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  1. Quad battery battery turrets works very well with salvation, it just loves going slow and being able to add 2 blue dice really works with the title.
  2. cheers, it's just something I have never come across ( always set a speed and had opponents set a speed) and realised I'd not even thought about before, so had one of those "is that right" moments.
  3. Don't forget a cheap salvation build, she also gives a nice sudo ozzel to rebel MSU fleets
  4. So the Tournement rules state on placement of a ship a player must Set the speed dial to a speed available on the speed chart of the ship card,. as speed zero is not on the speed chart the rule as written would suggest not....
  5. I really don't think you want to damage the anti ship capacity of Demo glad 2 by sticking strategist on it. It's a great anti fighter platform with just its raw blue dice, if you really must up the AA add Kallus as he beefs up the anti fighter without removing OE which is a must for this ship. Pesonally I prefer to add ECM or blast doors over Kallus. I love this ship as it's just about the most adaptable sub 100 point platform in the game.
  6. Remember in a Motty list being a meduim ship makes a difference, 8 hull is plenty for a 70point second line ship. Also worth considering changing out the redirect for for an evade, as a good plan is keeping this ship distant and obscured if you can.
  7. The simple truth is, I may have. Played the game if it was not Star Wars but I would not be investing the level of money or time I do if it was not Star Wars.... The game mechanics are good but I would not drop £35 for an upgrade unless it was a lovely great big Star destroy I could put on a shelf and stare at lovingly.
  8. The quarterly kits are £15 each, the store Champ kits are about £60.
  9. Yes I need the debate to stop now because " Lord help me I'm just not that bright"
  10. I can roll that whole post again with a we bit of quantum physics added for fun.......... If you think about it there are americans in some other reality who are still British citizens. although I suspect some more grumpy forum members would become irritated, revolt against it and throw their tea in th harbour. PS I knew I'd get you out with the cup of tea comment........
  11. With Jedon the primary reason I take him is for double shooting (Steele we love you), relay is nice to have if I need to chase a wounded fighter or ship late game, but I would much rather have had strategic on Jedon. I like Jedon Steele to activate at the same time as their support group which means a nice 4-5 fighter activations.
  12. Because they are all to busy sitting around the office drinking tea and laughing at people getting their knickers in a twist on the forum
  13. Jamming fields is both on and off at any particular moment, with the TO having to take the FAQ out the box before the players can observe the effect of the card on the game and determine if the Tie figher is infact dead or alive. All TOs will in future need to be experts in the new discipline of quantum games theory.
  14. But how can it be marked in red if it's not there to observe, until we observe it in the FAQ it is both red and black.
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