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  1. toffolone

    Game Length -- What are we doing wrong?

    Are you playing to the last man standing?. Because of course games can be very long in that case. Just put a time limit and see who is winnign at that point
  2. toffolone

    Deployment card orientation

    Actually the rule you are looking for is just after the part you quoted. You quoted bullet no. 4 and it is bullet no.5. The blues player orientates the cards .
  3. toffolone

    Priority supplies bases may replace objective tokens?

    Priority supplies are meant to be used as objective tokens: At the time being you have following objectives: Vaporators: you need 4 objective and you use the 4 Vaporators Intercept transmission: you need 3 objective and you have three consolles Recover supplies: you need 5 objective and you have 5 crates. Breakthrough: no need for objective the other card is still 3 objective so again you can use the consolles.
  4. toffolone

    Newb card actions questions.

    Actually if I had quoted Jesus, you may have been right. But I quoted an ancient Chinese proverb. Also I didn't give him answers because Others had already answered in the most satisfactory way possible (giving him answers for one day) . So I told (taught) him where HE could have found those answer by himself (so He can find answers whenever he needs them). Something that nobody had done yet at that time.
  5. toffolone

    Suppression and low profile

    consider suppression as people going down to their belly or knees covering their heads, in order to avoid being hit by shots fired at them. They offer a smaller target and can use the small repairs given by open terrain, or use better an existing repair. therefore the cover 1. For the same reason they gain suppression token when a vehicle moves thorugh them: they dive out of the way and land flat on earth. When in the attack pool there is a weapon with blast, all the hits ignore cover because they stop hiding and try to flee form the blasting weapon. Therefore they become an easy target for the other weapons.
  6. toffolone

    Newb card actions questions.

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day. Teach him how to fish and he will be able to feed himself forever. So instead of giving just answers, it would be better to tell him were he can find those answers by himself.
  7. toffolone

    Change of Plans vs Change of Plans

    exactly...after the first draw of cards, I would have let you play first while I issue orders to three units... The "HAN goes first" effect is not good enough to waste my orders in one turn.
  8. toffolone

    Newb card actions questions.

    Be sure to read the learn to play booklet and the rules reference booklet, which are available in the products page of Fantasy flight site. Those would have replied most (if not all) of your questions.
  9. toffolone

    Terrain Amounts!!! It has to be discussed lol

    excuse me, but if the tournament goes that way. And there is still people going and playing those tournamentes, then the blame is theirs, not the organizer's. Screw me once: shame on you. Screw me twice: shame on me... Also complaining with the regional responsible for organized play could help- It is their task to improve the gaming experience for the community.
  10. toffolone

    Various Rule Questions (Newbie)

    Issuing orders means just that you put your order tokens face up next to the unit . And both you and your opponent issue orders to units during the command phase. Priority only sets who goes first in every turn. Actually it means that you (and of course your opponent) will be able to Activate that unit at the exact time you want to, instead of hoping to randomly pick the right token from the pool. When it is your time to activate a unit you can either choose to pick a random token from the pool (so you don't know which kind of uunit you will have to activate, charcater, core, vehicle or heavy) or to activate one of the unit with the face up tokens (so You know you are activating that exact unit). When you activate a unit, that unit can make two actions.. SO the round goes as: -choose command cards and give priority to one player (with the appropriate rules) - issue orders = put face up tokens next to units of the kind specified on the choosen command card (if any kind is specified obvously: unit is generic, trooper unit is more specific) . - player with priority chooses if he want to activate a unit with a face up tokem OR to draw a random token from the token pool. In the second case he/she can choose whichever unit of the same kind depicted on the drawn token with the exception of those units which already have a face up token or face down token (these last ones have already been activated in that round) next to them. -Activated unit can take two actions - See suppression for more specific rules about number of possible actions -the other player activate one of his/her units with the same procedure - repeat until all units have been activated
  11. toffolone

    Whipcord launcher and melée

    Why not? Is it an attack? No. So why do you compare it with things that make Attacks?
  12. Just to complete the above list of possible units, and to repeat something I already wrote months ago: in a scum and villainy faction you may have THE RANCOR as heavy support. Of course it will have only hand to hand weapon (maybe a range 2 Boulder Hurling attack?) . But just imagine how awesome the miniature would be. The imperial assault one (so a much smaller scale) is already impressive. Sincerely speaking I would have appreciated much more a s&V faction than the prequel era factions. S&V would fit perfectly between the Empire and the rebels factions, taking the role of antagonist for both factions, and improving the gaming experience reducing the possibility of same faction battles. You can easily justify a bunch of raiders attacking a rebel outpost or a group of rogues trying to resist to an imperial patrol. It is more difficult to justify a Group of clones attacking a rebel cell when they should not even exist at the same time. S&V would also legitimately be a valid faction for the clone wars era. both technologically and esthetically they don't change in the 20 + years iatus between the two eras. Talking about the aesthetic aspect of the miniatures, a S&V faction would be more interesting than clones, which would be basically stormtroopers with a little more color, or droids. which are a lot of same looking figures which moves in big blocks and not skirmishing units. Are the above enough reasons?
  13. toffolone

    Not too excited about Chewie

    The above is true for the first round of combat. but unless the troopers try to disengage, which will be an unwise choice, they are going to loose on the long run. Because Chewbacca damage output increases, while their damage output decreases. Let's say after first round of melee (supposing either chewbacca or the stormtroopers have not activated before being engaged so both units make an attac in that turn). chewbacca has 6 wounds left, stormtroopers have lost 2 men so there are 4 left. second round of combat: again both unit get to make an attack. Chewbacca has tenacity kicking in so if he goes first now he makes makes 2.5 wounds (including aim token and saves) let's round down to 2.. the two remaining troopers make 1.4 wounds to chewie (including rerolls for aim token); let's round up to 2. So now we have chewbacca with 4 wounds left and 2 troopers remaining. third round: Chewbe still makes 2,5 wounds killing all stormtroopers. Or the stormtroopers go first this turn, so they make 1 wound to chewbe ans still get defeated by the wookie. All the above if we consider that neither chewbe nor the stormies have taken wounds before getting in melee which is quite improbable...
  14. toffolone

    Veers and Leia Bombardment Question

    you may use your aim token during one of the three Attacks made by Leia. Of course after you have used it, you may reroll dice for that attack, and not for the subsequent one(s)
  15. toffolone

    Han Tactics & Strategies

    Well I suggest to use him with Leia. And one of them needs Improvised orders. That card is simply too strong.