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  1. Looks like Veers arriving separately...

    GW is much improved, Shadespire is an excellent game and the steady stream of info is nice. I am hoping Veers, Leia, et al come sooner than later!
  2. Answered Questions - Email Compilation

    From the FB group:
  3. Ion guns: are they really worth it?

    In the preview article isn't the grenade launcher shown as having Impact 2?
  4. Ion guns: are they really worth it?

    Impact doesn't do anything to the bikes, since they don't have armor. I think that ions are great against lists that have a ton of vehicles, less so against troop-heavy lists. As more vehicles get released, and when Veers drops, I think their value will go up.
  5. Cover question

    What the email clarification says is the 50% cover is done to just classify whether a piece of terrain confers cover to certain things like the ATRT or ATST. Then you check to see if, with true los, any amount of the miniature is obscured. Then draw lines to see if terrain intersects the lines drawn.
  6. First Annual State of the Meta Address

    I personally feel like Vader and Luke being tossed aside for Leia and Veers will make people miss having a commander immune to pierce. Especially with the new pierce options coming.
  7. Disappointed at lack of Legion at worlds

    I know, I was being cheeky.
  8. Disappointed at lack of Legion at worlds

    I think he somehow interpreted Legion as being anti-IA, for an unknown reason. He might also be confused because he somehow interpreted text messages for having some sort of aural component.
  9. Answered Questions - Email Compilation

    Something I was pretty sure about, but nice to have confirmation.
  10. New Imperial Assault Announcement

    I have to disagree, there. Lando betrayed people once, and it was to try and save a city. Hondo betrays everyone, many times, all for "ain't I a stinker" reasons, and yet for some reason the empire hasn't killed him, and the rebellion still puts its trust in him. If I'd compare him to anyone, it would be Lucy from Peanuts, and Charlie Brown is everyone else in the Star Wars galaxy.
  11. New Imperial Assault Announcement

    I agree, I'd call it the Hondo Ohnaka Sucky Character Why Hasn't Anyone Killed Him Yet Guy Pack
  12. Disappointed at lack of Legion at worlds

    Given Armada and Legion take up the same real estate, I'd see those games competing more with each other at Worlds than IA.
  13. Ion guns: are they really worth it?

    I've found them to still be pretty worth against speeder bikes. I usually take 4 reb troopers, 2 ions and 2 Zs.
  14. Faq is up

    Hahaha, awesome! Love it.
  15. Faq is up

    I really wish this would've come sooner. I've kind of already moved on, but all these changes look really positive.