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  1. R1552

    Suggestion -- Release a Second Edition

    The only thing it needs is a revised rule book. That thing is a hot mess. This game could definitely use a rules reference book as is now standard in FFG games. Other than that, the game is fine how it is.
  2. R1552

    Melange Mining - question on the contract

    Resolving an event card includes placing units on the board and the movement of any units as a result.
  3. R1552

    Kommissar K's list of rules questions

    3.) "If there is no Counteroffer, the players skip directly to the Resolution step." Learning the Rules pg10 4.) "Each player draws one investment card from the investment deck and places it facedown next to his corp sheet. He may look at his investment at any time." Learning the Rules pg5 5.) "All promises made by players concerning the future are non-binding -- players can make promises and not fulfill them. However, if both players can immediately and completely fulfill the terms of the trade, they must do so. Example: Globalsec agrees to give Jinteki two capital if Jinteki supports Globalsec's offer with two cards. If they agreed to these terms when it is Jinteki's turn to abstain or support, the terms are binding and must be fulfilled. If Jinteki promises to support Globalsec but it is not Jinteki's turn to play support, the terms are not binding; Jinteki receives the capital but is not required to play cards in support." Learning the Rules pg14
  4. I would also recommend Interface Zero 2.0.