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  1. Sideboard: "We need to scramble our fighters! Five bloody minutes ago."
  2. Leia: “****. I forgot Chewie.” The distinct “blue” StarWars font...
  3. The campaign will hopefully bring the old vets in my group back. I’m thinking a new way to play is a great catalyst for that. Along those lines, new objectives are a huge boon and will hopefully shake a few things up. Finally, I’m very pleased with FFG’s communications over the last few weeks. (ssd delay, announcement abt campaign and op stuff) Maybe it is just to line up with Adepticon news, but I hope this level of engagement lasts. It is very heartening to be playing at Adepticon and having so many mini gamers really be attracted to the game. I sincerely hope it goes on because all things considered it is a pretty **** good game.
  4. Posts baloney Euro POD 4 sentiment Backs it up with American actor
  5. Counting it! I am actually glad that there will be a panel for Q&A. that should be interesting.
  6. So, he said, "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen," but I'm sure I smelled fries in there.
  7. Also, @mhd and @clontroper5, the Emperor isn't happy about there being a 50/50 split on Imperial and Rebel fleets in the final four. You are currently in charge of bringing the World Cup prize into his office... (He'll put it next to his "2018-2019 Imps Stomped on Regionals" plaque)
  8. Cmon, it has to be you, Admiral, right? (You can tell us. We won't tell a soul.)
  9. Wow. Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time - a long time...
  10. @JJs Juggernautfault right here. Fanfan, I'm pretty sure this now means that you have to submit a VASSAL WORLD CUP RESULT post. We can do it like "Choose Your Own Adventure". Round 1, you're placed against JJ in POD play. What do you do?
  11. Best bet for you right now is Huntsville. @WGNF911, @pwnertrainee are up there at The Deep. Sadly, the b'ham area (as far as I know) is currently FLGS free as our store just closed New Year's
  12. @CommanderDaveyou have been summoned by the Emperor and Lord Vader for a "debriefing"
  13. Yes, this. My editor has been dealt with. (Editor now required to use any admiral showing up in less than 1% of the Top Ten, such as... Leia)
  14. Poor geeky, too blinded to realize that #10 is in the top ten, (rebel scum) EDIT: mine Ingles bad
  15. The Emperor has noted the great deeds of the Toronto players and in his benevolence, excused them for allowing rebel scum into the Top 10.
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