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  1. Looks great, do you have links to where you bought the storage stuff? The card holders in particular would work for a lot of games.
  2. Last time it was a ghost town was a few weeks before launch. It got really busy in there shortly before rules were released. It might be slowing down a bit now, but I certainly wouldn't call it a ghost town.
  3. The BGG forums are extremely active for this game. EDIT: It's currently ranked the 31st best board game of all time on BGG, so if you don't have a BGG go register and rate Rebellion!
  4. The top corners are different. One side has sharp edges while the other has rounded. Not sure if you noticed that or not. Coloring the bases works well also.
  5. Here's from the Rules Reference under "Sabotage Markers": "Abilities cannot “build” or “deploy” units in a system that contains a sabotage marker. • Other abilities that refer to resource icons in a system are unaffected by sabotage markers. For example, an ability that allows a player to “gain” units in a system is not prevented by a sabotage marker." Does that answer your question? I don't remember the wording on that card.
  6. They lose the ring when the capture ring is placed on them. The ring is not replaced when they are freed.
  7. Those are both starting action cards. On the card backs, if there is not a Recruit Icon (yellow medal) then it is a starting action card. You shuffle those together during setup and draw 2 of them. Those are your starting action cards. The rest of the starting action cards that were not drawn are returned to the box and not used that game. All action cards you draw each turn for recruitment should have the Recruit Icon on the back.
  8. You only gain action cards when you recruit. You both choose 1 of the 2 action cards you drew, returning the unchosen action card to the bottom of the deck. Then the Rebel player selects which leader he is recruiting from the selected action card. After the Rebel player recruited a hero, the Imperial player recruits theirs. C3P0 and R2D2 are not leaders in this game. They are rings that attach to the leaders. You will be told when to attach a ring.
  9. You are correct as long as the leader previously there had a tactics value.
  10. When the system is initially destroyed, all Rebel ground units are immediately destroyed. All Imperial units above the carrying capacity of the Imperial units within the system are destroyed as well. Leaders for both sides survive the system destruction.
  11. Could you point me towards the rules for this? All I see is fighting a space battle, followed by a ground battle. Can't find the bit where any transports destroyed kill the troops inside? Thanks in advance. In the Rules Reference, under Destroyed Systems: "-Ground units can move into destroyed systems, but ground battles cannot occur there. If the number of units that require transport exceed the transport capacity of the player’s ships in the system, the player must destroy the excess units" This only happens in destroyed systems because there isn't a place for the ground troops to land. If the system isn't destroyed then the space battle's carrying capacity doesn't matter since the troops are on the ground in the system.
  12. If ships are destroyed in a space battle, ground troops are removed by the controlling player down to the carrying capacity amount. If the DS destroys the system with the Rebel Base in it, the Imperials win immediately. It does not matter if the base is revealed or not. This was clarified by an email from the designer and is quoted in the Official Rules Responses thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/217120-official-rules-responses/
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