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  1. Learn to Play Rules and Demo Pictures

    I was at the same demo as the original poster, and the people that were running the demo while they were not FFG employees, they were definitely play testers or at least heavily inferred that they were. And they were very explicit that the Speeder Bike impacts don't stack from different weapons. Now I do agree that the rules in the book are straightforward in seeming that grenades do stack with each other. And it's quite possible that they do and they're going off old playtesting information. But I think it's a little silly to say the rules prove my point but these learn to play games dumb down the rules so they don't actually matter, when the rules are for the actual learn to play game. At this point is just wait and see what the rrg says I think. But there's really no need for either side to belittle each other.
  2. 3 or 4 MC30's

    You'll find Mothma's survivability really helps them out. Madine also is a real asset. Dodonna is great too, but those ships are so fragile the boost in surviving and maneuverability really helps them.
  3. 3 or 4 MC30's

    If I am starting as second player, usually I start as speed 2. First player, speed two or three for taste. Speed 4 is for edge situations and escaping from traps.
  4. I just started a new job and it is pretty rough learning curve, so as long as you are cool with me doing occasional potty phone updates during business hours then sign me up. It's an awesome company but I am having to learn a bunch of tech stuff that I'm not used to (job isn't tech per se, but I need to know about the tech to do my job). ANYWAY, TL;DR sure just don't expect me to post super long stuff from 9-5.
  5. My point about mistakes is everyone makes them, and we can nitpick any IP for it's non-adherence to things all we want, just as we can justify it with fan theories/implied technology all we want. I think this film earned genuine emotional moments more than most other Star Wars films. And for the first time in decades, a Star Wars movie actually surprised me. That alone made it worth it for me. Cool if you didn't like the movie, but a lot of us, including myself, did. I disagree that it is a bad movie, it finally took chances, instead of bunting it swung for the fences every time. Sometimes it wiffed hard. But others it really nailed things. And if you don't like Mary Sues, then why are you okay with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo? I don't see them as any more or less Mary Sue than Rey. But like you said, we can agree to disagree.
  6. You mean like another director saying parsec was a unit of speed instead a unit of distance?
  7. [Mafia] Rebel Runners - Day 1

    I'm in. Aza Kaairn for my Star Wars name
  8. {Mafia}Operation Paperclip

    I totally thought the Vis had it once Mad and Ebon revealed they were defectors. The setup was super awesome.
  9. {Mafia}Operation Paperclip

    I am going to vote. ##vote Ebonhawk, just to apply pressure as he has been a bit quiet.
  10. {Mafia}Operation Paperclip

    It's possible, but leaving a doctor around to prevent their nightkill? Whereas Pod already hung himself by freely admitting that he had just a one -shot self protect (he didn't need to tell us that, btw)? Pod already laid all that out, I'm just sorting through it. And just because I say we lynch tomorrow if he lives doesn't mean that's somehow the consensus, I'm just saying letting him go means we get a lot of information regarding him depending on if he lives or if people are protected by him, and information has been sorely lacking this game.
  11. {Mafia}Operation Paperclip

    How would the mafia not already know all this from simply reading what Pod claimed Day One?
  12. {Mafia}Operation Paperclip

    I agree about Pod, but he also claims he only had one shot for a self protect, and next has to protect one of us. So that means if he doesn't die at night, he is probably scum since he can no longer protect himself, and if I were scum I'd want to kill protection. So either he dies tonight or we lynch him tomorrow, imo.
  13. {Mafia}Operation Paperclip

    Looks like we got a stand off, boys. The Ebon, the Mad, and the Ovi.