 1 Lynch result: @Matt3412 - (5) - Forty, Pod, Biggs, Bertie, Ghost We know one of these people is scum based on the intel I got, and Pod is dead. I am super leaning into lynching Bertie cause he drove the Pod train with false intel. Sure, maybe he was infiltrated, but he's kinda been on my radar anyway. The only thing I am pretty sure on is Mads is town. My intel and Forty's verfies that pretty well. If both of those intels were infiltrated then maybe we're just boned. My inclination is to kill bertie based on his fast train on Pod, but I could also vote Ebon. Don't want to put him at L1 just yet though since scum could just jump on it. The fact that scum didn't just bus him yet though is a bit troubling.
  4. Okay, sorry that I couldn't share my info from yesterday until hammer. Yesterday's message: MADAGHMIRE IS TOWN Today's message: SCUM VISITED BIGGSIRL AND GHOST OF NOBODY IN PARTICULAR
  5. I was going to bring up that yeah, Biggs threw shade at lurkers but was super inactive in that last day cycle. So can we assume there are now 3 possible scum, if we started with 1 and two days of infiltration happened? If we had started with 2 scum we'd have already lost with a recruit mechanic unless one of the attempts was blocked. I have intel that confirms one player as town, but not sure if sharing it is the best idea now that we suspect recruitment.
  6. Ugh I want to not I don't want to, voice to text failure
  7. I don't want to get my vote in before time ran out but I agree, birdie has been acting kind of scummy and pods analysis makes sense
  8. Right. And I'm not confused, I'm just trying not to give too much information to scum
  9. As for your visit, I'm not sure. I am guessing there must be some sort of shenanigans. Thinking about this now, it could be we started with only one scum if they can recruit, which could mean looking off the vote is a bad call.
  10. see below On Matt: Forty, Pod, Biggs, Bertie, Ghost Off Matt: Me, Mads, Ebon Assuming we have 2 scum, if exactly one was on the train then exactly one is off, and there's less people in the off vote pool, and I have the added benefit of knowing that I'm town, so for me it's easily a coin flip between Ebon and Mads
  11. @Madaghmire I noticed your tell, but I know you're good at subterfuge, so I am more trusting the info I got that either you or Ebon is the best place to look.
  12. @EbonHawk my thing said exactly 1 scum was on last night's vote.
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