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  1. brettpkelly

    State of IA skirmish for new players

    You're a victim of the east coast beast coast. All the east coast regionals are gonna be tough because there's a big concentration of serious players over here. My first regional I played against several top 8 worlds players and missed the dice by two places. Honestly not getting the dice is what made me come back to another regional. The dice shouldn't be given away too easily. There are only like 4 regionals within 5 hours of DC/Philly, so most of the guys around here are willing to drive to make it to a couple. I know most of the east coast guys and they're very welcoming if you talk to them. They're all very good players, but that's kind of the point of going to a regional. I think it's awesome that I can roll up to a regional tournament and meet some of the best guys in the world at this game. It will only make you a better player. As to the price and the rules, those are both FFG problems. Members of the community have asked for solutions, but FFG probably won't change anything. It's frustrating for everyone that you need to buy two boxes to get two elite deployment cards. My best suggestion for material is to ask on the forums if you can borrow stuff beforehand, lots of people are willing to share with new players. For rules there are a couple of resources as suggested above to help new players. I'm a decent IA player and I still misinterpret a rule from time to time, so don't let it discourage you.
  2. If that's the line of thinking then Zillo is a way bigger problem than Temp Alliance. Most merc lists don't have the full rebel support package, and I've seen several that only have 1 of the 3. I've seen temp alliance used to pull rebel smugglers into mercs at a high level and I have seen Jabba played at a high level. I have NEVER seen a competitive Imperial list without Zillo since its release.
  3. brettpkelly

    State of the Meta: Figures at Worlds

    Black Market was definitely in a bunch of lists. I'm sure someone was running chopper.
  4. Added Kanan Jarrus Skirmish card
  5. I'm breaking this write up into multiple parts because it's getting wayyy to long. Here's Part 1, enjoy! http://rollfordamage.net/index.php/2018/05/07/battle-report-worlds-2018-part-1-meta-analysis-and-list-building/
  6. brettpkelly

    Worlds Lists 2018

    IG w/ FotK elite Weequay Hera Greedo Gideon R2 e Jawa 3P0 temp alliance devious scheme Went 6-1 in swiss, my only loss was a 33-36 nail-biter vs DT. Lost in the semi-finals to Greg 30-32.
  7. brettpkelly

    RollforDamage Uscru Map Breakdown

    Last year there were 7 rounds of Swiss, 5 on day 1 and 2 on day 2. The cap was 128 i think.
  8. brettpkelly

    RollforDamage Uscru Map Breakdown

    You can find the schedule published here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/world-championships-may/ 7 rounds of Swiss on Wednesday. Top 16 cut on Thursday.
  9. brettpkelly

    RollforDamage Uscru Map Breakdown

    I'd say Devious is still an auto-include in all Merc lists, but it does lose a lot of value on this particular map.
  10. Hope everyone is ready for worlds! Here are my thoughts on the new map: http://rollfordamage.net/index.php/2018/04/26/uscru-entertainment-district-map-breakdown/
  11. brettpkelly

    R2D2's Lucky

    The problem is a lack of consistency. If there are two different types of results (rolled vs. pooled), it's completely fair to question other abilities that refer to "rolled results".
  12. brettpkelly

    R2D2's Lucky

    "Adding all numbers rolled on dice" is straight out of the RRG for accuracy. Based on Todd's ruling it seems you can remove them with TL or HR, but that ruling doesn't seem consistent with the ruling on Lucky. "Numbers rolled" seems like the same wording as "if you rolled a blank result".
  13. brettpkelly

    R2D2's Lucky

    "Yes, you can remove a blank die result. When you remove a die's results, that die's results become "nothing." (Note that this does not cause Lucky to fail, as the die still satisfies the condition of "having rolled" a blank result.)" Does this mean that heightened reflexes and tough luck don't remove accuracy results?? Blank result: is a result accuracy: is a result Lucky: Checks what was rolled, "If you roll a blank result" Accuracy: Checks what was rolled, "adding all numbers rolled on dice" Tough Luck and Heightened Reflexes: Remove results, but the dice still satisfies the condition of "having rolled" either a blank result or whatever accuracy result. If tough luck and Heightened reflexes remove the accuracy results, someone please explain the difference between lucky checking rolled results and accuracy checking rolled results. Edit: If tough luck doesn't remove accuracy, this has huge implications for most worlds lists.
  14. brettpkelly

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Upgrade Predictions

    My commas were off, I meant to say something like "when a figure is damaged, deploy at the end of the round"
  15. brettpkelly

    Sit Tight stalemate

    Got a ruling on this: Hi Brett, Thanks for pointing this out. If it ever comes up, the player who has initiative should have to make the first move. Todd MichlitschGame DeveloperFantasy Flight Gamestmichlitsch@fantasyflightgames.com