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  1. If it was any clearer, I'd be Crystal Pepsi
  2. I'm not saying anything other than I have information that indicates someone else is a doctor. Whether that means that I am a doctor or that I found out someone else's a doctor isn't something I'd like to go into quite yet. But I'm assuming that having more than one doctor would be a little bit broken for the town side, so I'm pretty sure that Jon is lying.
  3. ##vote Gengis Jon Lynch all liars
  4. So out of those, the ones I'd say feel the cleanest (to me) are Pod, myself, and LP who is pretty much guaranteed to be town unless there's some magical nonsense going on. The rest seem mostly clean to me, but I still think there's probably a bad guy in there. Do we have any idea how many scums there could be? Are we looking at 3 if they have limited powers?
  5. Could also be one of the ones who came in at the end to take him out as well to gain credibility. I guess I'm saying I mostly think everyone on the Ebon Train is looking clean, but there is probably at least one bad egg in there.
  6. Agree, but I have to guess that there is possibly at least one scum mate in on the Ebon Express (TM). Could be maybe not, but I would guess one might've voted him early and maybe not come back on before the train happened.
  7. EST here too. Okie doke. ##vote EbonHawk Sorry buddy! I think that might be hammer?
  8. Yeah he's new. Would hate to vote off someone who is just getting their feet wet
  9. Looks to me Sirfrancisdubois is the least active player from a cursory look.
  10. I think getting 7 on an inactive player will be rough, but am willing to try. I'd rather keep both Pod and Ebon around just because they've been driving conversation, which helps us get more information.
  11. I don't love voting for Ebon. He's been vocal (albeit cheeky) and talking is how we get stuff done in this game. But it's probably best we get someone lynched.
  12. Trust me, I've been there too and made similar mistakes. No biggie
  13. I mean, if we want a vote to get info, it's gotta be Ebon. I don't see enough activity to go for anyone else. There's, what, three of us on right now? Me, you, and Pod?
  14. I'm around and will vote, burning the midnight oil here, but I fear we might not get enough votes.
  15. I am also keen on the "Ebon and Pod" thing being an easy thing for scum to hide behind. I haven't voted yet because some do seem eager to point to that narrative.