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  1. CaribbeanNinja

    VASSAL: Armada Draft 2.0 (Now Playing)

    @BrobaFettif by typically you mean that one time, then yes. I’ve asked GK if he’s gonna run it, if not I’ll put something together for the Autumn tourney.
  2. CaribbeanNinja

    VASSAL: Armada Draft 2.0 (Now Playing)

    I was thinking we need a Vassal Regional maybe?
  3. CaribbeanNinja

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out! August Articles!

    You worked so hard on this, that I'm almost obligated to run some Leia list at some point
  4. CaribbeanNinja

    Star Wars series

    The ridiculousness of this comparison highlights the absurdity of the hate towards TLJ. TLJ-I liked it. move along nerds.
  5. the ONE day I’m distracted...(GenCon is amazing) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/3/executor-arrives/ for posterity.
  6. CaribbeanNinja

    SSD Disappointment

    1 Spoiler Alert - Star Wars Armada GenCon Announcement! 2 <div id="spoiler" style="display:none"> 3 Wave 8 - Rebel Ewok Battlecruisers Imperial Death Star Token 4 </div> 5 <button title="Click to show/hide content" type="button" onclick="if(document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display=='none') {document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display=''}else{document.getElementById('spoiler') .style.display='none'}">Show/hide</button> Whoops
  7. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    When you and Gnips voted for Vis. That meant I had control to hammer him. If I was the SK, I would have just voted Vis and ended the game right there.
  8. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    Yup, absolutely. I'm really sorry but that is like two games in a row with really questionable **** in my opinion.
  9. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    Fine, I'm seriously done. ##vote Lord Preyer.
  10. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    Seriously though, how hard is it for people to not **** jump in on this. This is quite infuriating actually.
  11. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    wtf dude
  12. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    I don’t know Vis, you think SK would write this?
  13. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    FWIW ##unvote @Visovicswhat do you think?
  14. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    I think my vote is still on LP?
  15. CaribbeanNinja

    {Mafia} Jokes on Jakku

    There is 0% chance I am the SK, or I would have killed Vis and won already.