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  1. Looks pretty darn neat from what I can see.
  2. aermet69

    Game defining command cards

    I'll agree to having at least 2-3 movement cards. Whether these are Fleet Footed and Urgency or something else is not important in my opinion. I rarely play without Urgency, but almost always play without Fleet Footed.
  3. Well. There's hope FFG realizes that at some point as well, and tries to push IA Skirmish a bit more.
  4. aermet69

    Ffg please respond RE European medals

    No to derail the topic completely, but how does Shadespire compare to IA. I've been looking at it a bit, and it seems to have some of the same concept - though I'm not too fond of the fixed squads.
  5. aermet69

    Maul shinanigans

    Just to round this off. If I put Last Resort on Maul, and have Dying Lunge in hand when he dies, I can chose to Dying Lunge first. Then Last Resort. Then Maul stays until his own activation (if he haven't done so already this turn). Right?
  6. Emperor, rRiots I think would be good to get his ability off for cheap. He also used to go well with Probe Droids, but I don't think they are worth their cost at the moment. Maybe the elite?
  7. aermet69

    Ffg please respond RE European medals

    Oh man. That sucks so hard I can't even believe it. RR, you've been a huge contributor to my own involvement in the game.
  8. Also, indiscriminate fire is strong with a lot of figures running around on low HP.
  9. I'm constantly on the fence on this. On one hand, I want to (and have) stick to the lore, on the other hand, I'd love for my "warband" to look more unified.
  10. Great work! (I seem to repeat myself in this thread)
  11. aermet69

    Etheneus painting

    You can handpaint on matte varnish afterwards to take most of it away. I've done that before.
  12. I bought an airbrush-citadel white for stormtrooper painting (it's way thinner than regular paint) and just apply it with a normal brush - that way, I don't have to thin the paint every time.
  13. aermet69

    Set for Stun

    It may seem slightly ridiculous thematically, but I think the card just went from completely useless to actually useful and something worth considering.
  14. After doing the Boba conversion (Still trying to get some paint on him, but the lack of upgrade in ToL has put him on the backburner), I still had my painted Boba lying around. Well. He's not anymore, as I decided that Sabine needed her helmet on. The picture is pretty crude, as I'm only on core coloring at this point but I wanted to share the project already.