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  1. Living at my "essential" job during all of this, and honestly I miss my dog. But I have lots of TP, my laptop, and my Armada collection so I'm keeping entertained and uhh, well wiped.
  2. Love the art! I could've been miataken for a screaming teen at their favourite groups concert when I saw Obi-Wan.
  3. Thank you for these, they're going to come in handy.
  4. One VSD left over from my original collection, that one is missing both due to an extended stay in the bits box 😂 The two from my current collection are both still in good shape, though I expect that to change if I ever actually use one!
  5. Just got home from my LGS, my Starhawk also has poorly aligned firing arcs. Yours is quite a bit worse though, which is too bad.
  6. Good to know FFG is still restocking. It was a shock returning to the game after a few years and finding everything unavailable. Now if only they didn't ship via UPS...
  7. I haven't played a game without a custom since I got a Pelta Frigate from Mel(thanks Mel!). There's just so much to the universe that I find playing only with official stuff to be a bit limiting. Took a few games for my girlfriend to come around to them, but she's loving her arquitens Cruiser now. Now, where's that piggy bank, there's a liberty Mon Cal Cruiser calling my name from shapeways...
  8. I have had this issue on several of my ships, and it will crop up on all of them with use. It is simply the nature of the materials used. The issue can be quickly remedied by painting the inside of the the dial (the exposed cardboard) with a bit of water. This causes the cardboard to swell ever so slightly and tightens up the dial. Be cautious not to use too much water as that will separate the printed top layer from the dial. Cheers!
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