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  1. Thanks Julia, after several minutes of discussion we realised that it was something done whilst still in the Other World and the obvious reason for being devoured! My thoughts were wrong! As I said, we weren't desperate and continued the process and closed the gate normally but 3 turns later Chaugnar Faugn awoke and all went south. Just after Akachi got lost in space and time too! Typical Arkham... Thanks again for the confirmation.
  2. Hi folks, drew a card for the first time yesterday and not sure how to act on it. It's from the Curse of the Dark Pharoah (revised), Blue, Yuggoth, Celeano and Other. The Other reading says "Make a Fight (+0) check or Will (+0) check. If you pass, you push through the walls of fatigue and confusion and realize what must be done. You may seal the gate through which you entered, but only by sacrificing yourself. If you choose to seal the gate, you are devoured." I read it as when you get back to Arkham you can close the gate as normal and seal it as that last-ditch effort and sacrifice yourself. It caused a little confusion as it happened during the first draw in The Abyss, and we didn't know whether it was to be acted upon instantly by going back to Arkham and sealing the gate and then getting devoured, or by my suggestion. I believe you can only close and seal gates during the Arkham Encounter Phase unless by direct effect of a card, but the wording on this card is not imho that direct, so that's why I went on my suggestion, continued through The Abyss for the second draw and closed the gate on return, but didn't seal it in any fashion (no clues or Elder Sign) as we weren't that desperate! Views please!
  3. I filed a little then used a gel lubricant and things slipped in nicely (sorry)
  4. I just painted my HGs from the cards/package but they look reasonable.
  5. Hopefully one day I'll learn how to put my pic of my Hired Gun here...
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