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  1. Sorry about that Crazy Aido I was just so excited to see the game still existed, even in Roleplaying form, that I got a little carried away. After a long time of 40K tabletop warfare, I wanted to play something different. I'd be happy with 40K roleplaying, but was keen to try fantasy. Caught the rumour of the End Times being the end of Warhammer and was pleased I hadn't bought any armies. Didn't even get the rulebook before Games Workshop binned it. Was a narrow escape. But I had a plot in mind for a "CSI Warhammer" where something sinister was growing in the shadows to bring down an Empire city. I'd leave the players guessing at the nature of the threat. For every clue there would be about three believable red herrings.
  2. Cool I was a little fed up with the 40 RPGs because of all the rules, percentages and details that made following a mark through a crowd an hour long game session. Whereas the Star Wars RPGs is all story with the dice being helpful in resolving tests/actions. You could succeed but with threat, or you could fail but gain an advantage. If WHFR is more like Star Wars than Deathwatch, I can enjoy that By the way this is a pre End Times story.
  3. Just when I thought Warhammer Fantasy was dead, I saw on the upcoming page that Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is being reprinted. Currently At the Printer. As a roleplaying fan though, I'm not sure about Fantasy. Originally, I was going to get started on Dark Heresy 2nd Edition in light of the Enemies Within supplement and the Inquest rules. I'm a HUGE NCIS fan and enjoy good mystery/who done it's/thriller, so wanted to balance exciting action with dangerous hidden foes plotting ruin. I notice there is still life in this forum so I'm looking to read about why you think I should choose this over 40K Roleplaying. I'll start off by saying it looks like everything I need is in the box, rather than having to buy loads of books.
  4. I'm going total lockdown. NO INTERNET! From 16th December until I've seen the movie. My viewing is on 21st December so that's five days of no Internet.
  5. 1:18 scale or 120mm Should make the Space Marine True Scale in comparison. Unless the whole thing is 150mm in which case the human models would be less mm. I find between 54mm and 75mm have some truly awesome models.
  6. Not Bob


    Holy mackerel in tomato cream sauce I think I've just pooped myself!
  7. But if the acolytes, after doing their duty, just left the world it would give an opportunity for a new campaign later. Khorne cannibalism cult. or Tau ambassadors bring food to feed the starving masses who the big bad Imperium have forsaken.
  8. It wasn't expecting a quick answer. It was realizing after I posted, and each time I looked, there was nobody in the forum. Meanwhile other forums (such as Star Wars ones) were swarming. Even the DH2ndEd had more life. I felt this post was a long shot as not many people would spend £110 on one unassembled and unpainted model. But since I don't play the tabletop game, with GW prices, I feel I can justify it. That's what I'm telling myself anyway
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