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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to GiledPallaeon in Vassal Tournament - Star Wars Armada Fleet Exercises!   
    Ladies and gentleman, Armada players of all ages! Welcome to your next tournament in the Star Wars Armada Vassal year, the Star Wars Armada Fleet Exercises!
    I know it still seems like it’s far away, but the first round of Store Championships will soon be upon us after the end of this summer, and shortly after that Regionals will begin in full force. Players looking to do well at these events not only need practice, but top tier fleets that not only meet but rise above the meta that exists around them. If you think you have what it takes to be a truly innovative list-builder and find the next golden list that sweeps the meta by force, or if you just want some fun games with a nice twist, this is the tournament for you!
    Leader Roles:
    Organizer: @GiledPallaeon
    Marshal: @GiledPallaeon
    Judges: Feel free to send me a PM if you’re available to judge games for the Fleet Exercises, or just use really any player watching your game!
    Structure:  Custom - Three divisions, divided by time zone, each playing four rounds of Swiss play. After Swiss is complete, the winners of each division and the player with the highest tournament score that did not win their division will face off in a round robin to determine an overall winner.
    Tier:  Relaxed - Per FFG’s Fundamental Event Document:  "Tournaments at this tier are welcoming to all players, regardless of experience level. The focus is on creating a fun and friendly environment." Anyone and everyone is welcome to sign up for the Fleet Exercises, including players new to Vassal!
    Rules being used for construction of lists and questions throughout the game will be based on the most recent FAQ and Tournament Rules. UNRELEASED MATERIALS, INCLUDING THE SUPER STAR DESTROYER, ANY CARDS REVEALED THEREIN, AND ANY REVEALED CONTENTS OF REBELLION IN THE RIM ARE NOT ALLOWED. In the event that either the Super Star Destroyer or Rebellion in the Rim are released shortly before or during the early phases of the tournament, this may be relaxed at the Organizer’s discretion. (That’s me, don’t bug me or I won’t.)   
    400 points total maximum for your list, with a maximum of 1/3 (134 points) of the list being squadrons. Each player must have one of each type of objective (Offensive / Defensive / Navigation). Link to post your list will be below shortly. Lists (minus objectives) will then be posted by the Organizer for public viewing by the start of Swiss play. There is no cap on the number of players in any division. If there is enough demand (e.g. if the Australians suddenly appear with twenty players) more divisions may be added. Additional rules for list building are below.
    For division play, each division will be treated as an ongoing, independent Swiss tournament. Players will be matched per standard guidelines, and be given 12 days to complete their match. Each round will be posted on the appropriate Monday, with games expected to be completed no later than the next Friday. In the event that the game must be played over the second weekend, one player MUST PM me as soon as practical, and they MUST copy their opponent on the message.  Either player has the opportunity to concede to their opponent if they are unable to schedule and believe they are more to blame for the scheduling conflict, which will result in a 8 point win (140 MOV) for the other player, and a 1 point loss for the conceding player. Players are encouraged to post their scheduled games to the thread once they agree to a game time. A no-show by either player for a scheduled game will result in a 1 point loss for that player, and an 8 point victory for their opponent, with 140 point MOV.
    What is Legal for Play?    
    Anything that has been fully released on the retail market by July 1, 2019, provided it also adheres to the Restricted List. If the Super or RitR are cutting it close (color me skeptical, whatever color that is), I may reconsider this stance at that time. For now, they they are banned. Any list submitted including those contents will be deleted without question.
    Alright, now for the gimmick of Fleet Exercises. We’ve all heard various people in our local metas complain about how “no one is creative anymore/everyone thinks the game is solved/no one thinks outside the box for fleet-building.” (If you don’t know who that guy is in your area, are you sure it isn’t you? ) This is your opportunity to shut that player up, and flex your list-building muscles to start experimenting long enough before Regionals you might actually get something out of it.
