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  1. toffolone

    New RRG!

    It's in the tournament regulations: each player has to bring with him a deck of 4 cards per type. then before any game you use blue player's deck to define batlle conditions.
  2. toffolone

    How to play , Star wars legion

    OK try this way: when you read "issue (ing) order(s) " substitute that with "put(ting) an(some) order token (s) face up next to choosen unit(S)"
  3. toffolone

    How to play , Star wars legion

    I think you misread the learn to play booklet….also if you have not yet built your models, of course you haven't played the introductory game. Issuing orders, basically means you put face up order tokens next to certain units (howmany and which kind of units depend on the command card you choosed at the beginning of round) Activation - you and your opponent alternate to avtivate units 1 at a time, starting from the player with priority. Activating a unit means that unit can take two actions out of the list mentioned on page 10<of the lear to play booklet. how to actually perform those action is explained later in the same booklet. When it is your turn to activate a unit, you can either choose to activate one of the unit to which you issued orders, or to randomly select an order token from the order pool (which is made by all the order token you didn't use in the command phase). If you go for random selection you must activate a unit of the kind depicted on the order token you took out. So, e.g. in the introductory game, you have 2 corps unit - the triangle - a support unit - sort of 8 shaped figure - and a commander - the winged figure. If during command phase you choosed the 2 pip card, you had given face up order token to 2 units, let's say you choosed the commander and the support unit. When it is your turn to activate a unit, you have three possible choices: - activate the commander -activate the support unit -choose randomly between the two remaining tokens (which are both corps units in this example). If you do so no matter which token you take out, you may choose which of the two corp units you want to activate. So issuing orders to a unit just means you can choose at which point of the activation phase you will be able to activate it (instead of waiting untill you randomly selct the proper token from the order pool) This is really important, since activations are alternated between the two players, so activating a certain unit at a certain time (not too early or not too late) is very important. For example, your unit maybe too far from the enemy to be able to shoot them, so you move it. Still too far. You move it again. Now it is your opponent's turn. He now has one of his unit in range to shoot to the unit you just moved. So it can spend its first action taking AIM, and the second action to shoot.
  4. toffolone

    Objective : recover the supplies

    you could also put all of them in the same scorner and go all forward to get them one after the other. this way you don't have to split your forces
  5. toffolone

    Objective : recover the supplies

    One simple question: can a unit leader reclaim more than one objective? And can he take with him more than one at the same time? thanks
  6. toffolone

    Tournaments in Switzerland

    Being in Italy , I'd like to come over there, but if the tournament is held in Zurich, it is way to far away to come and go in one day
  7. toffolone

    rapid reinforcements - rapid question

    Do I read it right that (because I have the italian version, and maybe there is a mistake in translation) 1- you don't "have to" choose units to be deployed in reserve: you choose up to 2 units, so 0 units is a valid option 2- When you deploy units from the reserve, they cannot do anything since they are considered ACTIVATED (so their activation is over) Thanks for any reply
  8. toffolone

    2 Beginner Question (Suppression & Pierce 1)

    The heavy weapons upgrades add a specific miniature to respective unit. therefore only that specific miniature has the special weapon. On the contrary an upgrade as grenades is an equipment which is taken by the Whole team (including the special weapon man if you have him). So any number on models in the unit can use the specific grenade. Any special rule ( = keyword) followed by a number is added to the dice pool as many times as number of weapons contributing to the pool that have that speciic keyword. Other keyword are applied to the pool *** a Whole. Eg. your trooper use impact grenades with five men. you are throwing 5 grenadaes. each renade has impact 1. So your pool has impact 5. your unit is using a flame throiwer and 4 normal pistols and a impact grenade : your dice pool has blast for all the dice (given by flamethrower) and impact 1 (given by the single grenade you are using).
  9. toffolone

    Veer card, dodge deflect crit

    AT ST has armor, so it ignores normal hits. Therefore the token can be used for crits
  10. toffolone

    Speeder Impact 1

    the weapon has impact one. you have two bikes. therefore you have two weapons. so Impact 2. Take a look at the new FaQ thread which explains this (although it does it for grenades)
  11. toffolone

    FAQ/Rules Update, when?

    When? I would say.. NOW!
  12. toffolone

    Answered Questions - Email Compilation

    Official FAQ thread just posted. no reason to go on here
  13. toffolone

    So what's next?

    One thing for sure is the wookie will be able to clamber without problems. They are natural born climbers. Chewbecca is a sure shot for first rebel operative. And a wookie team (support) is an easy bet... Empire will see small vehicles. My bet is on the Hovertank. Rebels need to get speederbikes (but maybe not) . Hoth troopers what may have different from normal troopers?
  14. toffolone

    guardian vs impact

    I wish instead of replying to various emails they would take the time to modify the Rules reference document. I don't think it would take much more time....
  15. toffolone

    guardian vs impact

    Maybe it was already addressed by Alex Davy, but what is the general consensus for Guardian vs impact? I.E nothing in the RRG says Impact only applies Vs units with armor. It says so on practically any weapon card that has impact. So does impact work against everything (therefore guardian does not work on that/those hit(S) turned Crit(S) ) ?