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  1. Anti ace tech: Contracted Scout — JumpMaster 5000 25 Intimidation 2 Intelligence Agent 1 R5-P8 3 Feedback Array 2 Anti-Pursuit Lasers 2 Ship Total: 35 How does Soontir for example beat this 1v1?
  2. Maelstrom is great. Aside from formations and super heavys 7. Edition is the best designed ruleset of all 40k-iterations imho. From a tournament standpoint the meta was never as diverse as at the beginning of 7. edition. Sadly the following upgrades of the fractions introduced power creep on a mindblowing level...
  3. Whoa. Guys, guys. Just imagine how strong the YV-666 will be with Boba crew ... It's unbearable.
  4. Dardinos

    The orca

    Trandoshan Slaver — YV-666 (29) 4-LOM (1) Zuckuss (1) K4 Security Droid (3) Ship Total: 34 This sea predator is cheaper than the Bossk, Gunner variant and even more hard hitting, right? Good times. :3
  5. Just because we don't see it yet doesn't mean there can't be a good reason behind a random cloak. They did a great job in the past. Let's trust them on their judgement.
  6. The generic one might be a good tactician carrier.
  7. Or two Tie fighters or for a bit more two M3-As or two A-Wings or two Tie/FOs.
  8. Sometimes gaming stores and associated local groups die, because people go there to play but buy their stuff from the internet because it's cheaper. That's a really sad phenomenon. Imagine you'd own such a store and try to not be offended by a 40% discount that is ruinious to you. I can understand the pain if you have no store nearby though.
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