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  1. Wow dudes I love the obstacles! (Also, thank you SO MUCH for doing a few reports from the quiet I still love the game store ones, but by the end I'm yelling "shut up" at the other players ) Thank you so much for always playing and sharing!
  2. So what is the buzz about Legion not being a good "competitive" game about?
  3. So when do we get movement tool prizes

    Please share a photo of this awesomeness. If this is a joke, ****.
  4. Question about Thrawn in Chimera pack...

    We need more objective and victory tokens.
  5. Hey we're mentioned: @AdmiralYor We need to take what we can get.
  6. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    We have been missing out Mood! We shall now add wine to our bourbon and beer selection for Armada.
  7. Been away from the game since wave V

    Also, as a community we got: Two champion-made cards (Pryce and Thrawn) and their previews. A guest article by @Truthiness and FFG actually sent @Crabboka physical preview of Wave 7 that he unboxed, and shared with us. All good stuff.
  8. Sloane was probably the biggest Wave 6 impact. For Wave 7, the meta has shifted to Large bruisers, as they have amazing activation cards (Bail, Pryce, and Strategic Adviser) that help them out.
  9. I might have agreed with you a while back. However, i cannot understand the hate for Wave 7. It is actually quite good, and changes a few things up. I actually see FFG supporting Armada as a great long term game. Not spamming Waves and then having to deal with the aftermath. Yes, there are current issues, but overall, the gameplay is quite good.
  10. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    Looks like the FFG slot is 6-7 PM local time tomorrow
  11. FFG announcement: "We REALLY want you guys to buy Legion." Seriously would be great to get any breadcrumbs though
  12. Star Wars: Thrawn (novel)

    Just finished this last night. I thought it was great. I wish I could spoil stuff, but it added a new set of wrinkles that I'm really excited about.
  13. Is there really any better game?

    DD, the Court of "Have you seen the Painting Thread?" throws out this ridiculous point