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  1. Fuzzywookie

    Terrain for Armada?

    Burlington northern is good. Not sure for armada. ???
  2. Fuzzywookie

    The SSD?

    If people keep talking about the SSD. FFG will never release it.
  3. Fuzzywookie

    Anyone Seen This Ship Before?

    It’s a Wookiee light cruiser.
  4. Fuzzywookie

    Officer Ozzel and JJ

    English is my second language. Can you please translate to Shyriiwook?
  5. Fuzzywookie

    TACOMA WA. Armada

    We’re still going strong. More players welcome.
  6. Fuzzywookie

    Just how it is here.

    I ran the local Armada group. We went from 15 registered regulars to me. Everyone was pissed and frustrated at constant lack of product due to reprints and or none at all and said "I am out." It took the majority of 2018 to hit this point, but all have gone to GW with their better product support. Can I rebuild it? Maybe, but it took a long time to get it going in the first place and I feel at this moment that I don't really want to. No recent sales and no new players have also seen the decision to stop carrying the line and this sort of made up my mind as well. I read this and my first thought. Is it your fault they quit?
  7. Fuzzywookie

    Hasn't the info drought gone on long enough, FFG?

    Maybe FFG is waiting, testing a new faction the will come in like a ton of bricks. The Yuuzhan Vong.
  8. Fuzzywookie

    NK-7s Expensive but worth it?

    Hold up. Someone played VSD I’s? Wow.
  9. Fuzzywookie

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    Ties. Add missles and shields.
  10. Fuzzywookie

    Speed Question

    To answer your question correctly. Yes. Ackbar is a jerk.
  11. Fuzzywookie

    What happened to the Scurrg Bomber?

    I use it all the time. I play against my 5 year old nephew. I haven’t lost a game yet. Woo hoo. Winning.
  12. Fuzzywookie

    Pacific Northwest Armada Players?

    T town. (Tacoma) has the best and nicest players. The Game Matrix.
  13. Fuzzywookie

    North Seattle Area

    The best and nicest players are down south. T town.
  14. Fuzzywookie

    Yet another Motti list.

    Danger is my third middle name.