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  1. Great work! (I seem to repeat myself in this thread)
  2. aermet69

    Etheneus painting

    You can handpaint on matte varnish afterwards to take most of it away. I've done that before.
  3. I bought an airbrush-citadel white for stormtrooper painting (it's way thinner than regular paint) and just apply it with a normal brush - that way, I don't have to thin the paint every time.
  4. aermet69

    Set for Stun

    It may seem slightly ridiculous thematically, but I think the card just went from completely useless to actually useful and something worth considering.
  5. After doing the Boba conversion (Still trying to get some paint on him, but the lack of upgrade in ToL has put him on the backburner), I still had my painted Boba lying around. Well. He's not anymore, as I decided that Sabine needed her helmet on. The picture is pretty crude, as I'm only on core coloring at this point but I wanted to share the project already.
  6. aermet69

    Set for Stun

    Interesting. Certainly makes the card more useful.
  7. aermet69

    Line of Sight Calculator thread

    Wow. This tool is super! Instant bookmark!
  8. aermet69

    Just Curious...

    They can't sell directly from their store. Some agreement with Hasbro.
  9. aermet69

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    Yup. One of my first thoughts.
  10. I think Dewbacks are a hidden gem. They've failed me slightly, last time I tried using them - but there were also less support for them and they are indeed a solid target for Death Troopers. A couple defense tokens on them and they might last long enough.
  11. aermet69

    Regionals list

    Oh, sorry, what I meant was for instance Gamorrean and then Weequays and other snipers, rather than Gamorreans and more Gamorreans or other melee people in your list.
  12. aermet69

    Regionals list

    Not sure though. But I think it goes better with snipers than other melee/close range units. Gotta test more.
  13. aermet69

    Etheneus painting

    Nice stuff. I've prepped mine for painting, but haven't gotten around to it yet - mainly as they don't really pull their weight in Skirmish anymore.
  14. So I was testing this the other day, and suddenly got confused by the exact wording on the trigger (not sure if this is mentioned in the other LiA timing thread). So does this trigger when I have: A: 3 or more exhausted groups OR 3 or more defeated groups? B: 3 or more exhausted and/or defeated groups?
  15. aermet69

    Regionals list

    One list I have yet to try, but will do next time I play is a new creature list: Bantha eCatz eNexu eTuskens (with Lie In Ambush) R2-D2 (for card draw) Gideon (for moving Bantha) rJawa (Act and good shot with Focus) Extra Armor (Prolly 2 on Bantha and 1 on each Cat, as you want the Catz to give Evade to Nexu) Beast Tamer and Temp All. The idea is to run in with the Bantha (pretty normal) for the Jundland Terror play. If you don't have the JT round 1, then your Tuskens will arrive in their deployment zone round two and while the Bantha will prolly go down, they'll be ready to Terrorize. I gotta say though, that after having tested LiA once, I wasn't impressed. Perhaps it would be better as an extra Extra armor and just whach two tokens on each Tusken. But thematically I love the idea of Banthas and Tuskens coming out of ambush.