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  1. I was hoping to find a theme for Force and Destiny on GMbinder, but there doesn't seem to be one. Can anyone recommend something similar, or have a theme for it?
  2. They should quit making these books in China. Make them in the US, I will even pay a little more.
  3. Jedifish

    Capping stats at creation

    Thanks everyone for your opinions and ideas. I have some time before I start and will ponder it over.
  4. This will be my third SW campaign I will be running for my group. They are very experienced with the system, and have played a variety of characters. This time around I am thinking of capping stats at 3 during character creation. My idea behind this is creating more of a challenge for the PCs during this campaign. They usually just put everything into their main stat and are powerful pretty quickly. I hope that they will flesh out their characters a little more, instead of min maxing. Ideas, thoughts, protests?
  5. I will be finishing up my current Star Wars campaign and have been planning my next. The PC's will start as young (Mid-teen's) Padawan's and maybe a Clone or two, during the height of the Clone Wars. I will most likely run a few adventures, shine the Republic and their life in a golden light, show them how awesome their Master's are.... then issue Order 66... Mwhahahhhahahaa... They will have to escape with their lives into the mid/outer rim. I will then have a time hop to them as adults trying to hide as force users living on the Edge of the Empire. Anyone ever run anything similiar? I was going to start right with Order 66, but with Rise of the Separatists coming out I want to have a few adventures during the clone wars.
  6. Jedifish

    Another Character Generator

    Would it be possible to give Universal Specs their own section in the Career drop down instead of listed under each career?
  7. Jedifish

    Another Character Generator

    I would love to see a Genesys character builder based off your Star Wars one!
  8. Jedifish

    Using Miniatures with Genesys

    Here is my simple grid combat system for Star Wars/Genesys (have been using it for 3 years or so). -Range bands are 6 squares -add blue/black dice for things like flanking, cover, etc.
  9. Jedifish

    Tibetan Temple Mastiff

    I am running a modern campaign, and essentially gave a PC Mouse from the Dresden files. A Tibetan Mastiff with special Guardian powers. http://dresdenfiles.wikia.com/wiki/Mouse The PC took animal companion and I am wanting to stat the pup out. Looking for ideas and recommendations!
  10. Jedifish

    How is Autofire?

    I changed it to add +1 purple for each additional target.
  11. Jedifish


    Could you tell me what you used to make these talent trees? If it's cool I would like to adapt a power for my campaign, but want to change it a little. I love these btw and plan on running a pulp street level one shot at some point for my group, great work!
  12. Jedifish

    Item and Talent Cards

    Will you do this for the items/talents in the Genesys Core book, using it's style instead of Terrinoth?
  13. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    Will have to be 6 or later for me.
  14. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I am good for that, what time we thinking?
  15. Jedifish

    LFG Kansas City Area

    I am down, two of us live in Lees Summit. We can meet up at Pulp or something. I am willing to travel too.