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  1. Why aren't more people requesting this. Speeds up a lot of list building. Just make sure it duplicates whatever current build you have created and not just the ship.
  2. Just making sure this is right. Fenn can't Hotcop someone if he used his ability on a target attacking him, correct?
  3. This is absolutely absurd. I hate this rule.
  4. SylinRhyas

    System Open

    It's the Mandalore open
  5. SylinRhyas

    System Open

    It's Pax Unplugged and all the badges are almost sold out. Talking about dropping the ball on this one.
  6. SylinRhyas

    System Open

    How is there a System Open in less then 3 weeks and no official announcement from FFG OP????
  7. One of the Judge's is going to be populating it today.
  8. So, you attack ship A with a Harpoon missile from ship B and that ship already has a harpoon condition card on it. If the condition is met to deal it a face down damage card and that damage card destroys the ship would the second Harpoon condition card be assigned before it blows up to allow the exploding ship to deal the damage for that part of the condition card or since it's destroyed you can't use that condition?
  9. Hearing something about a surprise release for Force Friday. They are not saying what it is though.
  10. What's everyone's thoughts of Biggs ability only working on ships that are outside of his firing arc?
  11. Awesome job! Quick question, how come we can't hit c for Tallon rolls? I guess I'm just trying to be lazy, you've been spoiling us with all the updates to the program.
  12. Biggs with R2D2 is a real pain in the *** to kill. But the list is vulnerable to alpha strikes and can lack in offensive power. Games will go to time a lot with those two.
  13. Are you able to block a Fanatical devotion result with an evade token?
  14. As long as they are here for Nova Open
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