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  1. I bought this game years ago and just got it to the table Friday. We liked it and it inspired me to make a Dragonstone type table/board. Done with a 2ft x 4ft hardware store board that was cut and roughed up, stained and handpainted. https://imgur.com/gallery/umcTA
  2. It does seem odd that in an upgrade to the game you can now have a maximum of 6 players with no option for 8 in the box. Half of our games have been with 7-8. I did pre order as TI3 is my favorite game ever. But honestly I can see myself just mining it for improvements. I'm not going to turn away a willing player (a rarity for TI3) just because we decided to go into the "new era".
  3. KingStannis

    New Expansion or 4th Edition

    This is fantastic! How did you mount those flight stands to the ships? My game is not here yet but I understood there's no peg holes on the ships...are there?
  4. Most definitely, he could dust R2-D2 provided it's a land race.
  5. KingStannis

    Miniatures for Star Wars RPG

    Didn't want to start a whole thread on this but here is a little BB unit I did for my daughter's character. It is just a wooden necklace bead and a screw. I dolloped some rubber cement on the head to smooth it out.