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  1. Jedifish

    Using Miniatures with Genesys

    Here is my simple grid combat system for Star Wars/Genesys (have been using it for 3 years or so). -Range bands are 6 squares -add blue/black dice for things like flanking, cover, etc.
  2. Jedifish

    Tibetan Temple Mastiff

    I am running a modern campaign, and essentially gave a PC Mouse from the Dresden files. A Tibetan Mastiff with special Guardian powers. http://dresdenfiles.wikia.com/wiki/Mouse The PC took animal companion and I am wanting to stat the pup out. Looking for ideas and recommendations!
  3. Jedifish

    How is Autofire?

    I changed it to add +1 purple for each additional target.
  4. Jedifish


    Could you tell me what you used to make these talent trees? If it's cool I would like to adapt a power for my campaign, but want to change it a little. I love these btw and plan on running a pulp street level one shot at some point for my group, great work!
  5. Jedifish

    Item and Talent Cards

    Will you do this for the items/talents in the Genesys Core book, using it's style instead of Terrinoth?
  6. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    Will have to be 6 or later for me.
  7. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I am good for that, what time we thinking?
  8. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I am down, two of us live in Lees Summit. We can meet up at Pulp or something. I am willing to travel too.
  9. This isn't a huge deal but the Katar in the generator is listed as Crit 3, when it should be Crit 2. Also would it be possible for when you gain the Finesse or Precision talent, it changes the character sheet to reflect the new stat it uses? Great job on it!
  10. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    We doing this? Who wants to run? I want some Star Wars!
  11. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    Tabletop is a great shop! It is also where I played Star Wars for the first time a couple years ago.
  12. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I have and have never had any success.
  13. Jedifish

    Kansas City Area

    The Campaign is set about 4 years from now (to allow for experimental tech etc.), and takes place in Los Angeles. The PC's work for an investigation agency that deals with the supernatural/weird and other things not of this world. Each PC has some kind of connection to the weird, via magic, abilities or future tech. They are sent out to investigate the strange, and assist those not able to deal with it.
  14. Jedifish

    Kansas City Area

    I am running a Modern Genesys Game every two weeks on Saturday. Was wanting to get into a Star Wars game again as this is the first time in 3 years I am not apart of one. Regardless, I love the narrative dice system and want to play it for a change lol.
  15. Jedifish

    Kansas City Area

    If you want to run it locally, I think I can put a small group together. I would definitely be down for some Star Wars if you wanted to run that.