    Below this paragraph are the twenty-two (22) cards of the Restricted List. Between these 22 cards, they represented over half of all upgrade cards used during the 2018-2019 Regionals season (>4000 out of ~8000). Several of these cards significantly overperformed during that season, and most were taken in excess of three times the average usage for its slot. Each list may include four cards from this list, of which none may be duplicates. (Example: you cannot have two Comms Nets upgrades.) FURTHER, a list may only have EITHER Thrawn/Rieekan OR one (1) of the activation officers available to that faction (Pryce for the Imperials, Bail for Rebels, Strategic Advisor for both). LISTS DO NOT NEED TO INCLUDE ANY OF THOSE FIVE CARDS TO BE LEGAL FOR PLAY. HOWEVER, THEY MAY ONLY INCLUDE EITHER THE ADMIRAL OR AN ACTIVATION OFFICER IF THEY CHOOSE TO.
    Gunnery Team
    Engine Techs
    Electronic Countermeasures
    Leading Shots
    XI7 Turbolasers
    Lando Calrissian
    Ordnance Experts
    Boosted Comms
    Assault Proton Torpedoes
    Turbolaser Reroute Circuits
    General Rieekan
    Comms Net
    External Racks
    Captain Brunson
    Strategic Adviser
    Governor Pryce
    Bail Organa
    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Similarly to the upgrade cards for your ships, there are two more rules that all fleets in Fleet Exercises must adhere to. First, players may only include aces with defense tokens whose combined value is less than or equal to the value of generic squadrons also present in that fleet. So, for example, to include Tycho Celchu and Shara Bey, a Rebel player must include at least 33 points of generics (e.g. 3 generic A-wings or X-wings).
    There is also a Restricted Objectives List. Of these four objectives, players may include ONLY ONE (1) of these objectives in their fleet.
    Most Wanted
    Contested Outpost
    Solar Corona
    Superior Positions
    Lists will be due to me Friday, June 28th, 2019, 11:59 PM EST, in order to allow time for review. I will try to have a rolling review and respond to people who submit as I can. I make no promises about whether or not this will be a sustained effort, I have a lot of life changes happening between now and when the tournament is scheduled to begin. Submissions are now available.
    Additional Thoughts:        
    There hasn't been any issues with games needing a Judge to rule on things before, don't let this tournament be the one it starts.  Figure out any issues that arise in the game among yourselves - ask any folks watching along for help as makeshift judges if needed.  I'll be watching the games that I can. Remember Rule #1 of Star Wars Miniatures Gaming - "Fly Casual".
    If you do have a rule question about how a particular card interacts, PM me as I am the official Marshal for the event! PMs to @Drasnighta @i2xCross, and @Karneck are also an entirely reasonable way to seek a solution. Obviously I can't pop into every game for a game-by-game judgement.
    If there's something that you see that needs addressed, please bring it to my attention.  I can't fix issues that I don't know about.
    Special thanks to @BiggsIRL whose World Cup 2019 post makes up a large fraction of the text in this post, and @CaribbeanNinja for pioneering the tournament format being used in Fleet Exercises this year in last year’s Autumn Tournament.       
    Good luck, Admirals!
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to werdnaegni in Sabine article up   
    Tabletop Admiral updated
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to geek19 in Hey an article!   
    Written by some catfish or something, but they noticed us! Thanks FFG!
    (Complaints in another thread please)
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to xmarkusx in Endor table   
    Hey guys. I'm very new to building terrain (and tabletop wargames overall) so i'm not expert on building yet. Been painting minis now for around two years (started with Sorastro's videos of Imperial Assault), most of the elements i've build myself (trees and bigger elements), but bigger rocks are made by my friend. This is still very much in progress as you can see from the stage of painting for the units,  still very much WIP process as well.
    Working at the moment for more big trees. Will update if there's interest for ya'll to see!

