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  1. I took Versatile for Mandy T. and then as the off class card, Peter Sylvestre, WHAT?? WHY?? Her basic weakness is Kleptomania....and yes, she has 2 x Charisma and Calling in Favors..and she's going through TFA..
  2. I agree, they have any corrections that they put in the Faq included. One sheet is better than thumbing through a dozen. It's only a minor complaint, but things do seem to be rocky, just look at the Marvel Champions palaver.
  3. Thanks, really confirms what I thought. For once, depending on the asset Threads of reality is attached to, it may be worth failng Crypt Chill.
  4. I drew this card... https://arkhamdb.com/card/06100 attached it to this card... https://arkhamdb.com/card/01062 then failed the test on this card... https://arkhamdb.com/card/01167 I'm pretty sure I can discard the asset, which will presumably get rid of Treads of Reality also, saving an action. Am I right?
  5. I agree, I'd go so far as to say it's one of the best scenarios produced so far in the whole progression of all campaign cycles. Very evocative of the novel/ novella.
  6. I must have been really tired, as I know the rules backwards, obviously it's part of the evade action (facepalm). Thanks for the replies, feel a bit daft for wasting everyones time..
  7. it just shows, that no matter how much you play, something new always happens. Even with around 50 odd plays of Dunwich, Carcosa and TFA, I never had a situation where there was a normal enemy, with a massive enemy in the same location, that I tried to evade. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Curious title, but I've just come across a situation for the first time in three years of playing AHLCG. Spoiler free. Patrice is engaged with a Zoog (evade 1) and The Crawling Mist (evade 3) Massive. She uses MoR to evade the Zoog (successfully). MoR allows her to move to a connecting location when successful. The Crawling Mist, which is still engaged, won't follow as it's massive, but does it get an AoO. I think not as the move away isn't an action, which is how I played it. Just wanted it confirming. Cheers
  9. Umm!! The Forgotten Age and Guardians of the Abyss....you know delving into long lost tombs etc etc..
  10. Too early for the big C, I reckon Ithaqua, we've not had any cold climate campaigns or scenarios yet. Opens up a wealth of possibilities with new mechanics, weather effects being one. Sadly, I'd like to see the Pyramids and Africa, but I think that's been nerfed for the moment with Guardians and TFA.
  11. Take a look at The Whisperer In Darkness vid of this card, it has possibilities to break the game wide open.
  12. It ain't good on a stalled train, on a bridge over the Miskatonic, solo or two player...😄😥
  13. Looking forward to this one, ironically, it's the one I played the least yet appreciated the most. I always had the feeling that something wasn't being revealed or let on. Not necessarily in a bad way, but so far it's the only campaign that's really left me wanting to know more. So Huzzah!!
  14. Does his mean defeating it again or just using a clue to turn it over, I guess either is ok.
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