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  1. The best part is the idea of the emperor himself scooting around on a gozanti rather than the ISD or whatever.
  2. Yes! I've been really enjoying these in a Captain Jonus + Intensify firepower cymoon fleet
  3. Most of my lists include gozantis for the activation padding. While I've nothing against this, it does get a little boring if they only ever have comms nets, despite this often being a very useful little addition. In light of this I've been trying to come up with slightly out there gozanti builds that keep things interesting while still being useful. My two favourites are Reeva with slicer tools as a cheaper minister Tua+ECMs alternative, as I find, often, my gozanti either has shields, or is dead. The other is chucking Palpatine on suppressor as this has the double effect of helping to keep the gozanti alive, because (especially with avenger in the same fleet) I find my opponents less likely to take opportunistic shots at me, while also helps strip those defense tokens away. Does anyone else have any fun little flotilla tricks/any reason why my builds are flawed?
  4. Does Bail put the fun back into fleet ambush?
  5. I love me some Captain Jonus, he makes his way into most of my lists. Granted I also play in a pretty limited meta - it's what to bring with him that I often struggle with.
  6. @RikkiP I've just moved to Bristol. Been playing armada for a while but only with a small group in London, when do you mostly play?
  7. I mean, it's in French, but they're in this thread... http://sw-armada.forumactif.org/t674-annonce-vague-5
  8. Unfortunately, that's not how OP works, it exhausts the tokens after damage is applied, not before.
  9. I'm trying to keep it down to a small fighter screen and focusing on the ships, I like this build because it has proved a pretty great speed bump, and when your opponent is going ship heavy, thanks to the black dice and Vader, it can do reasonable damage to ships. Plus, with just the one glad and an ISD - that's not a lot of staying power on the board. That leaves you with two activations, which is not great unless you're running two ISDs/MC80s. I ran a very similar list with cheaper squadrons and a VSD instead of a second GSD. It was a VSD-II with Overload Pulse, and the ISD had Avenger. I was also using Screed to guarantee the OLP trigger. It was fun. I agree about the activations issue, and I have run the Screed Avenger/OLP build a few times it is really is fun , but, while I like it, I don't like having my ISD stuck with a slower VSD, trying to get the combo to go off.
  10. So, played in a tournament recently and finished in a pretty decent place with a 2 ISD Squadron list, however, having learnt a lot from it, I've come up with a list for the next tournament, and I'm looking for a little input: ISD II Grand Moff Tarkin ECMs Intel Officer XI7s Gunnery Teams Glad I Demolisher APTs Ordnance Experts Glad I APTs Ordnance Experts Squadrons Dengar Darth Vader Mauler Mithel Tie Advanced Objectives: Advanced Gunnery/Precision Strike Fleet Ambush/Contested Outpost Minefields Maybe...? As you can see I'm having some trouble picking some objectives, any insight would be great, and I'm also very happy to have any comments on the list. Thanks guys!
  11. Ah sorry, as it stands the list is 394, so there is a reasonable bid there - I do really like Ozzel, and have found his speed changes benefit what is, I have to say, my incredibly reckless playstyle... Motti is a very solid choice, and I do run him outside of competitive events a lot, but he's the only imperial commander I don't have access to as a card. Some of the others seem appealing, and the wing commander is really just a crutch because I am awful at predicting when to set up a squadron command so you make a good suggestion, and I could get together the points for any of the other commanders with some adjustment to my fighter screen.
  12. I'm not too fussed about low activations, I've been running Two ISD lists since the beginning of wave 2 with reasonable success. Plus, I really don't like Vics, and I only have the one glad, and to force that in leaves me feeling uncomfortable with lack of squadrons, however, ISD GSD GSD certainly sounds good for future tournaments.
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