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  1. Is there a compiled list of cybernetic implants, replacements, etc? Cant find one.
  2. At least JJ is gonna pull a series saving move that will make those awful memories just that. He's basically pulling a XMen DoFP without the time travel. And anyone who says Force Awakens wont be good is a total pessimist.
  3. Introduce us to your characters! Create crawls for your PC, your groups or even your game's story!. Share them here Here's mine starwars.com/games-apps/star-wars-crawl-creator/?cid=565a6cf3e4b0bac4d4ebf0b8 Crawl Creator: starwars.com/games-apps/star-wars-crawl-creator/
  4. YES! Which is why I never understood why anyone brought up Rebels, its far from that, and even though it has a kind of McQuarrie-ish sort of kinda look if you squint really hard (lol, its not really that McQuarrieesque) its not like his ORIGINAL concept art where all the Stormies had frickin lightsabers and shields.
  5. Lol at this point since there have been two I'm thinking about starting a cool EotE crossover story thread
  6. Rebels just seems to watered down for me, and even though it took clone wars a bit to find its identity, it never shied away from really dark and mature themes. It had compelling story telling and acting from the get-go, was well paced and the performances were way beyond your run of the mill TV Show. Sure, it was no breaking bad, but it outdid all of the other shows in its class, unlike Rebels, which really shows that its pulling punches for kids, which makes it less enjoyable for everyone else. And while some may say its unfair to compare it with CW, Dave Filoni was at the helm of both, so I know it could be better. So, if I'm being really honest, its not the fact that the show is "bad", its the fact that it had SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but didn't reach it.
  7. Something else you might want to factor in to difficulty, is why they're rioting/mobbing. The reason a mob forms usually effects the dedication, and dedication dictates effectiveness. The best example would be a real life one. Protesters that are protesting about something like the policy of a company, would be far more easily combated/deterred than a mob of religious/political extremists, which, in turn, would change their difficulty.
  8. Based on GM discretion, you might want to include some various factors, mostly based on location: A mob in a prison might get access to things such as truncheons, stun batons, stub weapons or depending on the prison, blasters, if they take out guards, get into armories, etc. A mob in a city might have access things such as broken glass, various household objects (I was gonna say bats but there are no coruscant Yankees or Felucia Cardinals). So, yeah, that might be a factor.
  9. A great supplement based on the original drafts of Star Wars, with characters/npcs based off of the McQuarrie art.
  10. If they do fail, give them repercussions that would allow them to retry, seeing that planning is important. Get them arrested, and make it easy enough for them to escape so they can say "Ok, lets think about this and do it smarter." Especially if they have to plan to get out of jail. Which, in a side note, I would love to start a session in jail and have to break out, it would be fun.
  11. Funny thought, if they were to get caught, wouldn't they end up on the cover of the tabloids? "Breaking news, reality show cast arrested for chef smuggling"
  12. Its like reverse money. Money has value, because the government says it does. But just because someone says they aren't garbage, they're still garbage
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