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  1. aermet69

    Hondo Cards up

    To me, it seems very good. Gamorreans or Riot Troopers deploying on the edge of opponent's deploy zone and take a move and an attack from there. They come in unscathed and ready to roll. Jet Troopers could really shine here as well. I definitely think this will be a meta-shaker. Well done Daniel.
  2. aermet69

    Hondo Cards up

    Yeah while they don't work (nor does the Ranco-ambush 😥), I do think Ambush is going to change the game radically - much more so than Doubt.
  3. aermet69

    Hondo Cards up

    Yeah, that seems a bit much considering you could already get the 5 points. So you have to Run Saska to get those extra 2 points...
  4. aermet69

    Hondo Cards up

    I've been running a scum VP manip list for a while now and it works really well. Hondo fits like a glove.
  5. aermet69

    Store Championship List and Prizes Dropped

    Necro'ing this. Just got the Heroic Effort card. Is it normal that the plastic cards are the size of card games and not the size of IA cards?
  6. aermet69

    Kill Vader first?

    It depends.... If you get the opening and have the dps to kill off Vader first and fast, then go ahead. The problem with trying to kill Vader first, is when you fail (bad roll, CCs) - then the Vader player still has Vader AND all his friends. This can also depend heavily on map. I played against Vader list on Uscru at the regional in DK and just ran my *** off against Vader while taking down all his friends (should be said though, that I also had all the small-luck on my side: getting just enough damage through to kill his stuff, while he was constantly 1-2 damage short). I made it to 40 through objective points, Jabba, Jawa and Pickpocket tricks.
  7. aermet69

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    I think Combat Resupply is a solid card and have exactly thought about it's inclusion in a Droid build with BT-1. However, I think you're missing the round no. requirement. First turn, this card gives 1 token. Nothing more. I think it's super solid on turn 2-3. It may be worth testing with troopers as you can get the tokens, and spend them immediately.
  8. aermet69

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    It's a finisher card. You'll probably use it once per game, but if that get's you 1-2 extra kills at 1 point that you can't lose - it may be worth it.
  9. aermet69

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    There are definitely some CC comboes there, but I can also just see a Jet Trooper using Heavy Fire Zone to sac himself in order to clean house.
  10. aermet69

    What if Rebels had Temporary Alliance

    There is a way...
  11. Would be the sickest FFG burn if they kept a Boba fix completely hidden until the first dude opens up whatever box it's in and just dies in happiness!
  12. ... or you absolutely don't mind him wasting his Call The Vanguard to Signal Jammer. Definitely seems like a solid card, that requires some thought to use well.
  13. aermet69

    FFG's "In Flight Report" info about IA

    *tinfoil hat* So maybe that is why the next skirmish map (now in rotation) is an ageold map?
  14. aermet69

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    Har! His pose would fit Skirmish Gideon way better than current model. He does rarely move, let alone firing his gun!