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  1. Interesting, thank you for that information. So the A-Wings don't either, I would assume, since they also don't show modifications as options in the apps. Is there a statement somewhere about why certain ships no longer get access to modifications? I played a bit of first edition and have gone through the new 2nd edition core set and Rebel conversion kit, but I didn't see anything listed in there about it.
  2. Is there a reason that the Fang Fighters in both the GooglePlay app and on the website lack the Modification options despite the "quick build" cards indicating that they can accept modifications?
  3. A couple more items: 3. There is no hyperdrive attachment available, despite its appearance in the sidebar on page 82 as an option. This lack of a hyperdrive makes anything larger than a starfighter significantly less useful. 4. Added mods on the engine and hull disappear when you click either Purchase or Finish. So, your extra defense, system strain, etc fail to show up on the finished product. Thank you for this update, OggDude, it's a huge step forward, and it's great that you are both fully employed and back to working on the generator.
  4. I disagree. Knowing is always better than not knowing. Better for WHO is certainly up for debate, though.
  5. Obviously, Ni Fang has an advance copy of Fully Operational and rolled at least two Advantage.
  6. Nice! In my players' fight, the lead Inquisitor (with FR5 - equal to the highest FR among my players) had Bind with numerous upgrades. His +70 crits were...not kind to the players. At all. (One roll hit 136, and two others went higher).
  7. By RAW, it would be 3/2. For my players, because I have characters with 3 Melee/3 Ranged Defense between armor and talents, I house-rule to allow characters to stack Defense up to 4, like ships do. So, there's still a good reason to spend a manuever to take cover even if you have great armor (and I still allow active powers like Protect to stack Defense beyond 4). Again, this is my HOUSE-RULE for the group - by RAW you simply use the best possible single source of Defense (which in your example, is your lightsaber with Lorrdian crystal and Curved Hilt).
  8. As currently defined in RAW by my understanding, you only gain Defense from the highest-available source. So, a fully-upgraded Lorrdian Crystal with modified Curved Hilt will give you 3 Melee/2 Ranged Defense, period, regardless of any armor or talents you have (unless said armor or talents grant you more than 3 Melee/2 Ranged defense). Double-bladed lightsabers do not, to my knowledge, double the available Defense.
  9. Do you mean "disruptor pistols"? Blaster pistols don't generally grant +40 to a crit roll, I didn't think. I've used critical hits numerous times against my players, but they have only just started using them against the NPCs. So far, while we have a few lightsabers with Vicious 2 and Crit 1 in the group, no one has gone for disruptor weapons yet. I told them they are welcome to get them - but no whining when a group of bounty hunters shows up and starts disintegrating limbs with their own disruptor weapons.
  10. My players started out with a YT-1300 and an AS-1S modular starfighter that the gadgeteer bounty hunter purchased after we converted the characters over from Saga Edition and they went to Bespin for the Jewel of Yavin adventure. The gadgeteer bounty hunter (character - the player decided to bring in a different character) took off and the group then captured a VCX-100 and HWK-290 during the opening sessions of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper. They turned the VCX-100 over to the Rebellion after finding Warde's Holocron hidden in the cockpit (sadly, they did not board in time to save the crew, but DID manage to kill all of the attacking pirates) and claimed the pirates' HWK-290 for themselves. They later "exchanged" the YT-1300 for a modified HWK-1000 after capturing a VT-49 Decimator protoype for the Rebellion and turning it over to them at a deep space Shadowport in the Corellian system. Not so long ago, the group explored the destroyed Jedi monastery on Devaron to find clues as to the location of Moraband, where one of the PCs had a vision of a terrible space battle that brought them to the site of a crashed Jedi -7b Aethersprite. They salvaged the ship's astromech and the Jedi pilot's datapad, which they discovered was keyed to the beckon call of the ship from the PC's vision. Deciphering the vision, they discovered that a modified but heavily-damaged Consular-class vessel had been put into an eccentric orbit around one of the Devaron