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  1. Thanks for the tips, everyone.....One of my wife's friends, friends does a lot of art and craft stuff in his spare time apparently, and said he might be able to build replacements...... ......This might even open up an avenue for cheap bespoke map pieces! Every cloud, eh?
  2. Huh.... Didn't think about searching for incomplete games on ebay.... Ill look into it. Cheers
  3. Hey, Due to a catastrophic flooding incident (Ok, it was a minor-ish leak), my box of large map tiles was soaked through and they've been rendered unusable. Thankfully everything else survived, but obviously I'm now unable to play (except in narrow corridors and corners - which very few maps are). Checking the damaged/replacement stock part of the website, they specifically say they don't sell components separately, which is a pain as I only need the map tiles and am willing to pay. Annoyingly the internet seems to have twigged, and so prices for individual map tiles are waaaay too expensive.... Anyone have any ideas? Replacing the main game and 2 expansions will cost north of 100 quid, which again wouldn't be to bad but there's no benefit of having two lots of everything......Is buying the lot and then selling out components to recoup the costs viable? Anyone tried to do this? Any help appreciated Regards
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