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  1. I get it it's just giving me a headache. "After an action resolves" and "after an attack resolves" even if that action was an attack being different timing windows is not something I was aware of and it seems overly complicated to me.
  2. Does the FAQ apply in this case? The latter part of To the Limit isn't explicitly an "after resolving an action" ability. Hit and Run is seems like it should be fully resolved in the "after an attack is resolved stage". Perform an attack. After the attack is resolved gain 3 movement points. How are you not stunned immediately after spending the movement points? Seems like the defender is interrupting instant effects to fit the defender's timing window in. Not saying your interpretation of the rules is wrong, but this seems super counterintuitive to me.
  3. If you want a seat get in there ASAP: http://www.cvent.com/events/adepticon-2019/event-summary-7822dab492fa4ed0bde10d960366d97c.aspx
  4. Fair enough, So you're saying since you can count spaces to a figure on blocking terrain, that means the figure must be adjacent to the space you counted from? Starting to make more sense but I still feel like this is abstracting the definition of adjacent
  5. Nowhere in the counting spaces or adjacency sections of the RRG does it say that adjacent = distance 1. Adjacent being 1 counted space in practice doesn't mean adjacent = distance 1 by definition. The crux of the argument is "does the rules for mobile override the definition of adjacent", specifically "two spaces that share only a blocking edge are not considered adjacent." There's nothing that I can see in the rules that states that a space that is not adjacent to a blocking space, can be adjacent to the figure in that space. I can see that figures or objects can be adjacent to figures or objects in blocking terrain, but it seems to me that the space is not adjacent by definition.
  6. "Blocking terrain spaces are not adjacent to entities. Entities can be adjacent to each other when at least one of them is in a space with blocking terrain. Neither entity is adjacent to the space the other entity occupies. An entity is not adjacent to the space it occupies. (Allowing adjacency between a non-blocking space and an entity on blocking space would make the rules unnecessarily complex to remember and use.)" So here you say that an entity occupying a blocking terrain space is not adjacent to the space targeted by grenadier, aren't you? Deriving a definition for adjacent from the companion rules is a stretch, especially when the rule you quoted is stated to be an exception to normal rules ("A companion follows all normal rules for figures with the following exceptions:"). Just because companions in the same space are defined to be adjacent and require 1 accuracy doesn't mean 1 accuracy = adjacent. The fact the rules state separately that companions are both adjacent AND require 1 accuracy means that those things are not equal. Finally "adjacent is 1 distance" is clearly not always true, as stated in the definition of adjacency "Two spaces that share only an edge that is a wall, blocking terrain, or a door are not adjacent."
  7. Here are the relevant rules: Adjacent: "Two spaces that share only an edge that is a wall, blocking terrain, or a door are not adjacent.", "Two figures that are in adjacent spaces are adjacent figures." Mobile: "If a figure with mobile occupies a space containing blocking terrain, line of sight can be traced to that figure, spaces can be counted to that figure, and adjacent figures can attack that figure." Your argument is basically: "since you can count spaces to a mobile figure on a blocking terrain, that figure is adjacent to spaces surrounding the blocking terrain" but while that is sound logic, it's not explicitly stated in the rules that counting spaces overrides the definition of adjacency. Can you give me a more in depth explanation?
  8. Just to be clear you're saying that if I target a space next to a blocking space with grenadier, a mobile figure on the blocking space will get damaged?
  9. brettpkelly

    Lothal Wastes Map Breakdown

    Arcing shot targets a figure, not a space, therefore you should be able to use it to target a figure on the spire.
  10. brettpkelly

    Lothal Wastes Map Breakdown

    I agree that brawlers will close the gap during that 8 spaces of movement, but in my head "everyone move 8 spaces and use normal pass rules" is just a round 1 where you're not allowed to attack and no VPs are scored. In that sense the match really starts during round 2, kind of like the delay on Uscru since doors are locked. I've even heard of people playing "take initiative" round 1 on Lothal. Crazy!
  11. Here are my thoughts on the upcoming Lothal Wastes map. Enjoy! https://wp.me/p9twzs-7M
  12. brettpkelly

    brettpkelly Youtube Channel for IA streaming

    If you missed the stream this weekend, here's a highlighted match: Isaac Borno vs. me! A battle of national runner ups. Enjoy!
  13. brettpkelly

    IA livestreaming

    I'll be casting the Zion's Finest Tournament Finals tomorrow at 12 noon Eastern at twitch.tv/brettpkelly! Join us for Rez vs. Cajo_Z
  14. brettpkelly

    IA production schedule

    I don't necessarily think it's a good sign that the next map rotation is coming from an old wave (maul's villain pack). It is nice to get an article, but it's not exactly the answer we were looking for.
  15. brettpkelly

    brettpkelly Youtube Channel for IA streaming

    One of the best games I've watched in a while: Kenny Brown vs. Hasan Kahn