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  1. Actually it fits really well. But the two feets are not parallel. Right leg is bent towards the outside
  2. In the future -continuing with your example- you will be able to take the new vader operative command cards
  3. Two things First it dors not cost 10 pts. It costs 10 pints plus the mandatory comm upgrade, so mininum 15 points Second you can only add it to core troops for the time being. Anyway it becomes just another member ofvthe ynit, so same weapon (s) and same defense die
  4. Try sending an email to ffg customer service as you wouldo for a missing part. Explaining the situation. They may ship you the correct bases directly
  5. Something is not right here. Sabine has 9 suppression tokens, before she becomes panicked, she can try to rally herself. So either she rolled 0 out of 9 dice for removing suppression (in which case you shouldn't complain if she rolls 6 the next activation) or she didn't roll at all. Or she rolled not enough to avoid panick. In which case next activation she didn't need to roll so good. Secondly, Sabine has command 2, so she doesn't care about any rebel commander a part Luke and Jyn. All other commander have the same command value as her. Third even if for some reason she still had 9 suppressions after her first activation, she should at least remove one at the end of the turn (unless you were playing hostile environment) . Last, losing all unit's activation running to the nearest table edge or recovering will surely ruin any tactical plan made by a player. So panick is still an interesting option.
  6. I reanimate this post to ask How do I transform my invitation (the round one you get from top 4 at grand championship) into a real spot at the invitational tournament? It looks like seats are limited at the tourney
  7. Perfect. Let's wait for a new update or a new faq
  8. Well you can use it on han or chewbe, and make it a threesome.
  9. The immune pierce rule says While a unit with the immune: pierce keyword is defending, the attacker cannot use the pierce keyword to cancel block (󲉣) results on defense dice rolled by the defender. • The pierce keyword cannot be used on defense dice rolled by a unit with the immune: pierce keyword using the guardian keyword. » The pierce keyword can be used on defense dice rolled by a unit with the immune: pierce keyword using the guardian keyword during an attack in which the defender has the immune: pierce keyword As I read it, • and 》contradicts each other. Any thoughts?
  10. I used three dewbacks at Italian Grand Championship and finished second out of 18 players, loosing only the final due to a couple of unlucky dice off for priority. Dewback are wonderful, but you have to change your mindset for imperial gameplay. You should use spur every time in order to arrive earlyer to the opponent's lines. They are quite resistant to enemy fire, or at least takeca lot of attention from enemy. Absolutely give them a gun, better the t21, free attack is good even with 4 white when you have crit1
  11. Ok but is it confirmed it will be during adepticon? And i guess we have to fet tickets for adepticon. Ffg could give us some informations
  12. Please note that when you select dewbacks (by the way they have already been released in some countries) and try to choose a comm upgrade for them, it shows target linked array, which should not be available to them (only vehicles or emplacement). Same for taun tauns. Of course when unreleasef is flagged on.
  13. There are a couple of problems with those sprues. Cutting point are not clear, true for the left arms only. You should just cut the most obvious points (ie shoulder), then gently turn around the arm. This should evidentiate the cutting poinu on the wrist. Instructions sre not clear at all on how to assemble correclty the arms. I guess most peopke did not catch the wrist/hand connection on the gun. Ffg issued an additional pdf which is way more explicative. General grievious also has some problems because they don t explain how the different option are mutually exclusives (e.g. the collar and cape) Droidekas are a mess. The pdf helps a lot here. But sincerely speaking, after you have built one, you don't have a problem building the second. The b1s head is another problem. They had to make it in two pieces, due to casting issues. They simply choosed a wrong way to split it. I guess a longitudinal cut would have worked better. Probably the did it that way in order to mask the joint line.
  14. I won one invitation afyer the Italian Grand Championship. The question is what now? When and were would be the tournament? (I heard Chicago Adepticon, end of March 2020, but nothing official yet) What should I do in order to be able to compete? (A part buying plane tickets and trying to reserve a hotel room) Why everything is so secret?😎 How do I confirm my presence? Thank you
  15. First: thank you for your great job. There is still the problem with print view. Sometimes it shows all units in a single column Sometimes it shows them in two columns And sometimes adding a single upgrade makes the difference. Or also just adding unit A and unit B gives different print views than if you add unit B then unit A.
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