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    CaribbeanNinja got a reaction from cynanbloodbane in Possible idea for the squadron problem (if you call it a problem)   
    "We need to scramble our fighters! Five bloody minutes ago."
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    CaribbeanNinja got a reaction from Flengin in Possible idea for the squadron problem (if you call it a problem)   
    "We need to scramble our fighters! Five bloody minutes ago."
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Ardaedhel in Possible idea for the squadron problem (if you call it a problem)   
    New fleet command name?
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Ardaedhel in Possible idea for the squadron problem (if you call it a problem)   
    I was actually just playing a game right next to a couple of unwashed MtG troglodytes the other day, eavesdropping while they were talking about their decks.  They were talking about their sideboards and I thought, you know, that wouldn't be the worst idea for Armada.
    I think your observation about antisquadron-specific upgrades is very insightful, and a sideboard would address it.  I think your solution of adding a slot for these things is going in the right direction, though I'm not sure it's quite right.  I do like it better than just introducing a straight-up sideboard to the game, though ideally I'd like a solution that supports some of the existing, lesser-used antisquadron upgrades like Cluster Bombs, QLT, and Ord Pods.
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to WGNF911 in My go at Fett   
    Finally finished him.  He’s in a hangar onboard a ship. 

    Not sure why stripes showed up on this one.

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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to WGNF911 in My go at Fett   
    He needs a lot of “weathering”


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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Red Castle in Red Castle's gallery (updated 06/15/19 Vader)   
    Veers and Boba:

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    CaribbeanNinja got a reaction from The Jabbawookie in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker   
    Leia: “****. I forgot Chewie.”
    The distinct “blue” StarWars font...
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Alzer in WE"RE GETTING CLONE WARS!   
    Title says it
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Mogrok in Galactic Conflict Episode 19 Team Canada World's Recap   
    Welcome back to another episode of Galactic Conflict!  On today’s episode I have Carlo, Norm and Yik joining me.  We talk about Worlds, I spoil some rumours from a reliable source and discuss the prevalence of full sqns in lists at Worlds.  And also touch on the Campaign article.   I hope you enjoy!    

    Like us on FB. 

    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Galacticconflictpodcast/

    Star Wars Armada Explained – Please Subscribe


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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Tokra in Calling all new forum posters!   
    and we are still waiting.... 😀
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Flengin in Calling all new forum posters!   
    Well, I've been away for a while. 
    Now I'm back.
    I see a lot of new faces I don't recognize (people have been breaking the first two rules of Fight Ships!!!)
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Mogrok in Ryan Kingston's fleet builder is all updated with SSD   
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Tokra in Drifting at Worlds! (Game write ups)   
    Really nice summuary, and great to read.
    So, you were playing against Norm, Roquax (i assume it was him in turn 4? It looked like his fleet at least), JJ, Dong Le and Yik? Really impressive.
    And with 49 Points it was only 5 Points away from the cut. Seems after all it was really close in the end.
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to GhostofNobodyInParticular in Poll: Would you rather have Clone Wars or FO/Resistance?   
    Clone Wars. Because the Venator is awesome.
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to The Jabbawookie in Poll: Would you rather have Clone Wars or FO/Resistance?   
    Clone Wars.  More ships, more iconic characters, better variety, better scaling,and we've been waiting for longer.  As a bonus, we won't have a resurgence of TLJ dumpster fire threads.
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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Green Knight in Introducing Armada Warlords: database and fleet builder   
    Forgot the objectives:
    (quality is bad, someone extracted them from the article, but they haven't been properly previewed)
    (also, we don't have rules for exogoths, purgills or gravity rifts!)

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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to Snipafist in Cannot Get Your Ship Out April Foolishness   
    Norm's fleet was neat for that trick, I'm just not sure it would be as effective a second time around once the trick is known. That said, it's not as though it would do poorly, just less surprise value. It also requires a good sense as to exactly how long that ISD can stay at speed zero before it becomes a serious problem. Longer than I would have thought from guesstimating, but not forever for sure.

    And yep, the whole title is "Cannot Get Your Ship Out: the Speed Zero Maneuver" although the actual origin of the title comes from Empire Strikes Back:

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    CaribbeanNinja reacted to duck_bird in Drifting at Worlds! (Game write ups)   
    Imagine thinking you have Admonition trapped then you look out the window and see this:

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