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  1. aermet69

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    This would be the awesomest.
  2. aermet69

    Skirmish upgrade for Saska

    Making both abilities work on attachment becomes super weird, when Vader suddenly loses his add-on, or even worse with IG because he gets HP from it... I don't like that. I like the concept of getting rid of choice upgrades though.
  3. Dengar = 4 (maybe even 3).
  4. aermet69

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    I don't think it makes super much meaning to say Thrawn is better at 6 point than Hondo or Onar. I mostly play Scum, so Thrawn is not even a consideration. It would make sense to look at no. 1-2 in each faction at each point value. Obviously there is 'some' crossover. Like C-3PO is worth putting on the scum list as well (not that they have other good 2 point options).
  5. aermet69

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    I think eJawa serves a mention as well. Last tourney, I tried to fit in something else (even making room for Hera) but the eJawa just felt better in every way. It can pack a punch, and you don't expect too much of it.
  6. There are some super pieces in there. If I was playing more IG-88, I'd definitely buy one of those. Huge upgrade.
  7. aermet69

    A joy to bring to the table

    I love Bossk too. Also, eGammorreans is super fun and with Extra Armor, really good. Greedo is a must, but he's also up on the power curve, so I don't consider him in that group. While not truely a figure, Salacious Crumb is also hilarious to bring along
  8. Sure. I don't think this is right around getting discontinued at all. It's just not releasing a waterfall of expansions anymore. Even if it was, if you play campaign there is plenty of stuff (I personally still play descent a lot, even if it 'very' rarely gets new stuff). If you are in it for Skirmish, only Spectre Cell is giving the game a little trouble otherwise it is in an excellent spot.
  9. Aye. It shows that you can still get stuff, even years after. IA will survive.
  10. Excellent! I kept losing on the Jawa map no matter what I did.
  11. True, but that is only for one figure. Efficient Travel is your entire squad. Not saying it's super awesome, but there is that at least. However, few maps seem to 'really' have serious difficult terrain parts.
  12. aermet69

    3-player Skirmish Map

    Nice attempt!
  13. aermet69

    anybody ever make their own maps?

    I wonder if anybody has made good 3-player skirmish maps? That'd be pretty useful.
  14. aermet69

    Lie in ambush

    I played against them at my last tournament, and it was actually pretty good. You can easily position them to move back 4 spaces and so, get the reroll. There's a good chance at least one of them will be hidden after the attacks and Gideon can focus for next round (in necessary) on unlimited range. On top, you don't just clear out 3 rangers in your backyard. They are pretty tough still.