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  1. The core set comes with map tiles, damage and condition tokens, lots of very strong command cards (in fact two copies of each) and dice. You can make a list without it, but you're missing a lot of other components. The core set is a good value considering all that it comes with. I'd definitely recommend you start there. It also has a very good campaign mode. If you just want to try out skirmish without spending a lot I recommend you download vassal and play online. It's free and it's a full simulator that can give you a taste of the game
  2. If you have the core box, rebels are probably your best option. These are all good options to work with: Luke (12) (blister) 3P0 + R2 (2+3) (blister) Hera + Chopper (4+3) (blister) Rangers (12) (blister) Gideon, Mak (3+3) (core) Jyn (5) (core) alliance smuggler (2) (blister) Ahsoka (8) (Blister) Luke + Ahsoka is probably the cheapest starting point. Han is really good right now, but you need his fix from Heart of the Empire. Alliance rangers are good, but they need some command cards from Jabba's realm and Jabba's booster to really maximize them. All the units with smuggler traits really need On the Lam from Jabba's realm. It's gonna be hard to put together a Merc list without Jabba's realm unless you want to run beasts, in which case these are your choices Bantha (9) (blister) elite Nexu (6) (core) Gideon + temporary Alliance (3+1) (core) Hera (4) (blister) 3p0 (2) (blister) elite Jawa (3) (blister) Forget running imperials, the top Imp lists need two sets of elite Jets and only 1 comes in Jabba's realm. They also really benefit from Heart of the Empire. With either of these options you're still going to be missing some core command cards like "negation" from Return to Hoth. But this advice is just for top tier meta lists, you can put together a lot of just fun lists without buying everything.
  3. Zion's Finest - Episode - 017 - Paul. Heaver.

    I wonder where the eSentries fit on the chart if you assume they only use charged shot?
  4. Live casting vassal games

    Stream will be live tonight around 8 PM EST for VIASL 003 Semifinals Ryan Jamal vs Robert Stanley:
  5. Live casting vassal games

    I'll try to incorporate that into my next video. Should be streaming another VIASL tournament quarterfinal game on Friday.
  6. RGammorians and rWeequays never had any life in them. They're damage just isn't good enough, especially the gammos
  7. Shrapnel is not Blast

    1) Agree 2) If you use On the Lam but are still in range and LOS then Drokkatta would use shrapnel on the new space 3) I still disagree. Collateral Damage can still work if the attack misses, and the rules for moving out of LOS specifically say the attack misses, not that there is no longer a defender. Probably shouldn't rehash that other thread on here though, we never came to a consensus
  8. Hidden Information

    The main difference between Descent and IA is that in Descent all the heroes go in a row then the overlord activates all groups in a row, whereas in IA the heroes and Imperials take turns swapping activations. This is a huge advantage for the heroes in Descent. Imperial Assault is a lot more fair to the imperial player in this regard. As to the hidden information, it makes a much bigger difference on some missions more than others. Most missions hidden information won't make or break the game, but sometimes you can just get unlucky due to unforeseen circumstances and lose. Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating, but overall I like the mystery of hidden information. The two games are balanced very differently. Descent usually relies on time limits and keeping NPC's alive, which relies on knowing all the available information. IA is much more about keeping your own heroes alive which allows for some mystery..
  9. 2017-18 Regionals Lists

    Lucas you are on a roll!
  10. Worlds: IA is now a Wednesday-slotted game

    Even without the prizes, a vassal tournament just isn't the same as sitting across from your opponent and all the other small things that go with playing a live tournament.
  11. Worlds: IA is now a Wednesday-slotted game

    I don't play any other FFG games, so this will definitely make me think twice about coming. I probably won't be able to stay away, but 4 vacation days is a lot..
  12. Worlds: IA is now a Wednesday-slotted game

    **** that really sucks...
  13. Live casting vassal games

    I can, but it's distracting for the players to have my commentary on top of their conversation. I suppose i can mute my discord mic. I'll experiment with it if people want to volunteer to be casted.
  14. Live casting vassal games

    The videos are up on twitch. I streamed 2 half games. Sorry for the low energy today, I have a bad cold.
  15. Live casting vassal games

    Stream is Live. I'll remember to record it this time