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  1. Wait, some people are complaining that the AI is too hard to beat because of the random dice generator? Git gud applies a lot for that... My 10 year old is 50/50 so far, but he's very rusty at X-wing. The only reason the AI has a shot is the built it squads working well for how the AI flies, if the dice were uneven (they're not), it'd add more challenge. I'm not complaining at all, just recognizing what it can achieve at this point which is already quite impressive. I've put it multiple games per day in the last few weeks, had a blast, became a patron and downloaded the source code to better understand why some glitches are happening. I'm looking forward to it getting even better. But if you're losing too often, the dice are not the problem, you are. Git gud.
  2. I've finally tried Fly Casual this weekend and I have to say that it's a great piece of kit. Well done to all involved! After a loss or two, however, I've been steamrolling the AI (with its own random lists) because of one simple thing, it always aims to set up in a box-ish formation to one side and its opening turns are very similar which makes it much easier to set up my own kill box. The AI is quite competent when it gets into the scrum, but being able to nail the opening almost every time removes part of the challenge. A simple fix (that wouldn't require reworking the AI) would be having an option so that the human player can choose to set up the AI ships' starting position instead of it setting all its ships in a box formation. In other words, have it work like a hotseat game until it gets time to set dials.
  3. Ottawa, Canada are here. Stores were sprinkled with releases. Without a preorder I managed to get a BA and Fireball at my preferred FLGS, but that was it for them 3 hours after opening. No non reserved hot shots left. Got hot shot from 401 games in Toronto as they actually had a punisher in stock when I was musing about the stock situation and my 7 year old doesn't want to loan me his easily. Not a great split for my spending for the local store
  4. Here's to hoping there's one in Montreal this year! It's 2h closer to home (plus, family, so no need to Airbnb).
  5. Which events are hyperspace again? Asking for a friend that wants to run Fenn and 3 recruits with most of the other i6, Howl, and Sinker out of the way.
  6. As much as I point out that FFG staff are not very good at writing clearly, I have to recognize that what they're aiming to do, very brief sentences explaining complex concepts, is very hard to achieve. My job is to craft regulatory policies and regulations and getting some very clear meaning across in a way that will be read the same by every stakeholder is nearly impossible. As often as people claim that there's "only one way to parse this in English", your understanding of a sentence depends a lot on your personal experience and the connotations of words (or punctuation) may vary. As much as I :facepalm: when our regulated entities misread our rules, I have to remember that even other teams within the same regulator don't understand exactly what we meant in some instances. And we probably misunderstand what they wrote. All because we don't have the same shared history of how it came to be that any specific rule was written the way it is and what exactly it is trying to achieve. That's not to say that I'd cut FFG a lot of slack on this, their stakes are lower and they control the whole ecosystem without outside influence actively attempting to break it; an ecosystem that is far less complex. They could do it if they wanted to. I'm not sure they can afford to. My work involve policy analysts, lawyers, writers, and editors; none of which are paid anywhere close to what game devs at FFG are probably paid, in recognition that it's not easy work when getting it nearly perfect every time is the goal. I still get a chuckle when reading rules from FFG or other boardgames, some of the holes you could drive a truck through!
  7. I'm considering going to a casual extended event/world stream with my son. I'm not sure how he'd react to Nantexes, however.
  8. My oldest's 1st tournament, when he was 6, was his best result (in pure ranking), coming 2nd out of 13. That tournament was also my best result to that point, I was 3rd #bittersweetdadbrag He blindsided many people that day, they did not expect someone that young to be able to play that well.
  9. Ha! His younger brother and him love building lists in launch bay next! The middle brother builds them for me as he only wants to fly fangs, they bring him joy. But they love discussing lists. They had me fish all my 1.0 stuff from the recycle bin this summer so they could list build analog-style. So it's not just screens.
  10. My oldest started playing in tournaments at 6.5, in 2016. He reliably hit the top half of tournaments in 1.0, even bigger ones. 2.0 is not working for him all that well for bigger tournaments. Way too many interactions and tokens to keep track of on the other side of the table (and more "gotcha" list building). There's just way too much content to be aware of and to understand in the 5 minutes you have to set up. He said he has fun at both HST we went to (going 2-2 and 1-4), but he had a blank look on his face every time an opponent would start building an intricate ability queue that seemed to mean "yeah, whatever, let me know when we're back to dials". He never liked combo wing or word salads, which 2.0 is actually worse at. We'll stick to more casual tournaments for now. Or stay home, if that doesn't work.
  11. It's not mine either, but I was curious. It's a lot of points put on a torrent, but since people keep insisting on the honourable joust...
  12. Sounds fun? Even has 6 points to spare! "Sinker" (54) Blue Squadron Protector (28) Snap Shot (7) Blue Squadron Protector (28) Snap Shot (7) Blue Squadron Protector (28) Snap Shot (7) Blue Squadron Protector (28) Snap Shot (7) You lose Ric for initiative or a 2nd ARC to add more beef, but if your swarm could shoot to begin with, that a whole lot of dice, even though half are unmodded. I'm pretty sure it'd be thoroughly unpleasant to play against it.
  13. Having played against a CIS swarm for the first time last weekend, I gotta ask: do you actually need to purposefully run out the clock against one? It seemed like a built in feature of that list with all those dials being set, actions, etc. I plinked a few early points and played very conservatively to the win. It was not the most exciting game (or highest scoring). I believe my opponent ran the clock on himself on that one. I guess it's possible that someone could play quicker to the point where I would feel like I need to buy time at the end?
  14. Cova and R4 work together now. It's not as many non-red reds as with Leia, but it is much cheaper.
  15. It's as reasonable as me telling my opponents that I'm fine with a shared pool but I recommend them not using my sparklies because they "roll bad" for other people. It's confirmation bias at play and anecdotal at best, but rational it is not. As long as you're fine with that knowledge, you do you!
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