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  1. CNinja (2nd) vs. Undeadguy (1st) Contested Outpost 9-2 for CNinja. Undead's Sato slinging Defiance came in hot against Leia's Neb B gunline. The Nebs stripped Defiance down fast. Sato's fleet took down Leia's command ship, a Neb, and my Tycho/Shara. I got Defiance and his two HH'sWe called it after four when it was clear I'd most likely get the two flots too.
  2. All Pm's sent. You have your lists commanders. Do battle! (Let me know if I missed you)
  3. You know it!
  4. Yup! I'm facing Comatose's pickle again too. I say we roll with it if that's okay. I'll send objectives soon
  5. And here is Round 2! Player List # List received R2 Playing R2 Doobleg 8 JJs Juggernaut Tokra Tokra 20 SkyCake Doobleg Dorrin 15 BrobaFett Dupy Dupy 10 dr alex Dorrin CaribbeanNinja 1 Maturin Visovics Visovics 17 Comatose CaribbeanNinja irishmadcat 19 Blingvarr Moodswing Moodswing 4 Visovics irishmadcat JJs Juggernaut 3 irishmadcat DoubleDown217 DoubleDown217 11 Thrindal JJs Juggernaut Doppelganger 14 PartyPotato Maturin Maturin 2 GhostOfNobodyinParticular Doppelganger GhostOfNobodyinParticular 16 DoubleDown217 Blingvarr Blingvarr 12 CaribbeanNinja GhostOfNobodyInParticular PartyPotato 5 Doppelganger Thrindal Thrindal 6 Moodswing PartyPotato SkyCake 9 Tokra dr alex dr alex 18 Dorrin SkyCake Comatose 7 Doobleg Brobafett BrobaFett 13 Dupy Comatose Go forth and wreck these ships!
  6. Boo. Moar PODs! Moar Playas! Moar Destruction! (Anyhow I think most will be fine because a lot of the "pre-qualified nerds" won't show and will make more room for us "non-qualified nerds"
  7. And hot ****! @doobleggets the top slot with a max 20 total points and max 450 total MOV!
  8. With the Vis /Broba match done Round 1 is in the books! Well done gentlemen! I'll crunch it all up as soon as possible for the exciting continuation into round 2!
  9. This. If you don't qualify folks, it is nobody in particular's fault but YOUR OWN.
  10. I'm not Town. I'm Self-aligned. With a town win condition so essentially town. (I mean wtf right?) Why would I claim that if I was scum?
  11. Seriously guys, just lynch me. What I'm saying is totally true. If y'all don't see the collusion between Mads and JJ then so be it. All this was blown up by JJ. Not me. All I did was question some of the things he did D1. He didn't even get lynched! I stand by that.
  12. So if I'm town, what do your actions towards me say about you?
  13. I'm disagreeing. You don't think that JJ is coming at me from his point of view that I'm scum? It certainly seems that way. Now I've claimed and I'm a "liability." But I guess a vote thief isn't.
  14. [BEGIN HOLOGRAPHIC TRANSMISSION] Years ago, General @Drasnightayou helped my second cousin's sister-in-law during the great Nose-Punch Wars. Now she begs you to help her against her struggle for articles. I regret that I cannot bring my second cousin's sister-in-law's request in person, but the Armada community needs information and we really want to attack with the new Chimera and MC-75 ships. You have information that is vital to the survival of Armada inside the memory systems of a droid hidden somewhere in the depths of Hothgary. My second cousin's sister-in-law is too afraid of winter to get the information. You must see this Hothgary droid safely to my second cousin's sister-in-law's secret base in San Antonio. Rumor has it that they play Armada there all day, night with no breaks in between. They will know how to retrieve it. This is our most desperate hour. Help us Drasnighta. You're our only hope. (By the way please fix "Definitely" in the title of this thread) [END TRANSMISSION]
  15. Yeah I'm going to attempt this, as it seems the most fair. I may have to do a lot of tweaking but I do think this will be the most logical, fair, and interesting way to go.