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  1. I don’t think the rebels have anymore big ships. I’m pretty sure the last got destroyed in VIII.
  2. I take it back. They can add them. Faster games. I can destroy them quicker than the Rebels.
  3. I don’t care for them. There’s a reason why there not in service any more.
  4. There is a phone number in the article. Hmmmm.
  5. I can’t decide which is better. 😞 Help me please your my only hope.
  6. ISD Kuat. Vader. Expanded Launchers. LeadingShots. Ordinance Experts. - I don’t Miss.
  7. Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the coin?
  8. I think they’re ok. Slow. Probably be good in sector fleet games.
  9. I’d switch your ship out to a Kuat. Add expanded launchers and leading shots. Also put avenger title on it and boarding troopers. It works for me.
  10. For me it a victory. Maybe I’ll try a VSD II soon. Hmmmm.
  11. Burlington northern is good. Not sure for armada. ???
  12. If people keep talking about the SSD. FFG will never release it.
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