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  1. How about a werewolf 'condition' for player characters. Allowing for the Overlord to really mess with the players minds.
  2. Greetings, My main advice would be to make sure you get a copy of Descent with the new campaign. Then give it a play through before rushing to get expansions so that you have a feel for what you would like to add. I like the swamp location of Trollfens, which was my first boxed expansion and Manor of Ravens is excellent for the bandits and overlord decks. They will complement the main campaign with the descent base game. For heroes and monster packs my first was bonds of the wild with three great monster groups and some really interesting heroes. The Giants in Crown of Destiny are also great fun. I don't have visions of dawn so cannot comment. Enjoy descent
  3. The price point of this app will be critical for me. Also I use iOS tablets, so Android and Steam is too limited.
  4. I like the X on the blue die also. It adds uncertainty to the combat and means that risking all on a successful attack remains risky.
  5. With my first playthrough of the shadow rune campaign as overlord I used monsters from the Bonds of the Wild M&H pack. They are a good way to add more variety in what you can field as an Overlord. The H&M packs are pricy though. I have now got Crown of Destiny and Guardians of Deephall. Looking forward to running my next campaign.
  6. Have Amazon taken the HoB book back. It strikes me as the kind of situation they are good with. At least in the UK where they seem keen to have a good customer service reputation.
  7. You and me cannot be friends.... ever. A great movie - and the 'overlord' definitely didn't see it coming.
  8. The narrative of the Mists campaign means that rumour quests would not fit with the story. I was hoping to use rumour cards but now that I have read the quest I would not want to introduce a rumour quest which would break the immersion.
  9. I got MoB yesterday. I have read through the campaign and it looks great. I am really looking forward to playing it. Also the undead monsters look really useful for other quests outside of MoB. I would love to have the tainted card mechanic outside of the MoB campaign. I hope the Chains that Rust provides more tainted cards. This will definitely need a more experienced player group looking for a challenge. Overall this seems to be a good direction from my point of view.
  10. Half way through my groups first campaign I realised the significance of the rules on page five. Sticking to the heroes setting up before the overlord made a definite difference (although I still lost all the quests in the second half). I had previously been setting up all the monsters before the heroes were placed. The group would then discuss tactics based on the monsters and their placement. I think the rules on order of placement are very helpful. The group then were discussing what the open group might be and considering options. They play well as a team.
  11. The Reanimates are the monster group I am most looking forward to from Mists of Bilehall. I like Kobolds, although the group I play with have become annoyingly good at wiping out the master kobolds. The phalanx ability of the Reanimates looks excellent and encourages a different style of play as a tight group. I expect this will make blast effect attacks popular with the heroes. I also want to match the Reanimates with the skeleton archers - for a skeleton theme. Undead are a common enough option to allow Reanimates to be played fairly regularly. Mixing Reanimates and Kobolds could lead to some interesting swarm possibilities. Also area of effect spells would be less effective against Reanimates in phalanx due to their reanimate ability. The reanimate models look great as well - assuming they do reflect the miniatures pictures unlike the amorphouse blobs I got with Shadows of Nerakhall :-(
  12. I am interested in the answer to your conditions token question - I suppose a substitute token could be used. I like the idea of kobolds triggering a poison barb trap. I love the kobolds - I can imagine them hopping around with poison spikes while the heroes try to keep a straight face. Which quest is the Baron Returns in? Presumably the quest campaign book?
  13. The Finale! After a weeks delay we closed the campaign this evening. Gryvorn proved far more deadly than I expected. For clarification - The heroes were Leofric of the book (necromancer), Syndrael (Knight), Avric (Disciple), Jain (Wildlander). In the first turn the heroes gathered search tokens (yielding healing potions and a random shop item - Glaive from Trollfens). Except Jain who used her heroic ability to move close to Gryvorn, fire off two shots with the Trueshot bow and retreat round a corner. In the first overlord turn I played Dark Charm on Syndrael who brought Avric down to half health. The Baron moved fired a shot and missed. I moved Gryvorn forwards and was able to Reach Jain causing potentially a lot of damage which got converted to full fatigue plus using all defences available. I then played Reinforce at the end of the turn to place a minion shadow dragon on the map (behind Gryvorn). Then Leofric raised a zombie which was sent to attack Gryvorn- causing no damage, then army of undeath which caused no damage. Avric used radiant light to heal himself and Jain for two health and cause two damage to Gryvorn. I then spent my token for Gryvorn to attack Jain hitting her for 11 damage, pierce 2 before she could reset her defences on her turn. Hero down! Importantly the hero with big hitting ranged damage and the ability to cause overlord cards to be discarded. This shocked the party and I expected that to be the high point. Syndrael then fatigue advanced hitting Gryvorn for a lot of damage and stun, missing on the second attack. Overlord second turn - Gryvorn retreated behind the shadow Dragon - the baron fired an ineffective attack and the shadow dragon stayed put rather than closing with Syndrael and getting hit by Guard. Without Jain the party were unable to rely on ranged attacks wiping out the shadow dragon. Avric used a less effective ranged weapon to get the shadow dragon down to 2 remaining health. The zombie missed the Shadow dragon due to the Shadow ability. Syndrael then closed on the shadow dragon using his heroic feat bring Avric with her. Syndrael killed the shadow dragon and advanced onto Gryvorn causing a lot of damage with his first attack, but missing on his second. Gryvorn was now down to 3 remaining health. On the final overlord turn Gryvorn attacked playing Wild Energy (unstable Forces Plot deck) to gain an additional surge at the risk of being defeated if no damage was caused by the attack. With 3 surges the attack meant Syndrael, Avric and the Zombie were hit for 10 fire damage, pierce 2. Avric was felled and the Zombie dropped into a burning heap. Syndrael was badly scorched, surviving on 1 remaining health, used her Deflecting shield to further damage Gryvorn who was on 2 health. The Baron then closed on Syndrael for a melee attack slaying the third hero. In her dying moments Syndrael used her Stalwart ability to land the death blow on Gryvorn. So in the end a lonely Leofric fled the burning castle to recant how his brave companions gave their lives to protect Terrinoth. All players were left enthused and I was very happy to have three Hero scalps after a very tense last session. I was pleased the heroes won the campaign after all their successes - a total party kill would have felt wrong. Gryvorn was definitely Not a mere Shadow Dragon. I had expected the party to use Syndrael as a guard while Jain used ranged attacks to kill Gryvorn and the baron with Avric healing everyone and Leafric sending in a steady wave of zombies. Luckily Jain allowed me an opening which I was able to exploit. The reinforce card really came into its own, with the party agreeing that Gryvorn was clearly labelled a Master Shadow Dragon for the quest. A long post basically to say that the finale was not the whitewash I had feared and we really enjoyed it.
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