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  1. But why not Kylo/Blackout/Tavson? Obviously, the devs are anti-FO, amiright? /sarcasm
  2. Exactly 2 months before Day 1A of Worlds, that should count. I should have stayed to see you beat those ARCs. Losing to them twice in the same trial was not fun!
  3. This is where we post tournament results, right? My son and I went to our first tournament since before Reapers were available. He flew quad heroic R4 t70s, because it lacks in complicated and situational words. I chickened out on bringing Chad silencers and went with Fenn&friends, which also has very few words to remember! It turns out that @LagJanson was wrong and we had no hyperspace raiders from afar, so participation since for (almost) everyone! My son started the day wrecking one of the eventual top 4, nearly putting him on tilt. It was fun. Then he got wrecked by a good player with a TIE swarm, less fun. He went 2-2 and had fun playing X-wing again. Our takeaways: - the weight of words and the myriad of tokens is much more pronounced than in 1.0, especially since a lot is more situational and may not be as obvious for less dedicated players. He faced a Nien/Cova/Poe list with triggers he couldn't all keep straight, he won, but only because he outflew and out diced the other player. I'm not sure that's an improvement on 1.0 - hyper defensive and risk averse X-wing is not our X-wing. People overthink to risk manage way too often. I'm loathe to call slow play since I know we play really fast and tend to take more risks so we're probably not the most fair of benchmarks, but ugh! It seems to be trending now, and I agree that it's probably the rational choice in a competitive setting under the current rules, but it's not for us. Quad ARCs is so much beef to chew through and can shoot everywhere. That top 4 rematch was not something that felt exciting. - all that said, X-wing is still fun and my son wants to go to the next one, so yay me!
  4. Ottawa is a small meta, I wouldn't be surprised if we had participation dice day of...
  5. I'm glad they announced a last minute, swiss on a Friday, gotta buy your ticket at least 2 weeks ahead, end of summer, we may not have prizes on hand nationals in Canada this year. No, wait, that's just bad all around. I am glad that this means most of the try hards will not make the trek to our first local HST this weekend so my son can dip his toe back in in a more casual tournament. Odds of him getting dice are good (19 registered so far). Hopefully, the odds of him wanting to start going to tournaments again is at least as high. Sadly, no crack shots in his list, the psychological safety net of heroic beckons.
  6. Our local players do not follow the meta, I expect weird stuff from most of them. I mean, I'm sure one person will bring inferno squadron (thus Recoil getting benched), and I could do the same, but silencers look cooler
  7. Let's say I decided to fly Kylo and fanatical blackout to a HST. Let's further say that marksmanship Recoil makes a nice team of 3 Chad silencers but that I believe that QD would likely be of more use as a hammer. She wants the special forces gunner, I know that much. Does she also want FCS and fanatical or is a bid of up to 4 points really worth much these days? Pretend I have only played her as a counter to Ghost Fenn a handful of times. In other news, my oldest will play too, his first tournament since before Reapers were a thing. He'll be rocking quad heroic R4 T-70s, so at least his list is dead simple.
  8. Technically 3. 1 homemade starmap that I built out of wood, FFG Starkiller and FFG Naboo. However, our kitchen table is not big enough to fit a soft mat on, so I need to put the wood mat on it then unroll one of the FFG mat. I'll build a new table soon.
  9. You were playing and have to do the data entry? That doesn't feel fair...
  10. No listfortress for Gencon yet? For shame! I need to think of a HS list and I wanted inspiration... At this point, I'm starting with Kylo, but then I have all those "pick 2" options and I can't make up my mind (what if it was "pick 3", like @Brunas did?). Blackout, Recoil/FOTP, Quickdraw, Tavson, they all fit somehow in that "plus 2."
  11. Either other people love Scyks, or @LagJanson is on stream!
  12. Unknowable. It's behind the GSP paywall right now.
  13. It's a simple fix for FFG too. They just have to determine that the "collusion clock" resets to zero when an event start. Talk theory all you want. Discuss the day before if you must. But once results start rolling in, shut it with the collusion.
  14. When will Tabletop.to and Cryodex be updated to track penalty points? I'm sure a bottom 50 could be built if the community put a little effort into it. Another Krayt Cup side event, the Bottom 50 invitational, with GSP streaming that dumpster fire?
  15. It's so far beyond their usual level that I'm willing to give FFG an A for effort on this one. The fact that the community will burn it down is a whole separate issue.
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