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  1. All the Zuckuss' were out of stock where I looked, but I just ordered 4-Lom among others from sw miniatures. They fit quite well with IA.
  2. I really like how they feel part of the same squad in the coloring. Well done.
  3. Hm. Somehow I missed these, when originally posted. Looks awesome.
  4. Funny idea. This would be mine: 40/40 Deployment 15/15 Command Points 15/15 Command CardsDeployments:Drokkatta [9]Shyla Varad [8]CT-1701 [7]Onar Koma [6]Vinto Hreeda [5]Punishing Strike [2]Temporary Alliance (M) [1]Devious Scheme [1]Extra Armor [1]Commands:Assassinate [3]Comm Disruption [2]Call the Vanguard [2]Tools for the Job [2]Draw! [1]Extra Protection [1]Wild Fire [1]Price on Their Heads [1]Negation [1]Stealth Tactics [1]Celebration [0]Urgency [0]Set for Stun [0]Positioning Advantage [0]Opportunistic [0]
  5. It's "hard" to make a spy list, because they don't have a lot of cards like Tools or Assasinate that really makes you want to pack as many of that keyword as possible. Yet, Comm Dis is extremely good. ****, I often pack Comm Dis in Scum without a single spy group. Overall, spy CCs were some of the best before Hunter/Smuggler got boosted. I still think Spy CC is very strong.
  6. It would be nice if the IACP page had a small timeline/schedule thing. I'm eagerly awaiting news But I have no clue when season 2 is closing up.
  7. Can Boba use move points, outside of his own activation to trigger his Rockets/Flames/Stim? Say I use Jabba The Hutt on him. He then gets to attack and get 2 MP afterwards, can he use those to fire a rocket (if he haven't used the rocket yet this round)?
  8. This has more or less been the norm for every FFG competitive game that is collectable. LCGs or miniatures. I find it hard to believe that Legion will be anything else a couple of years foward. Yes, they were fighting an uphill battle with the early releases etc. That could easily have been fixed by producing a Skirmish starter set, with new versions of those old cards and get rid of the 'must-have-tiles' stuff and let people play tourneys with printet maps (like they do already). They also did errata Specter Cell, just waaaay too late. FFG has never ever been good at creating healthy metas.
  9. LOL. Guess we now know why they cut IA skirmish, eh.
  10. I love the academy idea. I hope I get some time to listen more closely.
  11. Maybe just start with changing the focus text and see where that goes?
  12. I wouldn't be opposed to nerfing Gideon as well. Without any focus boost, I might be concerned about stuff like Vader etc. But then again, I can't remember when I last fired a shot at Vader in a game so maybe that doesn't matter much. In any case, if the IACP is going to go through with such changes as proposed by Dan, I suggest you do it asap since it has much more impact on the factions than anything else. Then do it, and let us build from there.
  13. I think making Gideon Rebel Only makes sense. It isn't super thematic to have him run around with Scum. Then use your 3PO change and leave Jabba as is. That way, both Rebel and Scum has access to focus, but not to double focus. I think it's the double focus that makes Weequays and Rangers so darn powerful.
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