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  1. In my experience, Hondo renders ICBs and Slicers moot as viable counters.
  2. I'd like to preface this by saying this is based off the interpretation that the cult leader does not get passed down, which could be wrong, but I feel like Toad was probably lying about that. This COULD be lylo, but it could not. Let's presume that it is, meaning that the Hutt clan was more successful in recruiting than The Toad let on, or the Red Key recruited well. Red Key cult leader is dead, though, so I'm not sure what Norell's obsession is with that faction. Okay, so to me, it seems like GNiPs and Pod are probably both cult, possibly in the same one. Pod's logic is bonkers. He's taking the most outlying edge-case possiblities and heralding them as truth, and GNiPs is golf clapping behind him as if he's preaching truth. "Counter claimers are always honest" is the weirdest thing to say, IMO. For instance, Pod is saying he fished for a blaster, got it even though he has a chance of failure, got it, and shot Mads. Okay, there are some big ifs in there. Norell may or may not be in a cult as well, and I do find it interesting he isn't interested in killing cultists, but one type of cultist in particular. JJ could as well be cult and trying to distance himself from the other cultists. CNinja feels town, and I'd say Onidsen does too, but both are good players that can be deceptive. The thing that makes the least sense is Pod claiming I shot him. Well guess what? If I HAD shot him, I would've just said "I shot Pod, but he somehow survived." I made my intentions to shoot Pod very clear, and the only reason I changed my mind was because Toad flipped not the cult leader, which made me think he might've been throwing shade at a possible townie. So I went to my next highest target, Mad. Pod's story is super convoluted, and requires known roles to operate in a different manner than they are described in the wiki for this third faction to be bogus. The simplest explanation is Pod is BSing. One thing that has been undisputed, whether I am cult or not, is that I am a Vigilante. Therefore, I am NOT a cult leader, and there is still one out there, at large. If the leadership doesn't pass, we NEED to kill the last cult leader. If Toad was telling the truth and it does pass, well ****, I don't know anymore. I will probably get lynched, but fair enough. I've done all I could to help. After I flip Vig I hope the convuluted stories and who concocted them get looked at hard.
  3. If you can give me an hour I will have something to say.
  4. What does a forgotwhatsitsname do? What ability are you talking about? Just trying to follow your argument.
  5. I actually did mention that very scenario of a fish/third vig, both of us shot mad.
  6. How exactly am I suspending logic? I detailed my reasoning earlier. I shot Madaghmire, and Pod probably decided I was an easy target after all the Toad shade. And if "counter claims are always truthful" why wouldn't scum players just always counterclaim? Show me exactly where in Pod's post that he has a legitimately good reason for obfuscating his counter claim, playfully voting for Drasnighta, and then several hours after he is active again, is like nah JK I shot mads. Where exactly is the logic there? My logic in voting for Pod is holy ****, I shot Mads, and Pod is 90% probably lying about it. 10% there is another Vig who for some reason sat on his kills this late.
  7. Buddy, if you were fishing, you wouldn't have voted for Dras and did all this weird smoke-and-mirror play. If you wanted to help town, you would've immediately revealed this information. Why didn't you? Because it's not true, and you're not trying to help town,
  8. She's one of the only sources of blue/black AS in the Rebel fleet, which isn't nothing. I liked her enough to try and flesh out a rogues list, but right now, since relay is so effective, the value of rogue is greatly diminished, so in this environment she is mostly an outlier. If relay ever gets nerfed or countered, her value will go up. If you do use her, take all rouges and pick two squadrons you want to make rogue. I like Gold, Dutch, and/or Wedge, as they kinda like going last. Had some fun with Ten and Hera as well. My favorite Hera squadron compliment I went with was Dutch, Gold, Hera, Han, Dash, and Ketsu. You want to keep everything well within AA range of your other ships to help boost the rogue punch in my exp.
  9. This is another interesting tidbit. You ask if I killed Mad, and I answer, and you go on to post a bunch of other stuff and suddenly concoct this elaborate fish tale, switching votes with the quickness? Yeah, not buying it.
  10. Unless there's a third vig in play, or someone else fished a blaster and we both shot Mad, you're lying. By accidentally correct, I mean that he might have been throwing you, what he thought was a townie, under the bus, but was accidentally actually helping town and pointing to a cultist like he claimed.
  11. Oh wow, he is really counter claiming? Is that what he means by taking justice in his own hands? Okay, well I know he's full of it, so this makes my vote easy. ##vote PodRacer Happy to answer any questions and I'll check periodically, but barring some grand revelation, my vote is staying.
  12. So are you saying I tried to shoot you? Because I didn't, I shot Mads. Don't you think if I was lying about that someone would've stepped up and counterclaimed? I'm starting to think I might've been wrong, or maybe that Toad was accidentally right about you.
  13. Yes, Mad was me. He was asking to join cults a little too often, which piqued my suspicion, and TheToad was giving half truths, so I took a chance and thought he might've been lying about you, Pod. I hope I'm right, but ****, there are still leaders out there.
  14. Okay, I can go with that, I suppose. Probably two sides of the same coin anyway. ##vote PodRacer