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  1. A writeup of a Deathwatch Campaign I ran last year. I've dropped all the subplots and subterfuge in order to make a quick and legible highlight reel of sorts. I hope you enjoy our best moments! https://40kprideandprofit.com/2017/09/25/highlight-holoreel-of-horror/
  2. A report from a year-long high-powered Campaign, with some details omitted/streamlined to make it more accessible. Hope you guys enjoy! https://40kprideandprofit.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/groundhog-gate/
  3. You know you're playing Deathwatch When: - The Assault Marine kills an Ork Warboss riding a colossal squig, beats the squig almost to death and then tames it to be his own personal mount called,'Squigesly'. - Upon finding an Ork railway inside a Rok, instead of blowing up the tracks or boarding the train to get to key locations.... the team spends an hour rearranging the tracks to launch the next train into space. - A Rak'Gol render opens up the librarian from balls to brains (burned a fate in the first round of combat) and yet the rest of the team is still more interested in exploring the loot room the render was guarding. - An incoming wave of genestealers is detected and the pilot says he only needs 30 seconds to launch the Thunderhawk for evac. 24 seconds later the Thunderhawk is in ruins, two players have burned fate, two others are on the cusp of death and the genestealers are falling back after completing their objective. - A Librarian tries to 'Hello Beasty' a giant lava worm, diving into its gullet gloriously before burning fate and being found by the Assault Marine a few minutes later who had inserted through the Lava Worm's excrement tube and worked his way up. - Collateral damage from a 'successful' mission leads to millions dead or dying horrible deaths and renders a Fortress Moon uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. At least the Ork Battle-pyramid armed with a Yu'Vath rupture cannon is gone! - A naked Assault Marine under the control of a Bruul parasite nearly beats the fully armoured Apothecary to death in a fistfight until the Apothecary activates his Lightning Claws to win the fight. - The team gets their Corvus Blackstar stolen by the Dark Mechanicus (Cyclotrathe) whilst on an abortive mission. It returns later as a possessed pseudo-helldrake that wants to swallow them.
  4. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when the Astropathic Choir has been butchered with a Chainsword, leading to a Mexican standoff between two groups of players who distrust each other whilst an enemy ship demanding their surrender bears down on them in an asteroid belt. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when the Arch-Militant is a charming grot (affectionately called the Stormgrot) wearing a mini-suit of terminator armour (with attached assault pack), made by the Explorator, who has to cajole the men under his command to get anything done. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when your players dig too deep. After a Warp journey a new button appeared in their lift, leading to a room between floors. After testing they decide to mine the room for adamantium, opening a Warp Portal inside their own vessel. Instead of dealing with it, they pull a rug over it by replacing the lift with stairs and a slide. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when the players are fighting blind in metres of fire suppressant foam when the automated system activates due to a mass possession in the crew quarters. One had to burn fate to avoid drowning in foam after being stunned. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when duels of succession (after the Rogue Trader dies) leads to a TPK and the campaign ending.
