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  1. The only other list I remember was Sam’s Jedi Luke & Ahsoka. I thought I’d see Iggy and Vader, but I’m not sure if anyone ran them.
  2. Firstly, I’d like to say how blown away I was by Firestorm games in Cardiff. Their gaming centre is really impressive, with some of the best scenery I’ve ever set eyes on! The Store Championship had 8 competitors, with many making a fair journey to get there (kudos to you). And at least one player who was new to skirmish, which is really encouraging. I was running: Ahsoka Vinto + Prey on the Weak C3P0 R2D2 Gideon eClawdite eWeequays eJawa Temp Alliance Devious Scheme Command Cards: Assassinate Comm Disruption Tools for the Job Heightened Reflexes Primary Target Strength in Numbers Strategic Shift Intel Leak Right Back at Ya! Negation Take Initiative Element of Surprise Wild Attack Planning Stall for Time My first round was against Justin on Uscru, Priority Message Justin was playing Ahsoka Ko-Tun eRangers Hera Gideon C3P0 R2D2 On A Diplomatic Mission I have never played as cagey a game as this one! At the end of round 1 both my doors were closed (I had the bottom side, where the terminal is only 3 spaces away) and we had both powered up. With 2 focus, 2 hidden and 4 power tokens, I was a little ahead in the arms race. However, Justin’s materiel was mostly massed on the right-hand side (excluding a single ranger), whereas I had both Vinto and eJawa stuck behind a locked door. Start of round saw a hugely important move by Justin. After initiative had passed to me, he used Stall for Time to remove Strength in Numbers. This prevented me from focussing up an eQuay with C3P0 before immediately activating the pirates. Still, I opened by taking out R2 with my eQuays, but had to step an extra space forward to make range (and in the end I needed it). However, this allowed one to be removed by an eRanger, and the other by Ahsoka later in the round. Another key point was my eClawdite activation. He used Intel Leak to remove Negation from Justin’s hand, and I took the strain as 1 damage because I was yet to see the hunter cards. Then, a conspire roll saw 0 surges! This was critical because twice in the game I would then fail to kill a ranger by 1 damage. The stromash in my bottom right hand corner ended in round 3 with 2 eRangers, R2 and Gideon dead on Justin’s side, whilst my eQuays and Clawdite were gone - the Clawdite killed by a reroll that saw 7 damage get through from Ahsoka. If only I had burned a card earlier! In addition, my Vinto had taken out another eRanger in the middle of the board, but had his shot on 3P0 dodged. Both Vinto and the eJawa had fallen to Ko-Tun and Ahsoka. Going into the end of Round 3 I had Ahsoka to activate, and Justin had Ko-Tun. Justin was going to hit 41 from droids at the end of round, and I was 7 points behind. Justin had made 2 points from On A Diplomatic Mission though, so if I could kill Ko-Tun the game would be mine. Time for Ahsoka to shine! A big leap took her adjacent to Ko-Tun. Element of Surprise gave her a 54% chance to put 6 damage on Ko-Tun, which Right Back at Ya would turn into a kill. First roll, 5 damage. Reroll, and a second 54% chance. 3 damage. Oh dear. Justin took the shot on Ahsoka with Concentrated Fire and power tokens, but I couldn’t kill Ko-Tun, and Justin took the win! Second Round was against Peter on the Jawa map, with the 4 point stashes Peter was running: Han Ahsoka Gideon Hera Chopper eRangers I think having Ahsoka and Han is a problem. Peter had to activate Ahsoka a bit earlier in the round, so that he could position Hera and Han for an end of round attack. However, exposing Ahsoka allowed my tooled up eQuays to take her down in two attacks (using Wild attack and Element of Surprise). Although Han took out the eQuay, it pushed Peter onto the back foot. Second round I managed to remove an eRanger with Ahsoka, another with Vinto, whilst the final one survived an eQuay and eJawa shout with one health (and sensibly ran away!). Han took out one eQuay end of round 1 and put 11 damage on Ahsoka with his devastating attack, whom chopper finished off with a ram! My eClawdite strategic shifted a massive command card hand (post Planning) to further pressure Peter, and Intel leaked On the Lam (which allowed me to later use Vinto to kill Hera). An eClawdite kill on Gideon, eJawa kill on Chopper and objective points saw me make it to 40 points. Third round was Nal Hutta shielded against Rob. Rob was a new player (only playing his 4th skirmish game!) and had only the Core and Twin Shadows to build from. His list was: eStorms rStorms rStorms rHeavies rProbe Droid Kayn Somos Although Rob managed to get Firing Squad off with Kayn once, his Heavies kept failing to make range against hidden Vinto, who had devastated a squad of rStorms with back to back activations (end of round 1, start of round 2) and killed the rProbe. Kayn melted to an eQuay and the eClawdite, and objective points were enough to take me to 40. This game really showed me just how far off the power curve Kayn is. So, 2-1 in the end, as were a whole host of us! Strength of Schedule gave Justin the win, though a big shout-out needs to go to Sam Whiteankle, who really suffered on the SoS. Thanks to all who came, I hope we continue to see the skirmish scene building!
  3. How many cards does DT need to design before he is credited as a Developer?!
  4. This is the kind of thing I was thinking about: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/3/the-faceless-man/
  5. I don’t know very well, but I had the impression that the World Champion was credited on the cards they contributed to in FFGs other games. Did I just imagine that?!