system's smaller moons. After repairing the astromech and datapad and discovering the slave circuit, they were able to recover the Consular and make it space-worthy enough to jump out of the system just ahead of the Imperial garrison forces who were investigating the recent activity at the temple. Further exploration revealed three more Delta-7B Aethersprites aboard the ship in its hangar bay, two of which have recently been traded to the Rebellion for an X-Wing by the group's smuggler pilot. I drew inspiration from the Crucible in Disciples of Harmony and the stats from the two different Consular variants (armed and unarmed) that we've seen introduced so far in the various FFG books. I figured that given the prevalence of the Consulars in the years leading up to and following the outbreak of the Clone Wars, a traveling academy that offered the abilities of a mobile command post would be useful to the Jedi. Praxeum-class Jedi Support Cruiser (modified Consular-class Light Cruiser) Silhouette: 5 Speed: 3 Handling: -2 Defense: 2/1/1/1 Armor: 4 Hull Threshold: 46 System Threshold: 24 Era: Republic/Clone Wars Hull type: Light Cruiser Ship Class: Praxeum-class Jedi Support Cruiser (Modified Consular-Class Light Cruiser) Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation Hyperdrive: Primary x2, Backup x4 Starfighters: 4 (Sil 2/3), plus 1 shuttle (Sil 4) Navicomputer: Yes Sensor Range: Extreme Ship's Complement: Captain, Pilot, Co-pilot, Navigator, Comms Operator, 4 Engineers Encumbrance Capacity: 2,400 Passenger Capacity: 12 Consumables: One Year Cost/Rarity: 3,400,000 credits/10 Customization Hard Points: 6 (4 Remaining) Weapons: None Features: * Extensive Databanks: The databanks aboard a Jedi Support Cruiser contain copies of a significant fraction of the primary Jedi Archives maintained on Corsuscant. Characters aboard the ships may upgrade any Knowledge (Lore) or Astrogation checks they make aboard the ship once. * Workshops: The salon pod of the Jedi Support Cruiser contain several extensive workshops. When making Mechanics checks aboard a Jedi Support Cruiser, the PCs always count as having the right tools for the job (see page 181 of the Force and Destiny core Rulebook). Additionally, the workshops aboard the cruiser count as Shipboard Workshops (see page 95 of Special Modifications), and may be upgraded following those rules (maximum of two distinct workshops). Attachments: * Holo-Tank (Characters utilizing a holo-tank may always use Cool or Knowledge (Warfare) when making Initiative checks. 2 Add ADVANTAGE to Mass Combat checks when activing force commander is on board this ship Mods. Upgrade the ability of checks when determining Initiative once. * Slave Circuit (Allows a ship or vehicle to be activated or deactivated by remote control. Allows ship or vehicle to move to the owner's location using Owner's piloting skill. Allows ship or vehicle to autonomously use its weapons systems using owner's appropriate skill. Ship's Notes: One of a small number of Consular-class vessels modified specifically for the Jedi Order's use through the use of specialized salon pods, the Legacy of Almas was outfitted as a mobile command post and training center during the early months of the Clone Wars. While its specific assignments during the war are unknown, the ship remained unaccounted for by the war's end.
  11. Gotcha. I was thinking that "why would you want to do that?" might be the thinking behind being unable to take the career, but I would imagine that Nytwyng's comment is the primary reason - taking an F&D career grants you FR1, which droids can't have. While yes, Force talents can be taken even if they are unusable, it's likely a judgement call on OggDude's part with thinking along the lines of Nytwyng's statement that lead to things being done this way.
  12. Why would you want to? Specializations I can understand - many offer a lot of non-Force talents which can be taken with a minimum of wasted Force talents (i.e. you can often work around the Force talents and not take them if you wish), but why take a Force and Destiny career if you will never be able to use the Force? What benefit does it provide, or what character quirk does it reflect?
  13. OggDude has a link to both the Manual Install and the Web Install on his "About Me" page for the forum, located here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/profile/212555-oggdude/?tab=field_core_pfield_28. This has been mentioned and the link has been posted before in this thread, though of course with over 300 pages of posts, it's easy to see how it could be overlooked.
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