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  1. I was playing tonight with a group of 5 and the Dark Pact card "Nightmare Meeting" came up. The text of the card is: "The hooded figure approaches you, gliding as if floating just above the ground. You hear the figure's rattling voice in your mind, probing for the names of your companions. Suddenly, you awake in a cold sweat. Each other investigator gains a Cursed Condition unless he gains a Dark Pact Condition. Then discard this card." It seems pretty obvious to me that this means each other player (other than the player with this card) must gain a Cursed Condition OR a Dark Pact Condition, but the group I was playing with seemed to think that the player with the card could gain a new dark pact condition to prevent each other player from becoming cursed. The English seems VERY clear to me, but I'm looking for clarification. Can you guys help me out here? How does this card work?
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