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  1. I am having trouble with escalation builds. I am going to a tournament next Friday and the event is escalation. I'm sure that I am way over thinking this process. The rules are as follows. The escalation format will also utilize the extended format, but you will only build an initial list of 120 points. You must bring two ships to start with at a minimum. FFG has released expanded threat documents, and these will be used for the 2nd and third rounds. In round 2, you will be allowed to add any number of ships to a combined threat level 3 utilizing the quick build lists on the FFG website. In round 3, you may add up to threat level 5, however no single ship may be over threat level 3. The round times will start at 60 minutes 1st round, 75 minutes 2nd round, and 90 minutes 3rd round. If someone can show me an example of this that would be a great help. Thanks
  2. I'm sure that this has been asked, but I can't find it. The question is, when the tactician is on the auzituck is it the 90° arc in the front or is it the whole 180° at range 2?
  3. The question that I have is about Hans ability. It says you can be placed anywhere on the board as long as you are beyond range 3. If I have the Courier Droid on the ship and make Han a skill level 0, and place him on the other side of the board,how would that effect the game?
  4. With the new FAQ pertaining "Genius", don't you have to discard your bomb card after using it?
  5. I don't know if anyone is following this anymore, but would M9-G8 work on palp? So my question is, if someone calls a "kaboom", can I make the attacker reroll the "kaboom"?
  6. I ran into this over the weekend. I had m9-g8 on my ship and targeted Vader with ATC, with M9-G8 can I make Vader reroll the kaboom?
  7. I did read this thread and I already responded to it, thank you.
  8. You don't have to use the HLC. So this build, with out the HLC is 32 points, and still effective.
  9. Hey guys, just in FYI I am "that guy" yes I was the official of the tournament. As darkfarther had said and I remember this very well. It did happen almost like he had said. As for the token he had his finger on it and slid it to the evade dice. As I know he is a fairly new player to this game. I told him of Ten numbs ability of where you cannot cancel one of his Kabooms. I also told him not to remove that token and to leave it on the table since he technically didn't spend it. What I told him was that in the compare results stage of the round, you'd be wasting that token from Ten Numbs ability. He asked me what it was, told him and showed him my card. I told him I wasn't trying to sound like "that guy", and for him to leave that token on table. He said to me that he was going to spend it anyways, because of what I had said. I did tell him to just leave it it's fine, but he insisted on spending said token anyway. Yes he is right about my Z95s, I did flip them over at the same time because they were the same pilot skill. So I was wrong about that. I really was trying to help him with the game rules and not be a D#&). That game we played in was a bye round. I was just filling in because we had an odd number of players and I wanted to help people get their "money's" worth. No matter how many games I had won or lost my games didn't count for anything other then a bi-round. He got the win and half of my points for that round. So no matter what the outcome was of that game he was getting a win regardless. I guess, if I did come off sounding like "that guy", I have been in the army for just over 18 years,two deployments. I guess I can sound kind of crass and not know, I did apologise to him if I did. So once again I do apologise if I did sound like "that guy" that wasn't what I was trying to do.
  10. If anyone likes to fly Farlander, I found a cheap way to use him. Keyan Farlander (29) EPT: rage (1) Cannon: if you have the points, HLC (7) Mod: B wing E2(1) Crew: inspiring recruit (1)
  11. Yeah, that actually saved my ship. I was using an ARC 170 and no shield's.
  12. This happened to me today. Ray attacked, I had a Target lock on Ray with M9-G8 she rolled 2 Kabooms. I modify using the Astro she rolled a blank using Ray's ability can she reroll the blank she rolled with M9-G8?
  13. Got ya. I just looked up SLAM. Thanks
  14. I was working on a build with Ahsoka and Miranda, but I don't know if this is legal. If I take an action with Miranda (drop a mine) and I use Ahsoka's ability to spend a focus for another ship to take an action, and I use SLAM as Miranda's action can I take another action (drop a different mine) if I have advanced SLAM?
  15. I knew he was wrong but he didn't want to believe me. He wanted it from another source I guess. Thanks much
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