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  1. phew. This post made me sweat! gg fellas! (btw I was a fruit vendor and gave gnips my sticky fruit D1. never expected so much chaos from it).
  2. I feel like we've been played like fiddles, and LP played his part perfectly late yesterday. Started suspicion of me - went "Oh but could it really be Bertie?" all the while drawing cred from Jabba, and Bertie, who he knew would flip town. #vote @Lord Preyer
  3. Just a reminder, the badges for this are free and available now.
  4. I voted 4 hours ago that should be hammer I think
  5. Well, I'd much rather (of course) lynch Bertie or Mads to save time and get more info.
  6. If you're gonna lynch me, do it quick. This is the second time you stir **** up last second, LP. Only problem I see is my flipping isn't going to give us much info
  7. Here's my current Def-con chart Green 1 Most Trusted Me! Jabba (willing to die for us) GNIPs (Came right out with the fruit) Yellow 3 folks I'm concerned about (Ebon, Mads, LP) pretty much neutral right now after mads came back from the brink Red 5 Bertie (for reasons above)
  8. ##vote Bertie after another **** read, this (plus the fruit bidness) is just convoluted to me. I think the simpler explanation is that Bertie is hiding something.
  9. Okay I see what LP is saying...(but just FYI I was really just answering Ebon's point) But I'm cool with the pressure. I am flat out not cool with voting Jabba, so I think you misunderstood me. Bertie, again, I'm all over the place on after this morning's reread.
  10. but take my "wisdom" on the setup with a huge chunk of salt. I never get the setup. I've never run the game. Ovi could write three pages about that during any game, and my eyes will glaze over. (At least I think he's forgiven me for that loss that we don't speak about anymore 🙂 )
  11. I do believe Ovi - I'm not believing Pod. (This game was created to troll a troll, and everyone has flipped vanilla town other than said troll)
  12. Well this is going to be Jabba and Bertie. I've still got Jabba as green, after his attempted self-lynch, but I guess I could totally see that as a baller scum play? I doubt it though. I'm all over the place with Bertie. And others seem to have been as well.
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