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  1. toffolone

    Guardian X

    Normally (in game rules) "a" is used when you mean a generic unit. If "a single unit" is the intended meaning, then "one" would have been used. So no real problema here.
  2. toffolone

    Attack Sequence Question

    in short: cover applies before impact but after surge conversion.
  3. toffolone

    And now... you will die Command Card

    Attack and ATTACK action are not the same. You can make more than one attack in some circumstances, but you canalways make a single atack action. So during your activation, you can make your normal attack action. Then you may take wounds and suppressions in order to make other attacks. It's quite simple. And only one personin the wholeworld is reading it differently....
  4. toffolone

    Scum yes or no.

    this is what I would like for a possible future SCUM FACTION. It's all thing taken from the movies or the cartoons. If we dig into the books or the EU, then thare are much more. I see also one Java as a model in a scum specialist pack. like repair droid for Empire or rebels. (the other three models being Bib fortuna (as leader), Sy noodles (as comm specialist) and someone else like medic. Of course, the models will be those, but the for the rules they will not be the named characters. they would just have exactly the same look by chance. Also Doctor Aphra can be quite an good operative. or make a 3 man special unit with 000 and BT1. Give some units a way to be used by Rebels and/or Empire with some minor malus (like being more expensive or losing some special rule) and you ahve the perfect solution.
  5. toffolone

    Scum yes or no.

    I made a speculative list of possible units a while ago before clone wars era was announced. I thought a Scum faction was more likely to happen at that time. Commander: Maul (access to dark sides powers, light saber, more agile than Vader, maybe 6 black dice); jabba the hutt (a more supportive role. maybe something static, with range 4 powers that influence other units). CAD BANE (as leader of his bunch of mercenaries). Generic mercenary officer. Operative - all bounty hunters from the movies ; maybe Bib Fortuna if some flavour rules can be concocted for that. Corps - Generic humans troopers (= pirates) plus something strange like JET troopers Special - Gmorreans for hand to handonly; Weequay specialists, Cad bane's bunch with hitmans or demolition upgrade. supports - Jet bikes, some wild beast (tamed like vookri), Cannon emplacement heavy- THE RANCOR!!! (close combat beast with a range 1-2 thrown weapon like "boulder hurling" or something like this) ; desert skiff with fixed arc cannon. Of course units can be switched for ranks. And you still have room for MAndalorians, Black sun etc like in the criminal cartel led by Maul in the comic book son of Dathomir. Actually I think that a scum and villainy (or maybe an "unaligned people" ) faction would be way more interesting than the republic or the separists one . Anyway just the possibility to have the rancor in Legion scae is enought for me to want this faction
  6. toffolone

    jyn and new troops

    Specialists are 26 and 27. Premiuim bases are 28 and 29. So we are still missing SWL 30 if I'm not mistaken. But since it is a single code, probably it will be something neutral or some game accessory
  7. toffolone

    Game Length -- What are we doing wrong?

    Are you playing to the last man standing?. Because of course games can be very long in that case. Just put a time limit and see who is winnign at that point
  8. toffolone

    Deployment card orientation

    Actually the rule you are looking for is just after the part you quoted. You quoted bullet no. 4 and it is bullet no.5. The blues player orientates the cards .
  9. toffolone

    Priority supplies bases may replace objective tokens?

    Priority supplies are meant to be used as objective tokens: At the time being you have following objectives: Vaporators: you need 4 objective and you use the 4 Vaporators Intercept transmission: you need 3 objective and you have three consolles Recover supplies: you need 5 objective and you have 5 crates. Breakthrough: no need for objective the other card is still 3 objective so again you can use the consolles.
  10. toffolone

    Newb card actions questions.

    Actually if I had quoted Jesus, you may have been right. But I quoted an ancient Chinese proverb. Also I didn't give him answers because Others had already answered in the most satisfactory way possible (giving him answers for one day) . So I told (taught) him where HE could have found those answer by himself (so He can find answers whenever he needs them). Something that nobody had done yet at that time.
  11. toffolone

    Suppression and low profile

    consider suppression as people going down to their belly or knees covering their heads, in order to avoid being hit by shots fired at them. They offer a smaller target and can use the small repairs given by open terrain, or use better an existing repair. therefore the cover 1. For the same reason they gain suppression token when a vehicle moves thorugh them: they dive out of the way and land flat on earth. When in the attack pool there is a weapon with blast, all the hits ignore cover because they stop hiding and try to flee form the blasting weapon. Therefore they become an easy target for the other weapons.
  12. toffolone

    Newb card actions questions.

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day. Teach him how to fish and he will be able to feed himself forever. So instead of giving just answers, it would be better to tell him were he can find those answers by himself.
  13. toffolone

    Change of Plans vs Change of Plans

    exactly...after the first draw of cards, I would have let you play first while I issue orders to three units... The "HAN goes first" effect is not good enough to waste my orders in one turn.
  14. toffolone

    Newb card actions questions.

    Be sure to read the learn to play booklet and the rules reference booklet, which are available in the products page of Fantasy flight site. Those would have replied most (if not all) of your questions.
  15. toffolone

    Terrain Amounts!!! It has to be discussed lol

    excuse me, but if the tournament goes that way. And there is still people going and playing those tournamentes, then the blame is theirs, not the organizer's. Screw me once: shame on you. Screw me twice: shame on me... Also complaining with the regional responsible for organized play could help- It is their task to improve the gaming experience for the community.