  5. I'm about to start a new DW Campaign (I've not done DW, just RT/DH) where my players are stuck in a system that is surrounded by warp storms. Their NPC Brother-Captain will die, leaving only players as the top DeathWatch representatives in the solar system - whilst there is a local inquisitor, he's a member of the Ordo Hereticus and so has no direct authority over the Deathwatch Detachment. This means that effectively, they're a force unto their own - they choose their missions, forge contacts and support themselves even when cut off from the reinforcements and supplies of the Watch Fortress. Campaign Specials: Extremely Limited Ammunition - After the first 'introductory' mission, I'll multiply their ammunition expenditure by 3 and that's the lot for this campaign. (This means they either have to either make their own after securing the materials, get others to make some for them or adapt and switch to weaponry with locally accessible ammunition). Armour Degradation - Any weapon that has a penetration level over the Armour value has a chance to permanently reduce the Armour value. E.g. Armour 8 on the arm -- but is hit by a Melta with higher pen. D10 roll of a 9 or 10 = Armour reduced by 1 on the arm. (This is to enforce target prioritisation and tactical planning and to also represent the natural attrition of their equipment without the facilities and materials they need). Hunter-Destroyer - Heavily damaged from the mission that brought them to the system in which they're trapped. Shuttles them around and assists in missions (Orbital Lance Strike every 24 hours, hangar for their Corvus Blackstar). Acts as their home within the solar system. It can't provide more assistance than that considering it is undermanned and effectively crippled. Fickle Warp - Since they're stuck in the middle of a warp storm, psychic powers may have unintended consequences (could be beneficial OR detrimental, more RNG) even if they're successfully manifested. Considering DW doesn't have a possession mutation table, I'll be using the one from RT (Due to a lot more Daemonic focus on the solar system and Marines aren't immune to possession and its effects). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On one hand I'm giving them more leverage and power than other Deathwatch campaigns/kill teams due to their isolation but I'm also giving them responsibility and problems they wouldn't have experienced due to Watch Fortress oversight/support. They should feel like the powerful and glorious defenders of man that they are, yet dread their seemingly inevitable decline into eventual death and obscurity. Thoughts? Opinions? Constructive Criticism?
  6. Heh, I didn't actually think of it like that but I guess you're right..... the first and last thing was the AI, floating on a Space Hulk Regarding killing PC's, I've said from the start that I enforce Darwinism and they've accepted that. Screw up and face the consequences; I'll accept reasonable fate-point burns but there are some situations that just can't be survived and even they admit that. Deaths have become a normal and celebrated part of my campaigns!
  7. A story (from the point of view of the Xenos), of a Nuclear extermination committed by my players. I thought you guys might enjoy it. https://40kprideandprofit.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/nuclear-massacre-survivor-accounts-of-the-destruction-of-the-fire-drake-imperium/
  8. Hey there, I've recently finished a Campaign with my group and I've written up a Campaign Summary. I thought you guys would appreciate it! https://40kprideandprofit.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/saint-dora-the-explorer/
  9. 1. Abandoned Imperial Knight or Warhound Titan (watch your players move heaven and earth to get a vessel to carry a Titan) 2. A wrecked (salvageable), Covenant-Fortress. This massive thing on the right-(http://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/2014/11/28/7a6b3fa3b8eb8feb864c16c03b5f59ee_78293.png__thumb) 3. A WMD or two. Massive Atomic Weapons or maybe even Life-Eater bombs or a Cyclonic Torpedo.
  10. A couple new ones - My players wanted to find and claim the bounty on a 'Missionary Basil' in Footfall who was wanted for preaching against the Liege of Footfall. They proceeded to infiltrate the local Church (my RT has a twitch mask and a lot of fellowship) and having failed to find him, broke into the home of a Priest known to be a friend of Basil's and surprised him in the shower. Then they proceeded to torture him and went that failed, they went so far as to kidnap civilians from Footfall to bring them in front of the Priest and torture/kill them when he didn't reveal anything. It was only after that they found out that he had a Volitor implant that prevented him from revealing information no matter if he wanted to or not. Then they took him back to their ship and had it removed but unfortunately the process damaged his brain, so they gave up and let their Navigator slice what remained of him (Navigator ritual from the Navis Primer). Before they left Footfall, they decided to stock up on Missionaries (they're exceedingly afraid of the Warp now) and one of the Missionaries they hired was Missionary Lisab, who jumped ship at the Breaker's Yards (after which they realized Lisab = Basil.) One of my players pissed off an Inquisitor whilst my group was in a mission to redeem themselves from past mistakes. In response he was then stripped of all his belongings (including armour and weapons), was given an Orange Jumpsuit, an Explosive Collar and a Lasgun.... and then sent in first, as the scout, to where a Daemon Prince had ascended. That character couldn't actually use a Lasgun and so was firing it at a massive penalty and so in the end traded it with a Guardsman for a Laspistol (which he could actually use). Interestingly enough, he survived the Daemon Prince encounter (due to falling unconscious from released soporific gasses) and was then restored to his original status afterwards. Unbeknownst to everyone else's characters, he actually got corrupted during the fight (he now sees everything as if through extremely pink lenses) and may have become slightly insane. One of my players was a Kroot (playing as the Arch-militant), specializing in boarding actions for the group. Every single session, and every time the Rogue Trader asked him to do something, the Kroot would demand money and/or an increase in wages (even though he was given a fair wage for his rank). After each successful endeavour and a subsequent increase in PF, the Kroot would demand an equal share of the PF for his own personal coffers (which was refused ofc). It got to the point that the RT was fed up of hearing the Kroot and so cut him out of everything the group was doing to the point that the Kroot didn't even know about the Daemon Prince Problem on board (not going into that at the moment but it was sorted out later). When arriving at Footfall, the RT took the Kroot along simply for personal protection (he was **** good at his job) but after returning to the ship the Kroot said, 'You owe me 4.5 profit factor'. The RT pulled out his Inferno Pistol and shot the Kroot in the face (got a mini-crit too), killing him. The Kroot player burnt a Fate Point to survive but decided to have his Character jump ship at Footfall and rolled up a new one.
