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  1. Dej2

    Adaptive ailerons and being ioned?

    If you've have an ion token on your ship... your only move is one straight. He doesn't get the use the Adaptive ailerons boost until the effects wear off, ie your next turn.
  2. Dej2

    The Most Realistic Star Wars Ship to Date

    Someone should do a Pringles tube paint job. no wait Monster drink cans yeah that's the ticket.
  3. Dej2

    An insight on power creep

    Power creep does discourage new players because when they compete against experienced players and without the understanding of the evolution of the game... running an T-65 X-wing, a couple of A-wings and a Hawk won't last long with Wave 10 ships.
  4. Dej2

    K Wing Bomber 101

    Thank you for sharing your K-wing bomber knowlege. I'm really impressed.. may have to add another K-wing to my own builds. Add Sabine on to get some splash damage to those conner nets.
  5. Dej2

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    what do you Arc pilots think of: Braylen crew: Kyle Katarn astromech: R5-P9 title Alliance Overhaul Mod: Vectored Thrusters. Braylens own ability to clear stress which triggers Kyles ability to give him a focus and then.. if he's not stressed he can get two focus actions... one for R5-P9 shield regen and he's got a spare for his attack/defense dice/die.
  6. I love the idea of another cooperative campaign like HotAC... maybe include some civilian ships... like a cruise liner, civilian shuttles or a space yacht which aren't just cardboard tokens.
  7. Dej2

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday to you too R2-D2 makes the Red core the best. If I have to pick a single ship... the X-wing If I were to pick one 100 point squad Tie Fighters.
  8. Dej2

    Best looking ship?

    For Rebels; the lowly A-wing as my first Choice, But the Arc is nice too. Empire; I'm going with the Phantom, the Tie Striker is pretty sexy too. Scum; Kihraxz
  9. Dej2

    should X-wing have just stuck to fighters?

    It has a very strong resemblance to Jabbas barge:
  10. Dej2

    Long Range Scanners: an analysis

    No, the U-wing only has a torp slot and Sabine gives the ship she is on a bomb slot. You need a missile and a torp slot to equip LRS. Oh... yeah what was I thinking, thanks for pointing that out. Too bad, for a second I'd thought Bodhi Rook's ability could be expanded into something else.
  11. Dej2

    Long Range Scanners: an analysis

    Can I put Long Range Scanners on a U-wing if I put Sabine Wren on as a crew member?
  12. Dej2

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to you too
  13. Dej2

    U-Wing Title Abuse

    So it's a double stress one speed turn to the left... the next movement has to be a green for you to take off both stress tokens with Inspiring Recruit?
  14. Dej2

    4-L0M and Inspiring Recruit

    Is "Inspiring Recruit" purely a support card? Does in need another friendly ship to trigger it's ability? I other words can it do a green manuvure and clear two stress tokens on it's self?
  15. Dej2

    Carrie Fisher has passed away.

    RIP, Pricess Leia