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  1. I would assume he can stand again! Example: 1. You declare your fighters 2. Action-phase 3. the opponent declares his fighters 4. action-phase (you bring Hotah from your hand and remove a character from the challange) 5. fight "starts" and the winner is calculated Step 1-4 are only steps to determine participating characters. and only "used" characters are kneeled, so yes I think every removed character can stand up again. Please confirm this, I'm not sure
  2. Hi, its my first post and I'm from Germany Are there any news concerning a release date for the card sleeves of house martell, house tyrell and the nightwatch? I couldn't find any information regarding this in this forum and in the german forum neither. I only heard something about "we will release the sleeves if the houses have more important roles in the show". While I don't really get this argument I'm wondering if they are important enough now?^^ I would looooove to buy them and was wondering if there is somewhere more information about this or something like a petition And I think especially since the second edition is out there should be all "house sleeves" available. regards Kritten
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