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  1. In case u were registered for the Houston GC at anime Matsuri, I myself just found out it was cancelled. I got my reimbursement from cascade thankfully without having to request but my anime Matsuri badge access seems to be non refundable. I've seen the excuse pertaining to ffg and cascade disagreeing with the event organizer's way of operating as per a thread on five rings forum (http://www.boycottam.com/why-boycott-am/) but all that aside a very poor showing here as we are stuck holding a very sucky bag of nothing. I paid extra for play mats from cascade and if I could have at least gotten those I'd not be so frustrated but I got nothing to show here and a loss on the am badge. Playing regionals at game stores lacks and the prizes at these gc events would have been nice to play for. Few stores look and feel like team covenant's, which has unfortunately set a bar that games stores just don't seem to want to shoot for. I was really looking forward to playing this event. Struggling to understand this move.
  2. @ FFG, i would pay money for a similar app like Descent Road to Legends for Imperial Assault. Please give the community a hint or word about intent on this subject. You've already created the template with road to legends.
  3. Hey there, i have a friend in katy, tx who would easily join up for a league as well as myself and I live 30 min south of Houston. Would be very interested in a league type setting.
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