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  1. Ah, yes, hadn't thought about the Salvage keyword. Now *that* leads to some ionic fun. And it wouldn't be Homeworld without salvage corvettes. Though Marine Frigates (as much as I disliked them) might work better in Armada. Reprinted the HC, before removing the supports it looks like an infested HC from Cata Emergence. Just have to do the Missile Destroyer to have the complete set. Goes to show just how influential the salvager was, I played Kushan, but anything larger than a corvette was stolen lovingly borrowed. (I can only upload 30kb? What?!?)
  2. Ever seen a hipster Heavy Cruiser before? (Screwed up print settings, agh) Liking the ship cards so far, but it's clear that Homeworld's dominance of forward-facing Ion Beams makes it difficult to engage anything that can slip around to the sides/rear. Point cost feels alright to me, given that limitation, but I think they need more maneuverability to find time on the field.
  3. Scale-wise, how are you adjusting these? The Taiidani Destroyer looks puny compared to even the VSD (though I know Armada uses an adjustable scale). EDIT: Huh, looks like the TD is 235 metres compared to the VSD I's 900 Metres. TIL. http://homeworld.wikia.com/wiki/Destroyer_(Taiidan)
  4. Finished! Best one yet. Used Meshmixer for the supports, Cura for the slicing. Still have some retraction quirks, but I like MM's supports. Fit onto the Armada stand with some difficulty, but I didn't need to cut out or sand anything. Added photos to the Google Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xvBGfxuM239Pq1dX2
  5. Multibeam (and I think the Ion Array) was at 0.25mm, Mothership at 0.18. Now that I'm a bit more dialed in, I'm printing at 0.10 (max resolution for the Mini). Here's my current print (Taidani Destroyer), using MeshMixer for supports instead of Cura (will post real pictures tonight when I get home): Regretting not using a raft here, used it for a few D&D Minis and it worked well there.
  6. This is fantastic stuff! I've been following you on Thingiverse and loving everything that's come out of this project. Tried to print a few ships but no unqualified successes so far (still getting used to this 3D printing business, got a Lulzbot Mini for Christmas). Here's a few of my (attempted) prints: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xvBGfxuM239Pq1dX2 The Kadeshi Multibeam Frigate came out the best, only a little scarring on the top. Kadeshi Mothership has some elephant foot issues, thanks to a bad z-index (alas, it's juuuuust too tall to print as a single ship on the Mini). Turanic Ion Beam Frigate fared the worst, I didn't put a support ceiling on, so those supports are stuck on for good.
  7. In the US at least, shareholders can sue a company if they think the company isn't working towards enough profit. (There's eight bazillion footnotes and legal loopholes, but that's the gist of it)
  8. Your Wash. Not FFG Wash. Firefly minis game confirmed!
  9. Wraith squadron (X-Wing): When attacking a ship, you may set Wraith Squadron aside for four turns. When they return, roll a blue die. On a hit, the ship is destroyed, on any other result, you take control of the ship.
  10. Nice way to fish for crits with Dodonna's Pride, will make that more playable.
  11. Try living in San Francisco for a while. Nothing gives you sticker shock after that.
  12. I just joined this forum yesterday but uhhhh I think I love you guys? When this is all over I think we should get an apartment together. Once we've moved all our Armada stuff in, there'll be no place for anything else. Though I don't see a problem with this. Cluster Bomb toilet paper, anyone?
  13. SWM12 MC30c SWM13 Home One SWM14 Rogue and Villains SWM15 Raider SWM16 SOOUPER SEEKRET ENGINEERING TOKENS SWM17 SSD (Plus bonus engineering tokens) SWM18 Imp Assault Carrier SWM19 Rebel Transports
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