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  1. Not sure that's fair, as Pod and myself have been more active than impcap, which is interesting, though you're right that I haven't been very active, the holiday is a factor. I'll cast a vote, as either Vis or toad getting lynched will net similar info. ##vote Visovics
  2. Forgot to mention, I'm driving to SC for Turkey Day. Is there any way Vis could be lying, but it won't matter? Like getting someone in particular killed is his win condition? That would fit Greedo flavor more, wouldn't it?
  3. Okay, well that does make some sense, as Toad was laying it on a bit thick with the maybe-there-is-no-scum talk. And if Toad flips anything other than scum, then Vis's fate is sealed. I want to hear from Toad, though, obviously. Hopefully he shows soon.
  4. Not sure I want him to tell us, not yet.
  5. I still think there might be a serial killer even if Toad's meta analysis is correct.
  6. That is very interesting. Hmm. That theory tends to fit the flavor.
  7. And so the sharks vs jets stand off commences! Vis, what feels off about Toad?
  8. Fair enough, I thought it was plants since they had a forest on their ship. My point about the sequel stands. Flawed and dangerous technology still impacts the world around it. And still doesn't explain why klingons( (the best part of the show) look nothing like other klingons.
  9. Do you want to read what I said and not fly off the handle taking it out of context? I have no problem with plant engines existing, I have a problem with such amazing technology that would impact the universe greatly not having any impact outside of this current show. If the spore engine technology happened years before TNG, why wouldn't that tech be ubiquitous in TNG. Hence why it makes more sense in a sequel rather than a prequel.
  10. man! I didn't get any dance or funky actions. I feel left out.
  11. Who is the scummiest scum?
  12. ##role confirmed. Sorry to be late as well. Looking forward to the championship!
  13. My biggest complaint is it really makes zero sense in context of being a prequel. I don't see any benefit other than being able to put and Spock's dad in the show. And possible cameos by Enterprise crew. in my opinion it would make much more sense as a sequel and you wouldn't have to really explain why Klingons look radically different and why plant engines exist. I also don't think any of the characters are very interesting. That does seem to be getting a little bit better as the show progresses though
  14. Has anyone else tried this game out? I've played about five games and am hooked mostly because of the short play time (each game is like 30 minutes) and awesome models. Feels weirdly FFG to me as well.