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  1. Thanks for putting on a great event! I look forward to seeing where this game goes both in general and here in Portland.
  2. That sucks about the defective deck! Mine had a series of misprinted Sanctum cards, with each card face and back being slightly more off-center than the last until there was a blank white border on one side, noticeable enough that all of my opponents commented that they could see them in my deck. No one seemed to mind since it was so casual, but I'd definitely use some opaque sleeves next time I play that deck.
  3. I played a pretty fun game yesterday with a similar list. Opponent flew Vader, Howlrunner, Academy Pilot, and some TIE f/o. I used: Jake with VI, Chardaan Refit, Test Pilot, Autothrusters, PTL Kyle with VI, Ion Cannon Turret, Recon Specialist, Moldy Crow Poe with Crack Shot, Plasma Torpedoes, BB-8, Weapons Guidance Kyle helped control Vader and drew the fire of pesky TIEs while passing out focus to either help trigger Jake to block or tail, or set Poe up for some really nasty focus kills with Weapons Guidance and his regular ability. I threw IA on there to see how it would work if it came down to Poe against the world (luckily I didn't lost any ships) and torpedoes for a "Gotcha!" moment (which also never came to pass). Vader spent a lot of time sadly drifting one movement ahead and then attempting to barrel roll out of arc, but with three very different and very fun options to target him he didn't last long (Kyle actually had the honor of delivering the killing blow with an ion cannon blast). Might remove the torpedoes and BB-8 to play with some different astromech configurations, but I like having the barrel roll option available whenever I'm flying with a boost-capable ship.
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