  11. I make them spend it (for expensive things).... for stuff like equipment though, it matters not because they have LOADS OF MONEY. For stuff such as ship components or archeotech or xenotech etc --- stuff that is very pricey on the Imperial markets --- their acquisition roll is to find one for sale and then they'd have to spend PF to acquire it. For example - 1,000 Lasguns for their Armsmen is nothing to an RT so only an acquisition roll is needed. An Archeotech ship component is rare and expensive, so even if they find one with acquisition -- they need to buy it (and they can barter/commerce the price down but still will need to pay something).
  12. When an Artificial Intelligence that was found becomes an officer in your crew - Second Lieutenant Alma - and eventually becomes a candidate for succession after the Rogue Trader dies. When the Rogue Trader shoots the Arch-Militant in the face with a Melta Pistol because the Arch-Militant wanted better wages. When an Explorator is played as, 'Scruffy, the Janitor', who took Scholastic Lore: Philosophy and half the time is, 'on break', when needed to do anything. When an Arch-Militant who's a Space Marine fanboy tries to put the Armsmen through a Space-Marine-Esque training regime, that kills ~4,000 of them, and calls it a success because the few that survived are now really tough. When asked by an Inquisitor, 'Why should you be kept alive? What use are you to me?', the Missionary (female character) responds, 'because I'm eye candy!'.
  13. Personal power level doesn't matter that much in RT due to scale. Hell, you could have an RT in heavily augmented power armour, dual wielding pistol-grip best-quality Plasma Guns and it wouldn't affect the game at all; he would still have to bring troops to board a vessel or put down an uprising etc. etc. It's the power level of their troops that matters more. For example - 1. A few thousand un-armoured armsmen with las carbines (pretty much standard at the beginning of a campaign) or 2. 10,000 Carapace armoured veteran Guardsmen with lasguns, backed up with heavy/special weapons and each man carrying multiple grenades, survival kits, rations etc. and supported with Armoured or Mobile elements such as Leman Russes or Valkyries. (late campaign) It's their manpower which wins wars, not their personal gear..... let them have the shiny things, they'll soon find out they need more than that.
  14. Yes, we all had an OOC discussion about the direction we wanted the Campaign to take. The RT player was the only one who believed his character was irredeemable. On a funny side note, he decided to roll up a very interesting Explorator (dropped off by the Inquisitior) with an intelligence bonus of 16 (he loves to break character generation).
  15. Thank you, I chose to basically go down this route. Only my Rogue Trader resisted the Inquisition's arrival and chose suicide by Inquisition - Red Hunters storming in via Boarding Torpedo. The other players in my group underwent limited mind-wipes and accepted the Inquisitor's offer. They've now travelled to the world and have begun to search through a derelict hive city and the Albino mutants have become quite an unexpected danger to them.
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