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  1. Godspeed is just a word. (and there are most certainly gods in the Star Wars. EWOK GODS! ) This is just the best English translation of the story from a long time ago...
  2. ##vote Ebonhawk
  3. Go ahead Gink
  4. Gonna pile on Ebon so no one sneaks in and ties it. ##unvote ##vote EbonHawk
  5. And I'm actually good with the contender for the reasons above.
  6. @GhostofNobodyInParticular?
  7. Who are the three that haven't voted? @Ardaedhel @BrobaFett who else?
  8. Yeah hmm. With 10 minutes I'm thinking "cut the chatter" So hmm.
  9. I can pull my vote if needed. I'm ok with Ebon if we go that way. His "Let's talk" and then disappearance is noticeable.
  10. We just cannot have a tie. What's the count?
  11. Yeah gonna go with this is scum covering a vote. ##vote Visovics