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  1. I’ve been running Kylo/PO Thanisson and Kylo/Lt Tavson for a couple of weeks. My current build being: - Kylo (Supernatural Reflexes, Primed Thrusters, Homing M, Proton Torps) - Lt Tavson (Snoke, Seasoned Nav, Pattern Analyser) Tavson is a hammer and Snoke allows Kylo to keep one step ahead of aces with higher initiative.
  2. For his points, I think Seevor’s ability to jam out to R3 is pretty strong and effective against lower ship count (2-3) lists.....particularly when the ships have limited action economy. I played Kylo/Upsilon versus Fenn/Boba and Seevor....Seevor was a pretty good distraction as I could not afford to have either Kylo nor the Up lose their focus/TL each turn I ignored him.
  3. Personal Log - Admiral Sloane (Z+1) Whilst laying a minefield in the Duro system, a Rebel fleet (Designation: Hot Pickle) of two heavy fleet units and two small fleet units jumped into system. ******Rebel Fleet designation Hot Pickle****** MC75 Armoured Cruiser MC80 Assault Cruiser CR90 Corvette A Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette 3 squadron of YT2400 Single X-wing Squadron Carrier 2 was forced to return to the rest of the fleet, which was holding position behind the minefield. The rebel fleet gave chase and was intercepted by the GSD with the support of Carrier 3 which had moved up to cover the retreat of Carrier 2. All carrier air wings deployed from the carriers with the TIE Fighters and Interceptors screening the carriers and TIE Bombers. The gallant fighter pilots succeeded in stalling the advance of the 2400s and X-wings, however were all lost due to the combination of squadron fire and flak. The GSD paid a terrible price for covering Carrier 2 and was crippled by the combined fire from the MC75 and 80...adding it’s remains to the minefield we had only just established. Carrier 3 was heavily damaged supporting the GSD and was destroyed by long-range fire as it attempted to disengage from the Rebel heavies. Yet more Imperial debris added to the minefield. With the lose of Carrier 3 and TIE Bombers causing only minimal damage to the heavies, the recall message was sent. Once the bombers had returned to the carriers the fleet entered hyperspace and the Rebel’s controlled Duro.....
  4. Phantom thoughts: - ordnance and red dice in general in the meta can overwhelm 4AGI with single token. Best to avoid being in arc to begin with. - With reposition available, lower PS ships are more able to react to phantom decloak at beginning of activation. For example, StarViper MkII. Leads to blocks or dodging arcs. - Limited decloak positions make Phantoms ‘predictable’ against experienced players. - Phantoms generally limited to one action. Could PTL but lose VI and gain stress, two things Phantoms don’t want. - Phantoms rely on getting arc to trigger ACD. No ACD activation results in reduced AGI and more predictable movement next turn. - Range control is critical....avoid stress from Assaji or tactician. - Response...need to avoid being in arc and ability to reposition at PS.... Minority Report (100) •"Whisper" (42) - TIE Phantom Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), Navigator (3), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) •"Echo" (40) - TIE Phantom Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), Navigator (3), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (18) - TIE Bomber TIE Shuttle (0), Intelligence Agent (1), Intelligence Agent (1) This list provides three means of reacting to opponent movements. First is the intell agents on the TIE Shuttle (Gorgon Stare) allows the Phantoms to select the most beneficial decloak move (if at all). The second layer of reaction is the Navigator crew, which based on movement of lower PS ships and information from intell agent allows the speed (not bearing) of the Phantom’s move to be changed. Finally, the Phantoms can barrel roll, if all else fails. This list has reduced action economy (no Kallus or RecSpec) and no control (Rebel Captive or tactician) but should need less actions for defence and is less reliant on control to avoid arcs. Well that is the theory....
  5. Perhaps a title which allowed for fitment of both SPA and ACD?
  6. I’ve been using the following list (or slight variants) to try and get back some of the pre-nerf decloak magic. It has broken about even..but in the current high PS/red dice meta can melt pretty quick. Gorgon Stare - V3 (99) •"Whisper" (42) - TIE Phantom Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), •Rebel Captive (3), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) •"Echo" (39) - TIE Phantom Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), •Agent Kallus (2), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (18) - TIE Bomber TIE Shuttle (0), Intelligence Agent (1), Intelligence Agent (1)
  7. I've been using the following list for about two months...breaking even at present. (100) "Duchess" (26) - TIE Striker Veteran Instincts (1), Adaptive Ailerons (0), Lightweight Frame (2) "Countdown" (22) - TIE Striker Adaptive Ailerons (0), Lightweight Frame (2) Captain Yorr (33) - Lambda-Class Shuttle Electronic Baffle (1), Flechette Cannon (2), General Hux (5), Inspiring Recruit (1) Imperial Trainee (19) - TIE Striker Adaptive Ailerons (0), Lightweight Frame (2) The trainee is a great blocker and can be used to allow Yorr to perform a stop move when stressed...which has caught a few opponents out.
  8. Parakitor, great write-ups. I've been running a list with 3 strikers (Imperial Trainee, Countdown, Duchess) and Capt Yorr (with General Hux and Inspiring Recruit) and find the strikers fun to fly. The lack of target lock does result in some extreme red dice variance at times.
  9. I've been toying with a list which includes a TIE Shuttle with 2 Intel Agents to support the decloaking decision for Whisper and Echo.
  10. I played two games on stream during the Australian Open, with my double SF/ Bomber list. The link to the first game is below...the second game has not been put on YouTube yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i35YcpoKL8&feature=share
  11. Just finished playing in the Aus X-Wing Open at Three D6 (included some of the best players in Australia for example the Fosses), with Quickdraw, Backdraft and TIE Shuttle (Gunslingers - details in previous post in this thread). Went 3/2 for 19th spot out of 72 players. Somehow I managed to be on the stream twice: - round 2 versus Dengar/Assaji for loss (76/100) ended up with TIE Shuttle versus Assaji... not the best match up, and - round 5 versus double ARC and Biggs for win (100-0) using a non-standard opening.....TIE Shuttle on one side and the SFs on the other side of the board. The games will hopefully be on YouTube in the next week or so.....thought they may be of interest to the double SF community.....including what not to do
  12. My favourite build would be Gamma Sqn Vet (Wired/Twin Ion Eng Mk2, Title and Fleet Officer). The combination of Wired and PS of 5 gives it some independent punch and survivability. Add second crew as needed.....the 'Poisoned Apple' adds Rebel Captive to make your opponent pay that little bit more for targeting it. When on a budget, I run a 20pt Shuttle (Scimitar Sqn with title, Twin Ion and Fleet Officer). Pretty much all my Shuttle builds have included Fleet Officer (exception was a Shuttle carrying two intelligent agents....bit like an AWACS for phantoms), I find that fleet officer provides that extra action economy for the entire squad, acting a bit like Imperial mind-link. I have run TIE Shuttles with TAP swarms, double defenders, double SF, SF/defender, striker swarms, double phantoms and bomber mini-swarm. As for use, in the early phases of the game, I keep the Shuttle behind the rest of the squad and just use it as a focus engine. Once engaged, it tries to block opponent (just generally get in the way) and still dish out the focus. Sometimes the opponent will get target fixation on the Shuttle in which case I disengage it and use it as bait to set up the opponent ships or it just adds some more red dice to the attack.
  13. I've pretty much been flying TIE shuttles since Imperial Veterans came out. I find it hard to build a list without one
  14. Wired is great as the TIE Shuttle is pretty much always stressed and without focus, so it gives a modifier (even if only rerolling focus) on offense and defense, with makes the Shuttle that little bit harder to kill and provides some addition punch. great at range 1.
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