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  1. brettpkelly

    RIP Rebel Faction

    Spending 12 points on support is not op.
  2. brettpkelly

    Doubt First Proxy Game

    Proxied Doubt in an Imperial Unshakable list. Here's the vid: Some thoughts: Hard to really tell what the true value of doubt was in this game. It removed a very important focus token from a weequay at the end of round 1. It also gave Vader a lot of room to work without having to worry about getting splashed to16. People eventually are going to have to change their game plan for Vader in a doubt list, either by completely ignoring him or saving every last card they have just for him. I think the value of removing 1 focus early in the game is worth the point, everything else is gravy.
  3. brettpkelly


    I really don't think Ezra is worth 7.5 points, and Maul is not that great either tbh
  4. brettpkelly

    RIP Rebel Faction

    Pretty sure Vader was the most common Unique attacker in the top 16 at worlds
  5. brettpkelly


    Like two Force Surges in the same timing window? I don't think so, but it's not 100% clear.
  6. brettpkelly

    RIP Rebel Faction

    The outlook is actually just as bad if not worse for eRangers (again not factoring in rerolls, which make focus even better): average damage at 8 range vs 2 black dice: focused: 3.57 unfocused: .69 Difference: 2.88 At 8 range it's gonna take an average of 19 unfocused attacks + Assassinate to kill vader with elite rangers vs. 4 attacks with focused rangers and assassinate
  7. brettpkelly

    RIP Rebel Faction

    Above is Han's damage graphs for an 8 range shot with focus vs without focus. This doesn't include rerolls or hera because i'm too lazy to do the full math right now, but you get the picture. The lack of focus increases han's chance to completely whiff on an attack by 32% from this range. With Focus your average dmg vs a black die is 5.58 vs 2.54 without focus, more than a 3 dmg difference. Hitting 6 dmg on a Han shot is a pretty big impact compared with a 4 damage shot. When you factor in cards, Hera, Agile and Zillo, Losing focus is the difference between Han killing a Jet in one attack, and leaving it alive with a couple health. Leaving a Jet alive with your EoR shot is a big impact in what is already a fairly even matchup (Han/Rangers vs Unshakeable Vader). Either focus is a broken mechanic and losing a focus is a big deal, or focus is not a big deal and losing it doesnt matter. You can't argue that both Focus is too strong AND that losing focus has a negligible impact. 8 range vs 2 black dice (no rerolls): Focused: 4.67 avg dmg Unfocused: 1.41 Difference: 3.26 dmg Point blank vs 2 black dice (no rerolls): Focused: 5.03 avg dmg Unfocused: 2.55 Difference: 2.48 dmg If you lose 2 focuses, that's an average of 5.74 damage you missed on Vader (one shot from 8 range, one from 0).
  8. brettpkelly

    RIP Rebel Faction

    deplete removes all abilities from the card, so no.
  9. updated with kanan and ezra reveals today
  10. brettpkelly


    I love this card, very well designed DT!
  11. brettpkelly

    Evaluating CT-1701: Old Dog, New Tricks

    You can't use both hit and run and barrage without an ability like Fenn's Trooper Assault, since both hit and run and barrage are special actions that contain attacks.
  12. If you have control over the bottom room, you should try to trigger the objective roulette, otherwise you're potentially giving big points to your opponent. You should also keep in mind that opening that door exposes your terminal, which often leads to bad positioning.
  13. brettpkelly

    Why can't FFG give the Empire what it needs

    Imperials just need smaller maps and they'll be fine
  14. Added new previewed stuff from https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/29/battle-in-the-wastelands/
  15. You're technically correct but that's pretty impractical. I didn't mean it was impossible to get to them, just unrealistic. Plus if you're playing against Vader it's pretty unavoidable that he gets to you at the end of round 1, unless you want to keep both your doors closed, which seems bad.