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  1. aermet69

    Temporary Alliance (M) Errata

    But it seems they are going to get both (perhaps) eDeath Trooper and Thrawn and still have rOfficers so perhaps it's going to change.
  2. aermet69

    Top 22 at European Nationals?

    Seems like a cool approach.
  3. I really like the stone pillar with difficult terrain around it. You can block of a path with a single figure, making it harder to get past to your smaller dudes. The big stone pillar is also interesting as has already been mentioned with mobile units sitting on top.
  4. You can't count spaces through a closed door.
  5. Because handpainting that kind of stuff on a flat base takes forever. That's more or less what I'm doing now and I have a pile of finished figures that still lack the bases because it takes forever and is extremely boring to paint.
  6. Unless you use clear bases, your bases won't match anything. For me, having similar bases unifies the look of the squad. Especially since I play mostly Scum, who can easily look like a rag-tag band, having a unified base helps a lot with making the squad one whole.
  7. I'm not too concerned about the thickness, if I put all my imperial figures on them, it'll pan out the same. I'm much more concerned about those two millimeters when putting ten figures next to eachother on the map.
  8. aermet69

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    Seems you'll have full control over the terminals from that position.
  9. Then I saw Ezra's face on the next news and I was like: "Wow... we finally get that skirmish update!!!"... but it was destiny.
  10. aermet69

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    Hm. I wouldn't say it's obvious from the wording, if you can give one or more to the same figure. I like the sniper form a lot to pick off enemy support and when the fighting get's thick and/or you need to dash to an objective, the street rat is solid. A good finisher, especially with a Surge token to guarentee that knife attack. I would have loved a point reduction or a few more HP or defensive bonus but with the Hunter trait he can still do stuff and on top, he allows you to run spy cards.
  11. aermet69

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    Jyn is pretty interesting too!
  12. aermet69

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    Absolutely. I've been considering some sort of Creature list. If the Clawdite can give a Nexu x2 Evade tokens, and then jump the Nexu into their midst to block of one side of the map while you advance behind it. Than insures at least 1 Block & 1 Evade against the first two attacks. This weekend I used an Imperial Hunter list, and while it didn't do too too good, giving the Inquisitor a Surge token was instrumental to his value, ensuring that Cleave 3.
  13. Nice testing, even if some of your Change Of Plans doesn't work. They have to share Traits. I really like your various ideas for triggering this thing.
  14. <- Was a hard one to open up... I hope the end of IA is a little further away.
  15. Oh man... I must have those for my imperial figures. Been trying to hand-paint something similar on them - the pain!