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  1. brettpkelly

    brettpkelly Youtube Channel for IA streaming

    Added a couple of spectre cell games to the channel from my stream yesterday. Enjoy!
  2. brettpkelly

    Congratulations FFG!

    Beatable and overpowered are not mutually exclusive.
  3. brettpkelly

    Set for Stun

    I can see how it could be annoying. Doesn't mean it's significantly better than the 0 cost cards that already see play
  4. brettpkelly

    Set for Stun

    A 2pt smuggler already has a surge for stun, and they are not broken. This card makes that stun much more reliable, but it costs a card slot. A smuggler with element of surprise could already reliably stun most figures in the game. I understand the power of the card, but i still insist that it's not overpowered. All those scenarios you said are absolutely fine.
  5. brettpkelly

    Set for Stun

    I agree there are some strong plays you can pull off with the card. It's a good tech against smuggler shenanigans and melee. It still costs an action to use and gideon usually has other good options for his actions. Overall it's a good card, definitely on the power curve, not op.
  6. brettpkelly

    Set for Stun

    I agree that it's not thematic, but it's definitely not imbalanced or game breaking
  7. brettpkelly

    Set for Stun

    Thematic garbage or not thematic and playable. I'd rather have this card be playable
  8. brettpkelly

    Set for Stun

    I'm for any card that hurts otl and spectre cell.
  9. brettpkelly

    Set for Stun

    Is the FAQ for collateral damage relevant in this case? "During an attack, if the attacker's line of sight to the target space changes or if the defender moves, the attacker must then re-declare a target space. If none of the defender's spaces are eligible, the attack misses, there is no target space, and abilities that refer to a target space have no effect." set for stun refers to target, not target space.
  10. brettpkelly

    Set for Stun

    Lots of cards have follow on statements in the form: "Then, x happens." The ruling is usually that you can do everything that follows then, even if you didn't do whatever preceded it. Example: "looking for a fight" Use during your activation to gain 1 dmg token. Then, either move up to 1 space or push an adjacent small figure up to 1 space. If you already have 2 power tokens, you skip the first part but you still do everything after "Then". To be fair I agree that the intent is probably different than @a1bert's interpretation, but based on other cards his interpretation makes sense. Another example: "Rebel Graffiti" Technically you could play this card at the end of your activation while you are adjacent to hostile figures. In that case you don't get to gain 2 VPs. However, you can still redraw the card.
  11. brettpkelly

    Next expansion?

    I think FFG would be smart to let the community know they're working on something sooner rather than later. Just a "hey there is something on the horizon" would be nice.
  12. brettpkelly

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    The power curve discussion is missing the point. The offensive curve has increased, but so have health pools and defensive tools. The amount of points you need to win the game is unchanged. Let's say the power curve keeps increasing and they eventually release a card that gives you 20 VP. The power curve doesn't make that effect any less bad.
  13. brettpkelly

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    I agree with you in the sense that SC is a good entry point. I disagree that ffg is marketing how "easy" and random the game is or how op their new cards are. players trying to jump in are not going to be swayed by broken cards, if anything winning/losing by random chance would drive more players away than attract them. Imperial assault skirmish is supposed to be competitive.
  14. brettpkelly

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    Are you suggesting that RG is going to drive sales?
  15. brettpkelly

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    I disagree that appealing to the lowest common denominator is a great design decision. I got into skirmish because I wanted to develop skills and get good. I enjoy seeing good players having success and people having to work to get there.