  6. I took both a r and eClawdite to a regional. I didn’t do well, but the eClawdite was really effective. The issue is that you need to have a lot of practice with him (which I didn’t). Dependent on the map and the opposing list you need to know how you’re going to assign those 1, 2 or 3 power tokens most effectively. They may not be as strong as a focus, or as flexible as Hera, but they can be equally potent if used to their greatest effect. Knowing when the damage counter tips the odds of a one-shot kill, or a surge will allow you to take that high range shot, and when these are the things you’ll need is critical. After that, the scout form is great for removing wounded figures that your opponent is trying to get out of harm’s way. And access to assassinate and heightened reflexes allows for some really surprising one-shot kills through a pile of bodies. The dice are a bit unreliable though with blue, green, yellow. The rClawdite, on the other, hand was absolute garbage! Access to 3 point Comm Disrupting seemed a great idea, but doesn’t justify the rClawdite cost.
  7. After listening to the episode I began to wonder whether a list could be built using self-focussing units (IG, BT, Maul), and also those for whom focus is not so effective due to lack of good, or limited, surge options (Gamorreans, Bossk, Rancor, etc.) The idea is that this could free up the 6 points from Jabba/RCP into more offensive units. Or perhaps to make efficient use of the eClawdite as a semi-support unit. Has anyone tried something like this?
  8. Thanks for the kind words in the podcast! I totally agree that Ashoka is a really strong figure, who makes great use out of Focus. Her basic attack is slightly worse than Luke’s (discounting rerolls), but she outperforms him when they are both focussed. Often it seems that my opponents who use Luke to run in, perform one attack and then move him back out of harm’s way get the most value out of him. Considering that Ashoka has greater movement range than Luke, then at 4 points cheaper she seems a bit of a steal! I had never thought of taking advantage of her Twin Sabers ability to run Wild Attack - that’s a stroke of genius! I think that the other huge advantage in your list is the ability to Stun fairly reliably with a Focussed Lando. His stunning of Greedo was one of the key points in our game, and something that completely blindsided me.
  9. Had anyone played many games in this map? Looking at it, it’s difficuly to tell if the closed doors favour melee units (by allowing them to get into position) or long-ranged units (via those long corridors). I really hope that melee gets a boost!
  10. I love the emperor’s lightning effect! I had all but written off the eSentry Droids after seeing them play quite ineffectually a couple of times. I’m impressed that you’ve started strongly with them!
  11. Now onto Spies. Spies don’t need too much else, and they especially have lots of cards to impact your opponent’s command deck. However, I think spies also should be able to utilise the information they gather in a positive way, and not just in spoiling your opponent. Act on Intelligence (Spy) 2 points - Special Action, Search your Command deck for up to 2 Command Cards. Put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your command deck. Well Informed (Spy) 2 points - 1 strain. Use after a command card is played. Instead of discarding that card, return it to the owner’s hand.
  12. When thinking about this topic, I also like to imagine what unique flavour each trait should bring, With creatures, I like cards that make them unpredictable (like Ferocity and Wild Fury). On that note, how about: Fight or Flight (Creature) 3 points - Use when you have suffered damage equal to your health. Before being defeated you may interrupt to perform a move, then you may either perform an attack or recover 3 Health. Howl of Rage (Creature) 1 point- Use when another creature within your line of sight suffers one or more damage. You may distribute up to 3 damage power tokens to friendly creatures. Howl of Despair (Creature) 1 point - Use when another creature within your line of sight is defeated. Choose up to 3 hostile figures within 5 spaces of you. Each of these figures becomes Weakened. Heightened Senses (Creature) 1 point - Use when a hostile figure enters your line of sight. You may interrupt to perform a move. Ravenous (Creature) 1 point - Use during your activation to perform an attack without spending an action. This attack gains Bleed. If the target is already bleeding then this attack gains Recover 2. Fright (Any Figure) 0 points - Use after a ranged attack has resolved. Choose a creature within 3 spaces of the attacking figure. You may move that creature up to 4 spaces. Rending Talons (Creature) 0 points - Use when you declare an attack. After the attack revolves choose up to 2 adjacent hostile figures. These figures become Bleeding.
  13. In addition to the Command Cards in the article and the responses, I think that there are some others that need Tom be considered (at least). Stealth Tactics - the white dice is more powerful than the black when paired with cunning. I see this as more of an “and” Brace For Impact rather than “instead of”. Tough Luck - in a world with rerolling eWeequays, eRangers, Vader and Officer’s Training, this CC can either completely negate an attack, or remove three damage. Run for Cover - for all the same reasons as Tough Luck! Slippery Target - it’s less effective, but you’re likely to see lots of Vader and Jedi Luke, making this invaluable at removing a huge attack. Force Illusion - it’s pricey, but again, it can be the difference between an attack missing, or putting huge damage on one of your figures Camouflage - much less versatile than Force Illusion, but may fulfill the same function. There is still a big weakness in the list though, in how it deals with white dice figures. Should you come up against a Force User list with Jedi Luke, Ashoka, Davith and maybe Leia then you have no way to mitigate the dodge. Element of Susprise is a must (in my opinion), and there’s also a case for Jyn’s One in a Million. Perhaps though, the best counter is just that white dice figures generally can’t survive the Hunters, and so few people willl play them.
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