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  1. Kavil. He doesn't care as much about stress clears it much easier and needs the mod more.
  2. This looks pretty slick. It's got the health the arcs and gets around the 2 primary so well I think this is pretty lethal against arc dodgers.
  3. Sloane is great for many reasons. Under costed a bit maybe but not busted. Sloane's effectiveness increases the cheaper the support. She's also better against aces than generics who don't care near as much about one lost action. And then there's the mini game of hunting the carrier and target priority. For these reasons I like the card and find it interesting and challenging. If anything I could see it being restricted from the phantom. Beyond that it's fine IMO.
  4. Fair enough I've been wanting to try dengar myself. I like your change for EH. I think palob is fine with evade option over the one use L7.
  5. Ya exactly. I haven't flown the ship but why not? There's plenty of opportunities. Scorches ability or just a k turn or hitting debris to trigger it. Seems pretty easy to take advantage of no? Hmm scorch in particular would be fantastic. Boost or BR during engagement phase. Just a thought..
  6. Compared to what? The 2 dice primary is being overlooked here I think. Mobile or not it's 2 dice. I'm not talking about moldy crow. Just the base ship. Non moldy hwks aren't good. Not compared to bombers or ties or really anything else around 28-34 pt range. I wish they were but I've tried a bare spice runner. It sucked. That's the problem.. hwks are only good with title or maaybe certain pilots bare.
  7. How attached are you to dengar? I'd probably drop him and L7 for EH and then lando on palob.
  8. On the bright side scum has more non-5 initiative pilots seeing play than the other factions. It seems nearly every other ship is init 5-6 besides palob, 4-lom, gunrunners and pirates.
  9. Thanisson looks really fun. The ability to basically double coordinate if a friendly gets stressed seems pretty handy. Tavson otoh seems to be less useful once I started considering he will will be stressed pretty often so unable to use his pilot ability during these times.
  10. @Icelom Does that include barrage rockets too?
  11. Hmm that's a valid point. And I adore boost on boba so maybe he's worth testing in list that supports fat boba.. like with fat guri. I do think maul is worse than ig 88 against Vader which around here is in nearly every single imp list.. including mine lol.
  12. Right now Maul is like a worse version of han gunner for 9 pts more.
  13. Not to mention starting with lower initiative pilots is a good thing too.
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