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  1. Firing Arcs Question

    4. If a trooper is in the front arc of an AT-ST, but the rest of the squad is out of arc, can the AT-ST attack the unit? Or would wounds only be dealt to the mini in arc? answer: YES These were the original question and the original answer. Now please point were you read that wounds can be allocated to miniatures our of arc. YOu can shoot to the unit because you see part of it. But surely you cannot shoot to models you cannot see. Rules are indeed clear on assigning wounds: Unit leader can never be assigned wounds unless he is the only model in LOS or he is the only wounded model if line of sight to a defender's miniature is blocked for all of attacker's models then that (defender's) miniature cannot be allocated wounds SO is being out of ARC like being on a blocked LOS? That's the only point that needs to be discussed.
  2. Firing Arcs Question

    Well the email from game designer does not say so. HE only replied that a unit can be targetd even if only one of its model is in arc. HE didn't reply on the assiignation of wounds to models out of arc. And the fact that you can shoot to a unit does not mean you can kill models out of your arc. As said: do what the rules say. Not what you think they say.
  3. Firing Arcs Question

    But it also says that if a miniature is not in line of sight (of any of the attackers) it cannot take wounds. The passage you quoted does not cover the situation in the example
  4. Deflect

    2 wounds, not hits.
  5. Battle cards deck

    Of course variety shiould be preferred. But Maybe I don't want to play with minefield. So I simply don't put it in my deck so there is no chance to draw it.
  6. Battle cards deck

    At the beginning of the game, battle cards must be shuffled then you deploy 3 of each category on the table and blue player start choosing which one to eliminate. But if I'm not mistaken in the box with vaporators etc, there will be a new card for each category . So those should be added to the deck...But not everybody will buy that expansions. Therefore we will have a situation where my deck has 4, 4 and 4 cards, your deck has 5, 5 and 5 cards. Maybe even worse if new cards come out in future expansions. So which battle deck should be used? Because once we will have many different cards, it would be a tactical decision to include some in the deck or not...I mean I could deicde to bring with me only 3 cards for battlefield conditions or deployment type., but 5 cards for objectives... But even if I bring all 5 cards for each deck, and my opponent only has 4 of each. Who decides which deck to use at the beginning of the game?
  7. To stack or not to stack (a "X" Story)

    I still think that you are applying a rule given for weapons keyword, to something different which is Unit's keyword. Otherwise, Tokra, please show me where in the RRG it says keywords are cumulative. I don't remember seeing it. Maybe I'm wrong. And I'm sorry, but articles or presentation videos, are not rules. Reason is they may be produced month before the final version of the rules, so maybe something was changed inbetween. But unless oyu can show me Real rules, not your reasonings, I'll stand on my position. Which is: I'll let you go as you like cumulating rules, but that's not the proper way to play according to the rules, so if someone else deny that, I can only say they are correct.
  8. To stack or not to stack (a "X" Story)

    I do agree that PROBABLY the intent of the rule was for those keywords to stack.. But actually they don't. AND nobody has the right to invent rules on the basis that they think their reasoning is better than Others'. YOu say "it is reasonable to think that..." . It is reasonable for YOU. I could think that Arsenal 2 is well enough for the ATST. or precise 1 is enough for stormtroopers. I could even make up some explaination about why AT ST cannot shoot with 4 weapons altogether. I would really like things to be as you think. But I will never use Rule As (I think is) Intended instead of RAW. Then of course as soon as FFG wakes up and write the obvious, then we will all gladly shoot the **** out of rebels with Arsenal 4 on ATST and Precise 2 on stormtroopers with scopes...
  9. To stack or not to stack (a "X" Story)

    Actually what makes you think that keywords like arsenal or precise do stack. I don' t want an esplanation of why you think so. I would like you to point out page and line with the actual rule. If there is no such rule, there is no discussion.
  10. Mine stormtrooper have just disembarked from a star destroyer, so their armor is factory new. If and when they will release sandtroopers, them I'll have them weathered. On the other hand some weathering on the bikes riders is due
  11. Han and defense dice

    I think the two cards were made in different times after some more playtesting. Would someone please check what is X in uncanny luck X on the adeptiocn card? ob the article card it is 3 , but I'm sure I read 2 the first time I saw the card (and it was an adepticon one). So maybe they tried defence red with 2 rerolls then turned to defence White with 3 rerolls. Or viceversa
  12. Speeder Bikes v AT-ST

    bikes have defensive surge and offensive surge. AT ST does not have both.
  13. Speeder Bike Sgt - How are you marking him?

    actually the core box model looking back is one leader ( it is the one Painted red on the rulebook figures, so it is the leader) . The expansions has a model which looks like he is stearing the bike. The other model is the same as the second biker from the core box. Therefore the different model in the expansions is the leader...
  14. Original Color vs Individual Color vs Grey

    Of course you can only paint empire models strictly according to the movies. That's the only way I may accept them (not that you should care of what I think) . This is a STAR WARS game so we must paint like star wars. So storm troopers are pure White with only the leader 's shoulder pad colored. Otherwise thare are plenty of games where you can use your personal schemes. For rebels there is no dress code, so you can paint them however you like (maybe I would avoid pink troopers or lighting blue AT RT...) Then of course everybody will do as they like. But when I see colored stormtroopers on the field, my eyes will bleed...
  15. How is the balancing so far?

    The fact that game is won by objectives, it is fairly balanced. In the few games I played with my friends, at first Empire looked more powerful, but we immediatley understood it was due to lack of real choice in the army listing (after all we oonly have one kind of troop and one kind of support or heavy per faction) . And because our mind was still set on the point victoy system typical of other games (i.e. WH) which we were used to play, Later games, with more wise use of battle cards and a gameplay more focused on taking objectives, the same lists got a completly different result. So apparently the game is balanced... On a more basic level, consider that rebel troopers shoot better and defend worse but have a rule helping in defense and defense surges. While stormtroopers shoot worse and defend better (after all they ARE wearing armor) and have offensive ability and surges....